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What is SERP A search engine results page, or SERP, is the listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query. The results will include a list of web pages with titles, a link to the page, and a short description that will show how the search keywords have matched in the content of a website page. A SERP may refer to a single page of links returned, usually ten websites. However, you can increase the number of results returned by specifying either 10 or 20 or 30 or 50 or even 100 in Google! search query. Why High Position in SERPs If you have a website, surely there is a reason for you to have published it. The basic reasons are to establish your business presence, to earn some money by selling your products, to make Business Information available, to establish your presence in the business that you are involved in. Many more reasons can be listed but we shall leave it at that. Consider the following facts:- a) 85% of all web sites are found through the search engines b) 99% of users search only the top 20 engines c) 91% of all users VISIT ONLY THE FIRST PAGE of search results In view of the above 3 facts, it is necessary that your website appears high up in serps to achieve your aim How to achieve High Position in SERPs To achieve high position in Search Engine Results you have to:- a) Ensure that the website page is optimized as per norms set by a Search Engine.

This contributes around 30% to your webpage being ranked high. b) Ensure that you have sufficient links to your website page. This is a major of the two factors contributing about 70 % to achieving high position in serps. However, do not aim at getting links at too fast a rate. Ideally, it should be 10-15 per week. Too fast a rate is considered as spam by search engines. Do not aim at linking to websites that have only high Pagerank. This also is considered as artificial. Check a website for its content before exchanging links with it. Though, the task of link exchange involves a lot of time and effort by way of 1) searching for link exchange websites, 2) visiting them to find if they are suitable, 3) emailing them with link exchange request or submitting link exchange request by filling up their form, 4) publishing their link at your site, 5) visiting the page where they have published your website link to verify the link exists and 6) to regularly visit their links page to verify the link to your website continues to exist. This is necessary as a lot of websites delete your link after some time. To make your task of link exchange easier there is a website www.toptenserp.com. The membership is free for one website. You have to just once enter your website details. After that you will continuously get 1 way links regularly at a set pace. Visit the site to see where some members links page rank.

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What a strange title.

Of course content is important! Why bring it up? That is a good question.

The reason I bring it up is because for many web designers there seems to be the attitude that they should simply provide several areas of fixed content that may appeal to search engines. For most web designers this is a time saving tactic that bows to the notion that a site MUST be Search Engine optimized (SEO) without thinking about the life of the website post-launch. Sometimes the online business owner does not fully understand the role of fresh content to the improved status of their website. In most cases the business owner is simply anxious to get the site developed and launched and hasn’t taken the time to wonder what happens after it goes live. The web designer may not bring this up either. It is not that the web designer may not want the best for you, but they also know it may be labor intensive thus time consuming for them. They may also realize you might not have significant new data to include. Fresh content can be culled from a variety of locations. You can develop fresh content on your own or you can ask vendors for content that they may have that could be dropped into the website as needed. One of the best tools for gaining fresh, topic-specific content is through a free articles directory. This can solve some of the issues surrounding the need for content, but it may not address the ease with which you may want to see when it comes to placement of the content. What I mean by that is that your web designer may be the one responsible for alterations to your site, but they may also be busy enough that your request may not gain first priority. Some site owners report requested changes to their website can take days, weeks and sometimes months for their web designer to manage.

In some cases it seems to online business owners that the web designer is only interested in getting you up and running, but does not care as deeply for the day to day changes you may need. While there are some very responsive web designers available there is also a more personal solution to making content alterations to your website that functions on a timetable of your choosing. Web builder technology allows you to develop and maintain your website when and how you want without the need for a third party designer. In a world where SEO is so important to online business it is important to be able to keep your site fresh. If a web designer is not able to keep up with your needs it may be important to explore the possibility of web builder technology. In many cases you can develop multiple articles for release and place an embargo on the content until a certain day and time. What this means is you can develop a months worth of articles and instruct the software when you want it to place the content online. Imagine being on a business trip and still having new content placed on your site in your absence. You can be your own web designer. The results are positive, the responsiveness is immediate and the costs are significantly less than other alternatives.

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One of the key questions you will need to ask when it comes to product launching is an important one in relation to how you market the product. The question is this – what is the sales potential of the item you will be selling? In our tale of two products we look first at a hand crafted wooden box. This box has hand carved accents on the top and comes with a velvet-lined interior. These boxes are also the work of one recognized wood artisan. Several movie stars and even a few well-known politicians have commissioned special editions of these wooden boxes. When these special editions are ordered it typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete and orders must be insured when shipped.

The second product is also a wooden box.

It is machine tooled. It has a felt lining that is placed on an assembly line. Thousands of these boxes can be assembled each day and orders are often shipped out overnight. These boxes can be customized for corporate giving and artwork can be laser engraved with names and company logos. The box is designed to hold other specialty gift items from the company catalogue. It doesn’t take long to see that the primary difference between these two similar products might be the difference between a Rolex and a Timex. The first product is a product of luxury, an item designed to be an heirloom and one that will not be found in most homes. The second product will likely be a tasteful gift presented at company Christmas parties and as a cherished gift among friends and family. It is both a deluxe carrying case for other products and a keepsake for other bits of memorabilia. This tale of two products looks at the law of supply and demand. In the first case the supply is limited and the demand is generally slightly higher than available stock. What this means is that the consumer places a higher premium on the product and is more than willing to compensate the artisan for their one of a kind work. In the end fewer units will be sold, but the price per unit will be significantly higher than other wooden box manufacturers. The second scenario will typically find a ready supply of the assembly line boxes with quick turn around on customized boxes. While this will not be an inexpensive gift it will be an affordable gift. The business owner will accept a lower profit margin simply because they believe they can sell enough units to improve their overall bottom line profits.

Which company will succeed? Perhaps both. The move toward product launching will likely have you seeking to identify if this is a highly specialized product or something that has mass appeal and is easy to manufacture. Once that is determined it is possible to develop a marketing strategy that is in concert with your actual business needs. This is an important step when moving toward the launching of any new product in your online store.

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Thus what’s fresh with Web Design Delhi? This implement enable you to generate button and banner in the agenda itself. You can yet make a design In Web Design Delhi company e-fuzion for importing into flicker for quick lettering belongings. The “additional” stress previous is what’s impending up in the potential of this creation. These tactics for extra functionality will provide user additional imagination in scheming banner and steering systems. There are also outlook tactics being uttered by Web Design Delhi to support many of the features in flicker at present – this include scripting, motion picture clip, audio, vector descriptions and turn over button. Precise at present, by the original report, you know how to use its maximum number of content effects to the hilt. It will moreover tempo up work efficiency. With Web Design Delhi you can say superior bye to all daylight of contravention text up, construction key frame and give twining – prosperity of hard work but is not everyplace by our proposal of creativeness.

Utilize it through scheme of all the different attribute of every communication and click preview.

Behind install this software, in fewer than five follow-up, you can create real comfortable for your sites. In attendance may be influence regarding how all the belongings just seem comparable but keep in mind that near are “manufacturing average” and “specialized height” consideration on these belongings, immediately like in TV and publish. Web Design Delhi allows you to create your sites with that height of average and skill. Presently, Web Design Delhi doesn’t work in Mac but they are looking into creating a description suitable with the Mac. It does not necessitate flicker to be install, too. Acquiring and with Web Design Delhi is simple adequate. You immediately go to the site and download its examination description. Awaiting you get a key, it will mix up text when you export to SWF. Currently, Web Design Delhi has a US $30 price tag, with free minor updates. Foremost updates would be approximately US $10 – a big dissimilarity in the price of Flash at US $275. Require we speak extra Attempt Web Design Delhi and see for yourself!

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There are two major problems with web presence analytics; they’re either non-existent or too complicated.

Many people may be against using web analytics because it not only measures success it also measures failure.

Someone in charge of marketing might be afraid to use web analytics because it would prove the failure scientifically. Avoiding web analytics because it shows failure is the wrong attitude. We learn from our failures and we must welcome the opportunity to gain knowledge of them. There is a lack of skilled employees required to manage, distribute and analyze Web analytics. Historically, web analytics was developed by IT for IT. The people using them were comfortable with dealing with raw data. Web analytics tools have been designed to be interpreted by technical personnel. There was little regard for people without technical skills. As a result, the rest of the organization has become alienated from analytics. A good web analytics solution has to be easy to understand for any member of the organization. One of the biggest misconceptions of web analytics is that it needs to be complex. Often, web analytics generate a huge amount of data. The end result is data overload that lacks actionable information. Frequently, insignificant data becomes the noise around actionable data. The noise makes the process overwhelming. Instead of providing answers, web analytics can create more questions. Meaningful interpretation of data has created a hostile attitude toward web analytics among the non-technical people of the organization. Web analytics is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Web analytics tools provide data not information or insight. We need the tools to provide us with the raw data, but it’s up to us to make sense of it all. The real value of KPI is continuous monitoring. It is not a once a year or once a quarter project. At the very least, you should examine your KPIs once a month.

Monitoring is continuous; reviewing happens on a regular interval. The most important KPIs are the ones that measure whether business objectives are met or not. It is great to know how many visitors a web site has in a month, but it is more useful to know what percentage of users make a purchase. Web sites are no longer just online catalogs with a shopping cart. They are becoming complex applications with high levels of interactivity. Today, a highly usable site is also highly interactive. If the on site search is not working properly, you have a web site that lack interactivity. Therefore, it scores low in the usability scale. If the site navigation is counter intuitive, it will result in low usability score. All of the above will result in lower conversion therefore lower revenue. According to studies, many online shoppers give up and abandon the shopping process due to usability issues. Web analytics must be viewed as an activity directly tied to revenue. It is indeed a revenue generating process. The absence of web analytics can result in loss of revenue, and the presence of it will almost certainly result in increased revenue.

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So what is internet home business really all about? The following report includes some fascinating information about internet home business–info you can use, not just the old stuff they used to tell you. Once you begin to move beyond basic background information, you begin to realize that there’s more to internet home business than you may have first thought. There are many internet home business opportunities for you to try if you want to work from home. Over the years, the Internet has become a valuable tool for consumers and those looking for information. Depending on your interests, skills, and knowledge of online sales, you can start a business selling one product or service, or many products and services. Most internet home businesses are also very cost effective. All you need is a computer with Internet connection, website, and shipping supplies if sending products to consumer’s homes or offices. When you first start your business, you will need to learn about the many ways to market your product or service. While building a website is a great place to start, because there are millions of sites online, you need to find ways to stand out and draw visitors to your site. Advertising online is the best way to do so. Building a customer list is another way to reach people. By sending periodic email reminding people that your products and services are available, you will increase sales and build a solid customer base. This will help you build a good reputation online as well. If you are new to online sales, there are many books, guides, and other items you can read in order to learn more. Keep in mind that many successful internet home business owners do not have pay much to advertise their websites.

They rely on customer email lists, creating blogs, submitting articles to databases, writing press releases, and answering questions on open forum sites. Print advertising is also important – so be sure to take an ad out in local newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. Include your web address and contact info and watch your sales increase. Another way to bring in business is to attend conferences, social gatherings, trade shows, and networking functions. Not only will you be able to meet potential customers, you will also meet other internet home business owners. This can help you increase your exposure because you may be able to swap links and advertise on each other’s sites. While you can always pay to advertise on search engine result pages, as you can see, there are many ways to save money and still get your business out there. As you learn more about internet home business, you may decide that one business is not enough. Some internet home business owner’s run two or three internet businesses if they have the time. Depending on your financial goals, you may need to start one or more businesses. Many times, these businesses are similar in nature and rely on the same marketing strategies. When running more than one business, it is important to keep things as simple as possible. Make sure you create simple websites, sell products digitally if possible to avoid having to physically ships products each day, and maintain separate files so you can offer quality customer service, maintain accurate earnings records, and manage your businesses easily.

Once you become an internet home business owner, you will wonder why you didn’t start much sooner.

Those who only know one or two facts about internet home business can be confused by misleading information. The best way to help those who are misled is to gently correct them with the truths you’re learning here.

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On an average, more than 20,000 domains get expired everyday, and this figure is slowly increasing day by day, as more numbers are starting to expire almost on a regular basis.

The expired domain name market is also becoming a lucrative proposition to people, who wish to set up a lucrative online business. Apart from selling expired domain names, you can also use expired domain traffic, either to sell it or use it to develop your web site. There are two ways through which you can use targeted expired domain traffic to set up a viable business.
• You can purchase an expired domain name and sell it along with its expired domain traffic to someone, who is looking for a domain that can provide immediate results.
• You can also register an expired domain name for a year or so and develop a web site over it, advertise and pool together targeted traffic. However, creating targeted expired domain traffic with your web site takes a long time, involves spending lot of money and putting in considerable effort. Though selling such a web site can get you huge profits, there are chances that you may loose you patience while waiting for the D-Day! It makes a clear sense to lay your hands on an expired domain that has a big pool of expired domain traffic attached to it. Webmasters have the habit of detecting and pinpointing highly lucrative expired domain traffic out of a huge list of expiring domains. When you buy an expired domain with well established expired domain traffic, you can get several benefits like:
• A top place in many of the well-known search engines and web directories
• A number of back links that can promote your web site to others
• An access to many types of promotional and advertising channels
• Use the existing expired domains with well established expired domain traffic, as an invaluable sub domain to further develop the business.

Before buying an expired domain name, make sure that you check out the name for its targeted traffic.

There are several online software tools that will help you critically examine an expired domain name to check, whether the domain in question has accumulated any traffic in its previous avatar. Once you seek out a good and productive domain, you can increase your profits without having to spend more money. The most common way of obtaining targeted expired domain traffic is to contact people who have lists of expired domain names attached with a list of loyal subscribers. By chance, if the source from where you are intending to buy expired domain traffic has a large list of subscribers, then you contact the source, with a request to send an email to the contacts in the list, giving them valid reasons and explanations to check out your site and look at the contents. It is also possible to convert your one-time expired domain traffic into frequent web site traffic. To achieve this goal, you may need to ask your site visitors to sign up for a regular newsletter or an auto-responder series

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Free Home Based Business Opportunities can be very profitable. However, most people don’t know how to make them work. Though many people say they are looking for a way to make additional money and often look towards the Internet for free home based business income opportunities, they are often skeptical or should I don’t have fate that they actually work. They simple don’t believe that they can actually make money online with free business opportunities. Though they specifically look to join a free opportunity, they don’t really believe they work because they don’t have the key to unlocking the road to success. Let’s start by defining the word «key». The word «key», has many meanings. It can be a land mass, as in «Florida Keys». It can refer to a musical instrument, as in «keys on a piano». In fact those 3 letters, k-e-y, make up one of the most powerful words in human language. The reason is, that no matter what type of key you are talking about, whether it is a musical key, a computer «keyboard» or a «mechanical key», that opens a lock, all keys have one extremely important fact in common – They all, (with the exception of the landmass) GRANT ACCESS to SOMETHING!! Allowing access is the most important aspect of the word key.

Without keys you would be cut off from many things.

If you do not believe this to be true, then I suggest you throw away your keychain with your keys attached and see how much fun you’ll have without access to your house, your car, etc. Now, the funny thing about keys is they are not always «physical objects». An electronic garage door has a key, to open and close the door. But you would be wrong if you said the remote itself, was the key. The key is the «electronic signal» sent out by the remote, not the remote itself. The remote control actually generates the «signal key» that opens the garage door. My point is simple, the world is filled with various keys, but not all are physical or even visible to the eye. And now I’m going to hit you right between the eyes … you probably already OWN, The Key To Making your Free Home Based Business Opportunity Work and don’t even know it! I can say this with almost absolute certainty, the key has probably been offered to you on various occasions throughout your life, but you weren’t aware of it at the time. And as with all keys – keys are WORTHLESS, unless you USE THEM!! You have probably already figured out that the key to making Free Home Based Business Opportunities work is not a physical key. It has no physical form in our three dimensional space. It is what I like to call, for the lack of a better term, a «conceptual key». This type of key requires your mind to make it work, not your hand. And just like any concept, it’s difficult, if not impossible to use if you do not have conscious awareness of it. Here is another very important quality about keys. They work in two directions; they can either grant or deny access. In fact, if you are like most people, you are currently using this «conceptual key» to limit yourself and deny yourself access to actually make money online and your goals and dreams.

Read my next article to find out how to find the key.

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The death toll of analog technology as a means of data and voice transmission was rung as businesses started venturing out of their regional or territorial strongholds. As the footprints of the corporate houses started crossing time zones and political boundaries, communication became increasingly important. Not only with clients but also with own employees, who were possibly quite a few time zones away, and supposedly working for the benefit of the organization. It was not only a case of keeping a tab on the employees and asking them for daily reports but also being able to provide guidance and support at crunch moments. Connectivity gained a major boost with the advent of mobile phones. Now the person and his phone became inseparable. He could be connected any time anywhere. The need to be at the table or in the office did not exist anymore. The final frontier was crossed when the World Wide Web opened up the vista of e-commerce! The whole world became available on the desktop and corporate houses just could not wait to conquer it. The opportunities are there waiting to be grabbed but the communication was proving to be a bottleneck. The Bell Laboratories were already working at it since they could envisage beforehand that such a requirement was in the offing. They wanted to be ready before the market felt the need for it! They came out with the concept of T carriers. This was a revolution of sorts in the communication world! The whole concept of analog translation was discarded and the concept of digitization took its place.

The voice and data were converted into digitized packets and transferred through optic fibers instead of copper lines. The speed, capacity and clarity of data transfer increased manifold. A single T1 (the first generation of T carriers) line could accommodate as many as 24 channels. In a lay man’s language it meant that while a single telephone line could support either one voice communication or data transfer at one point of time, a single T1 connection could handle as many as 24 separate conversations simultaneously! The speed also increased sixty times more than that was till then available over conventional copper wire phone lines. Everybody thought that the final peak has been scaled; the ultimate in communication technology has been achieved! But nobody realized that e-commerce would become such a vital life blood in world of business. So, the quest for an even faster and better communication channel was on. The next offering from the Bell Laboratories was T3. It was essentially an improvement over the earlier T1. Well the word “improvement” is really an understatement. T3 was forty five times faster than a T1 connection and it had the capacity to carry 672 channels. It roughly worked out to the astounding fact that a single T3 line was capable of servicing an office establishment consisting of approximately 4000 people. But that was also not the end! Now it was the turn of OC3. In fact OC indicates that data is essentially conveyed through optic fiber. Depending on the architecture used, OC3 is also known as STS-3 and STM-1.

Instead of getting bogged down in a maze of capital letters which many of us can not make any sense of, let us try to find out how much more efficient this new variant is.

Well, an OC3 connection consists of one hundred T1 lines synchronized together. Yes one hundred! And the synchronization gives the impact of more than a 100 T1 lines. Please sit on a comfortable chair and try to figure out what a massive communication power has been unleashed. No good thing comes free. The installation cost of an OC3 connection depends very much on the infrastructure already present at the subscriber’s end.

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Many home based businesses are not making the money they should be making. Many home business owners are failing to turn a profit because they have no clue how to build a business. Many home based businesses cannot turn a profit for this reason. Many owners are finding out the tough way that building a home business does require work. Many people come into this industry with the wrong frame of mind and therefore end up quitting before they even give their business a chance to succeed. Many people come into this industry thinking this is a get rich quick or something for nothing scheme. It is not. No matter what anyone may tell you it is not the truth. Yes you can make a lot of money from having a home business but it will take work and dedication.

It is not something that builds itself or happens overnight. This business is just like any other business and any other business takes time and skill to build it does not happen overnight. Many people have trouble making money in this industry because they have no clue how to market. Marketing is essential in any type of business. Marketing equals sales, period. Many people try to sell their services or products to friends and family. Normally when they go through the list of friends and relatives they have no other solutions on how to gain new business or customers. That is when business goes bad. Many people miss the main point of running a business. The main point or the key to running a business is to have strong marketing. You have to market as if there is no tomorrow. You must always have new customers coming in. Many business owners have no clue about marketing and they end up hurting their bottom line due to this fact. Okay now there are two types of marketing, online and offline. Both are equally effective and both should be used. I will cover online marketing since it is the one most business owners struggle with the most. Online marketing can be very powerful if used correctly. Okay first for those of you who may have a self replicated website. You have to get rid of it. You will need your own website and domain name, plus hosting. These are a must for anyone or any company looking to market online. Next you will need to drive traffic to your websites. There are many different ways to drive traffic to your websites. You can go after organic listings in the search engines. Or you can pay for PPC. Or hire a professional online marketing company to market your business for you. Whatever you choose be sure to do your due diligence before hiring someone. You may have to take a few courses on Internet marketing but once you understand how to market, I believe you can sell pretty much anything online or offline. Having a few home based businesses can make you very wealthy but you must know how to drive new customers to your business or product.

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Unless you live in a cave in a far away area in the boondocks, you have most likely seen on television, or witnessed live, events that happen in real time, e.g., awards nights, concerts, stage plays, product launchings, convention presentations, and other such activities that are classified as live events. As part of the audience, you probably are impressed with the experience but do not really give much thought about what it took to stage such events. Truth be told, a lot of time and resources is spent for live event production. It begins with the concept and culminates with the actual staging of the event (which is what the audience actually sees) which, while significant tasks by themselves, are just parts of the overall production. There are a gazillion details that need to be considered, any one of which could spell the difference between a successful event and, at best, an “mediocre” or, at worst, a disaster, if not paid attention to. Major details of live event production include venue selection and booking, stage design and construction, lights and audio visual equipment design and set up, event program design, catering, etc.

Other details include design, printing, and distribution of tickets or invitations, promotional activities, rehearsals, making sure there are separate dressing rooms for the VIP participants, post-event party, and the like. All these details, and more, should be completed before the actual event, i.e., there can be no delays because once the event date comes, it’s showtime, ready or not. To successfully stage a live event production, therefore, it is necessary to have a production team to manage it. If you have experience in this type of work, then you can probably hire or assign people to the various tasks required, with you as the project manager. If not, the event is a major undertaking, it would be best for you to consider contracting the services (i.e., outsourcing) of a professional event management group to take care of all or part of the production details for you. This option has several advantages, including: •Guaranteed professional touch. You can still be the overall project manager with the events management group as one of the key members. This ensures that there is that level of expertise and professionalism in the project team. Also, you can benefit from their experience and creative advice to help ensure a successful live event production. •No fixed overhead. Since your agreement with the events management group is contractual in nature, i.e., once the event has been launched and completed your relationship ceases, then you are spared from continuously maintaining fixed costs even when there is no event to manage. •Access to resources. An events management group normally has a network of suppliers on hand to take care of the various logistical and operational aspects of the event. By outsourcing to them you, in effect, also gain access to this network, albeit indirectly, thereby freeing you from having to look for suppliers for each detail of the event.

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One thing is certain, there is not a shortage of online business opportunities for you to choose from. The problem is, as most of us already know, that many of these opportunities stem from fly by night companies that simply are trying to make some quick cash.

For their unsuspecting members, they are simply counting down the days until they close the doors and reopen another biz-op under a different name. Most people that are caught up in these systems are thrown into one bad home based business after another. It doesn’t have to be that way, however, as legitimate business opportunities are also available. If you find the right opportunity, you will find success. Here are some things to look for when you are choosing an online opportunity. Proven Leadership – Some names are synonymous with success. You should familiarize yourself with people who are already successful in the business opportunity area. Those people are the real leaders that you should be following and by doing so you will certainly be able to find success. There are plenty of places that you can research these leaders to find out if they have been involved with winning business opportunities or fly-by-night scams. Total System Automation – The Internet has given us a real opportunity to be involved in business systems that are automated from the start to the finish. All of us are busy and many of us have full-time jobs and family responsibilities that keep us on our toes from morning until night. Most of us do not have the time to put into starting a business that will give us success for the long-term. That is why so many of us are stuck in an endless cycle of working hours for dollars and not building a true business that will work for us for the long term. The system that you choose should be automated so that you do not have to worry about such things as sales and chasing leads.

Anything that needs to have a human touch should be handled by someone that is experienced, your business leaders.

Joining a Proven System – Anybody can make promises, real leaders can prove it. Whenever you are considering joining an online business opportunity, check the numbers. Real leaders will be able to show you that their system works and they will be confident enough to be able to guide you by the hand through every step of the process. They know that if you make money, they will make money and they are interested in helping you to find your success. Even though there are some business opportunities out there that will simply take your money and run, there are some legitimate online businesses that will help you to find your success. Just make sure that you do your research and check out the system thoroughly to make sure that it lives up to your expectations. By doing so, you will help to ensure yourself success as you’re building your business and an opportunity that will last for a lifetime.

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These days an internet marketing strategy plays a vital part of small business marketing strategies (or any size business marketing strategies for that matter). Web site marketing is an important part of just about any business, small or large. You can’t put up a beautiful (or any) web site and hope that people will just arrive. You have to let them know, IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY, that your web site is there. This HAS to be part of any Internet marketing strategy you develop. This is actually a basic marketing principle. Customers are not going to look for you, you have to look for them. Promoting your web site on-line and building traffic is the subject of thousands of web sites, e-zines, books, courses and seminars. Using the web to promote your site, however, assumes that your customers are surfers. But there is a large percentage of our population that is not as savvy with the internet as we would like them to be. So, what about the large percentages of the population who are not? They will only find out about you through traditional marketing and public relations media. This is particularly true if you serve a fairly local market. Fortunately these are the easiest and cheapest prospects for you to reach off-line. Key Off-Line Internet Marketing Strategies Here are some of the ways to make your web site known (this list was taken directly from the Traffic Building Volume of Ken Evoy’s brilliant book, Make Your Site Sell! 2002: · TV, print and other advertising · Stationary and business cards · Catalogs, fliers, billboards, blimps, etc. · Direct mail (prominently on every document) · Telemarketing (make it part of the script) · News releases to targeted media. The main principle, to which you can add all your imagination, is INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY INCLUDES ANY AND ALL MEANS OF GETTING YOUR WEB SITE KNOWN AND VISITED BY TARGETED PROSPECTS.

Unless you have a high budget, the TV, radio, classified ad route is not recommended but if you do run ads, be sure to mention your web site everywhere. Make it part of your Internet Marketing Strategy. Another guiding principle is that your off-line internet marketing activities should make it easy for your prospect to go straight to your web site. One of the best ways to market your website off-line is direct mail postcards. If your prospect sees your website on a billboard as she’s driving home, she probably won’t look you up when she gets to the office the next day. This is not the only medium that has problems like this. Newspapers are bulky, radio has to spell it out and like before most people are driving at the time. On the other hand, if your prospect is sitting at her computer and a post card comes in the mail announcing your web site, she can just turn around and type in your URL and she’s at your web site. Now if someone is in the office reading a trade journal and comes across an article about you in the magazine, it’s not difficult for him to copy your URL into his browser and pay your site a visit. I don’t mean to say that those other avenues won’t drive traffic to your site, but it will take numerous impressions and repetition to get them to remember your address. On the other hand, direct mail postcards are generally received at the home or office where a computer is present, and if received somewhere else they are small enough to keep with you until you can get to a computer. This way, your prospective customer will be able to take the take right over to their desk top computer, type in your address and go right to your site. Brilliant! I have seen the greatest success in off-line web site promotion with direct mail, and specifically direct mail postcards.

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Part of owning a home business is providing customer service to your clients.

There is a great deal of information that can be helpful when providing customer service. One issue that should be addressed is managing customer complaints for your home business. There is no way to keep everyone happy all of the time. When you market products and services, there is sure to be someone that is going to have a complaint. Complaints are fine for a home business as long as you manage them well and turn the experience into a good one. A customer may be in a bad mood and end up taking it out on you. No matter how belligerent, rude or nasty the customer may be to you, it is important to not take it personally. You have no idea what happened in that person’s life that day or even week. Unfortunately, for whatever reason they may end up taking their anger and frustration with life out on you without even realizing it. Even if you know that they realize it, you still cannot take it personally. Taking customer complaints personally will create a volatile situation that you want to completely avoid. Remember that no matter what the complaint, it is not personal toward you specifically. After the customer has calmed down, try and ascertain what the exact problem is that has upset them. Was the product different than they expected? Was the shipping delayed? Find out what the actual problem is that has upset the customer and caused them to complain. Immediately apologize to the customer. The best way to apologize is to tell the customer that you are sorry that they feel blank. For example, if the shipping took too long. You can say to the customer that you are sorry that they feel the shipping took too long to get the product to their house. This is not admitting fault because you are simply acknowledging their feelings. For a complaint that there is no solution try and offer something to the customer. For example, if the shipping took too long in the customer’s eyes, offer a discount on their next purchase. Offer to provide them with free shipping next time if you charge shipping for your wellness products. As the last resort, you can give them a partial refund for their product. When determining a refund, calculate how much the product cost you. Make certain that the product is cost is covered and refund the profit. This will enable you to refund them a bit without losing a great deal of money or completely giving the items away for free.

For a complaint that there is a solution, fix the problem immediately. For example, if the product arrived in poor condition. Go ahead and ship another product to the customer and ask them to ship the poor condition product back to you. Don’t wait until you receive their item to replace it. The majority of time people will not keep both products. Let the customer know what solution you offer for fixing the situation immediately. This will let them know that you care about their happiness with your wellness products and services. If the customer cannot be satisfied with any solution that you offer for the problem, ask them to give you a suggestion. In a calm voice ask them what they recommend that you do to rectify the situation for them. Often if they don’t have a solution they will be more willing to accept one of your previous suggestions. Remember that a happy customer is going to repeat sales and spread the word about your products and services for your new home business.

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Stopping thieves start with you and starts with me. As a retailer, you are responsible for also protecting your clients and consumers. Learn how to stop one of the quickest growing crimes in America – identity theft. According to a recent study complied by Javelin Strategy & Research, in the last two year alone, identity theft has struck almost 20 million people. Identity theft has also cost over $56 billion in the last year alone. That averages out to $6,381 per person victimized by this crime. There is the chance you will be the victim of identity theft with a new victim being struck every 3.4 seconds. Just for the record, even drug trafficking is not as prolific. According to the report released by the Justice Department, identity theft is now the number 1 crime in America. There are ways to protect yourself as well as your consumer base. With cyber-Monday seeing a profit raise of 37%, it is vital that you protect yourself and offer your consumers the ability to stay protected as well. 1. Remind your consumers, if you have a web-based retail storefront, to update anti-virus software. Anti-virus software is an ideal way of insuring there are no viruses on the computer that will record your keystrokes and transmit your personal data to an identity thief.

2. Teach your consumer how to always look for a lock icon on the status bar of any given website where private and/or financial information is given. The lock icon shows that the site is transmitting secure data that cannot be easily translated by a hacker or identity thief. 3. If you send out newsletters or e-mails, keep a generic copy on your website as an image. This will allow your consumers to investigate the validity of the latest information you sent to your consumer base. 4. Never ask for private or personal information to be transmitted via an e-mail sent from your consumer’s computer to your database. In other words, you may have links to forms, but do not have those forms in the e-mail itself. 5. Encourage your consumer to make purchases only via secured web pages, or web pages with the lock icon in the browser status bar. 6. Have a telephone number available for purchases as well as your online ordering form. Let the consumer know “you” are there to protect his or her assets. 7. Strongly encourage and remind your consumers to investigate their credit card statements especially after the holidays. In fact, as a retailer, you should do the same thing. If something looks awry, take appropriate steps to insure you verify the information is correct. 8. If you are a victim of identity theft, or if you are a retailer who has a consumer that is the victim of identity theft, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Stopping identity theft will only succeed if each case is handled professionally. As a retailer and as a consumer, you have the responsibility as well as the ability to lower the number of cases of identity theft. You also have the power to reduce the damage of identity fraud. Each step you take insured someone else is protected. What are you doing to stop identity fraud for yourself as well as your consumer?

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No matter what your home business is about, providing customer service is the key to gaining new customers and building a strong customer base. The larger and stronger your customer base is the more sales you will get for your home business. Often when new entrepreneurs start working on the Internet, they do not realize the importance of customer service. After several months or even years in the business, they have a much weaker customer base than they potentially could have because of the lack of customer service. Just because you sell on the Internet does not mean that you forgo customer service to your visitors and buyers. People do not like feeling as if they are just another number, statistic or ATM for your home business. Individual attention and meeting the needs of your customer will increase your customer sales and make a stronger customer service area of your home business.

One of the starting places to provide customer service is to put a physical address on your web store and a contact phone number.

Many new entrepreneurs are nervous about doing this but you can obtain a street address post office box and order an 800 number to use for your business. This will protect your personal information but will provide your customers with a way to reach you. They will feel more confident in purchasing your wellness products and services. Automated emails are handy and useful but at the same time they can be impersonal. If your new wellness store comes with an automated email to thank customers for their orders, have someone edit the email to make it more personal and friendly. If there is no automated email, make certain that all confirmed orders have a personal thank you note sent to the customer. It is even nice to thank customers with a quick postcard that is hand written to let them know that they’re order is being processed and shipped to them. Customers will know that you take the time to meet their needs and to treat them as valuable people instead of just another wallet to empty. They will remember your company and be more likely to give you repeat sales because you took the time to give them a personal thank you instead of a computer generated thanks. You will be surprised at how many companies do not thank customers for their orders. Follow up with your customers. Find out if the shipment arrived on time. Take a short survey of how they felt about shopping at your wellness web store. This is a great way to get feedback and it lets your customers know that you care about their opinion and their experience with you. Should you receive negative feedback, take the time to correct whatever problem there was and address any unresolved issues.

It is much better to leave the customer feeling satisfied and happy about the situation than to never have followed up. The majority of unhappy customers will never complain unless there is a follow-up and feedback opportunity. Instead, they will never shop with you again and will complain to friends, relatives and co-workers. Feedback and follow-up is a great method to help grow your business and to thank your customer again for their purchases. The personal attention that you provide customers through customer service will make your wellness home business stand out above all the competing entrepreneurs.

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New kid on the block any-biz.com is bringing hope to all those starting out in the internet marketing business. At any-biz.com you can get an amazing array of things to help the internet marketing beginner, from free tools and ebooks that every internet marketer needs to free help and advice for it’s members. Membership is free, and there are products for sale for super-cheap prices that can then be sold on at full price for total profits. Not only does the site owner, Bruce Andrews, provide free membership and free tools, software, ebooks and advice, there are also two free blogs, a forum and a chat-room! If you didn’t know, blogs are a great way to improve hits on your own sites by leaving links there which increase your own traffic, and the forum is a perfect tool for networking with other members when you want to start a Joint Venture or are looking for business partners. But that’s not where it ends, any-biz.

com also welcomes and encourages the internet marketing «gurus» to join up and share their experience and knowledge in the business with al it’s members. With so many scam sites out there that promise over-night success and profits by the bucket-load, it’s refreshing to see one that is dedicated to helping it’s members before looking for personal gain. As I mentioned, there are products for sale in the site, but you are not forced to buy them to gain entry, and there is no «One-Time-Offer» to put you off joining either. You just sign-up and that’s it. The members have instant free access to all the downloade straight away. The items mentioned on the advert page are just some of the products available at the list of free goods is growing all the time. This truly is a goldmine for the new internet marketer. If there are products that are not available then the members are encourages to make requests in the blogs and the exclusive members forum for those items. Bruce Andrews promises to find them and make them available. So, if you are starting out in internet marketing or you are an experienced marketer with knowledge and experience you would like to share, please go along to http://www.any-biz.com and join up. And remember, the site is there to be used by it’s members.

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When deciding how to promote your business, you will likely type “search engine marketing” into your favorite search engine to discover how to get your company to the top of the list. Search engine marketing can be a very difficult topic to understand. People who say that they understand it usually have a general idea of what is going on, but can’t tell you the details about it.

In fact, even if you decide to contact a search engine marketing firm, they might not be able to explain search engine marketing to you adequately, unless you are really familiar with a lot of Internet and marketing terms. They may use a lot of buzz words to get you excited about something that you really don’t understand. So how do you know if you are getting a good deal or not when working with the search engine marketing consultant, especially, if they might not even be able to explain it well enough for you to understand? How do you know if you are comparing apples to apples or apples to oranges? The answer to these questions is that you have to do a lot of research on search engine marketing. It isn’t rocket science, but it’s also not something that you can understand it one day. A good search engine marketing consultant is going to give you information and resources on how to understand the process and what they can do for you, and then expect you to trust them to do your search engine marketing. Finding a good search engine marketing firm is as easy as asking for a recommendation from some of your friends or contacts that are in the same business as you. If they are using a search engine marketing service and are satisfied with the results, they will be more than likely to give you the contact information. If they are using a search engine marketing service and are not happy with the results, they’ll probably tell you that as well. Taking your time when making a decision on which search engine marketing scheme to go with is going to be your best bet. You don’t have to decide to go with the first firm you talk to, and if you’re not comfortable with the plan, or still don’t understand it fully, you can always wait for a firm that can explain this complicated procedure to you properly. In order to save money, you need to understand this stuff before you start a campaign. A good company is going to make sure that you have all the tools to understand exactly what they are going to provide, how they are going to provide it and what the expected results could be. Getting to the top of the search engine results may be your goal, and the best way to do that is to make sure that you understand how to market your business, and how search engine marketing can play a role. When deciding how much money to put into your advertising budget, make sure to include search engine marketing as part of your budget along with other Internet and non-Internet advertising ideas.

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One of the best reasons for indulging in expire domain business is its ability to provide you very lucrative profits for the money invested into the business.

Expired domain market is a busy place where everyone would jostle and rush out to find their own expire domains with sense of deep conviction. In reality, buying an expired domain is not as easy as you feel it will be! There are several reasons and causes that motivate people like you and me to buy expired domain.. Here are some established tips and suggestions that will teach you how you can buy expired domain in an ever-busy market place. Generally, all soon to get expired domains go through three phases of life: • Expired status, when the owner of the domain in question will have 40 days of grace period, when he or she can renew the domain again by paying a standard fee • Redemption period, when the domain enters its decisive period of shut-down and the owner of the domain may need to cough up renewal fee, along with additional penalty. • Locked period, when the domain name in question enters the deletion phase, which is usually 5 days long. And, on the last day, the name will be officially dropped from the database between 11AM and 2PM Pacific time. Soon after this time, anyone can register for the expired domain. With these phases of expiration cycle, how does one buy expired domain? In fact, a simple search and buy method may not work in the real sense. There are smart entrepreneurs, who use better and quicker methods to grab the domains, before you actually do. It means that you may need to use methods similar to those used by these entrepreneurs. Experienced people who are well versed in snatching expired domains always use smart methods. One such method is the “Drop Method” that promises you good expired domains. The Drop is that unpredictable three hour time period, in which the domain gets deleted from the registrar’s database and released back into the pool. If you feel that you can buy expired domain during the dropping process is very easy, you are sadly mistaken and confused. There are no fewer than three or four major services that specialize in snatching away all the good names that become available for sale. To buy expired domain from a large pool of domains, you may wish to enlist the services on three major domain trading firms, so that you can hope that they will grab a domain name on your behalf. Three main expired domain name trading firms are: • Snapnames.com, • Enom.com, and • Pool.com All these three forms act and operate in a similar manner. They always use a network of registrars to aim at the ICAAN servers at frequent intervals and grab as many names as possible. As a normal rule, if you do not get your desired name, you will not pay a cent to them.

All the three forms operate in slightly different ways and manner. Another common way to buy expired domain is to approach the soon-to-expire domain owner and ask, if they can transfer the domain name to your name. Yet, another way is to participate in a regular domain auction and buy an expired domain at a very high price. Whatever the way you chose, your main goal should be picking a good and decent domain at an affordable price; to buy expired domain name from the open market, you will also need to know how domain trading business works and operates in the real sense.

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The ease of finding a site, product or service through a natural search online is what customer’s desire.

The ability to simply type in a word or phrase and pull up a site that offers a relevant item is key.

The only way that this can be offered is through optimizing your site or ads keyword density. You have to offer all words that are directly related to your product or service so that a customer can quickly and easily find your site with little chance of choosing a site that is no where near what they are searching for. Importance Of Proper Keyword Use It is said that over 134 million people search for services or products online simply through the use of the search engine. This is why your keywords are so important. The crawlers and web robots see searchers words and run I through sites ort ads that are relevant and then prompt a list of sites that could assist the customers. If incorrect keywords are used a customer could run into a site that is nothing similar to what they are even looking for. This is why is can be so dangerous for youth Internet users. They run the risk of entering a word or phrase that could pull up adult content that is unsuitable. Setting Your Keywords Up For Success You should take your keywords that are directly related to your site and use these first. Next you should take any words that offer the same meaning as the first set of words and use these. An average of 100 keywords has been found to be successful. You will be ensuring your customer the easiest route to your site, saving them time and effort. One method online that aids you in setting up your keywords correctly is Google Adwords. You set up your site and your ad with your chosen keywords. If your keywords are found to be relevant you can post your ad. If the Google team sees them as irrelevant you have to change or ad words until suitable. You can use a keyword tool to help you find words that offer the same meaning ensuing that all bases are covered you can say.

You are also given the ability to track and see how successful your ads are and if they should be altered to bring your business further success. Search Engine Optimization Optimizing your site or your ads keywords can mean a world of difference in your potential customer visiting your site or your competitor’s site. You could be losing customers and profits with a poor choice of keywords. If you are interested in learning more about building better keywords for your site you can search the Internet for articles or other areas of information on SEO or search engine optimization. Here you can find step by step results that can assist you in setting up your keywords in the way that will bring you the most site traffic, sales and profit in the end.

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In this section we are going to be talking about web hosting and I am going to share with you the web hosting company I feel like is the easiest to use especially if you are a beginner trying to start a home based business. When I first started off I must have went to hundreds of different websites searching for hosting services for my home based business but I remembered when I use to be a office manager for a company I worked for years ago they were using Yahoo Web Hosting for their business and they never had any problems plus Yahoo’s customer support was awesome (I know cause I was the one calling them).

You were able to call them about any kind of technical issues you had and they would solve them free of charge.

I am not promoting Yahoo here people and believe me when I say some would frown on Yahoo’s service but from my experiences they are A+ in my book. There is something I want to mention to you that most people do not even know about when starting off with a new website. When we discussed domain names in Starting a Home Based Business-Part 1 I forgot to share one thing to you that it is very important, at least to me it is. The company you choose for your domain name should also be the web hosting service provider. The reason why I say this is because if you purchase your domain name from one company and get your hosting service from another you will have to call them and tell the company to change your registrars or it will not work. I did this at the beginning and it was a pain to get it to work all together. What I ended up doing was going with Yahoo for both my domain name and web hosting service. They had me up and running in a little as five minutes once they received my payment. They offer your domain registration for 9.95 a year and the hosting service will cost you 11.95 month. That is what I am currently spending for my home based business website which is not bad if you are on a tight budget. What you will need to do is go to Yahoo’s website or their home page and on the bottom or close to the bottom left hand side of the website you will see a link that will say, “Small Business”. Just below that there will be two links one of the links will say “Get a Web Site” and the other will be “Domain Names”. You want to click on domain names and begin your search for your home based business name. Remember in Part 1 I mentioned using Google’s keyword selector tool to help you find a name that would get plenty of searches across the web.

Once your have found the domain name you plan on using for your business Yahoo will have you proceed to the hosting plans (just follow their easy to set up click through system). I would pick the 11.95 month plan because it comes with everything you need to get your home based business website up and running. There is no need for you to spend more than that and later on as your home based business grows you can always upgrade if needed. This is Part 2 of many articles to come in regards to Starting a Home Based Business so please be looking for future articles when I will be writing about Web Site Design. That is the next step that needs to be taken after you get a web hosting account for your home based business. To Your Success, Aaron Jones

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Do not forget to advertise your business offline. Offline lead generation does not have to break your budget. You may even find that there is less competition because everyone is so concentrated on online lead generation. One old fashioned method of generating offline leads is cold calling. I know it sounds scary but it is a direct as it gets and it works. Try simply calling everyone you know and ask them if they know anyone who might be interested in what you have to offer. This way you are not just trying to sell one person but everyone your one contact knows. It is also a softer approach. Try using direct mail. Direct mail is the third largest advertising method used after TV and newspapers. Try using postcards which really grab the attention of your readers. Also, try to target your market as much as possible. Do you have a product or service which appeal to a certain niche market? Try advertising in publications which specifically appeal to this market. This is much more effective than using a scattershot approach of trying to generate leads from popular general publications. You will be surprised at the quality of your lead generation efforts when you target your lead generation method.

Giving free seminars is a great way to generate sales leads. You will be surprised how many groups are looking for speakers. You might even consider joining a public speaking organization. You will be considered an expert in your industry and this will give you instant creditability for your audience. Try writing articles in your niche and get them published in niche publications. This «soft» approach is quite an effective method of lead generation. You are not trying to directly sell anyone. You are providing valuable information and presenting yourself as an expert in your field. Do you have satisfied customers already? Ask them for testimonials and for referrals. This is probably the best lead generation ever! Your potential customers want to know other people have worked with you and were satisfied. Give everyone of your customers a comment card and keep a notebook with all the comment cards so that you can show them to those who are considering your product or service. Good word of mouth is the best lead generation method. Bad word of mouth can also be your downfall so make sure you take care of your customers. Make sure you have tons of testimonials from satisfied customers can easily be the best lead generation technique of all. Listen to your customers. Take notes. Never interrupt them or take criticism personally. You should welcome criticism as a chance to improve your business. This attitude can put you light years ahead of your competition and generate many pre sold quality leads for years to come.

Do not forget the basics when it comes to lead generation.

Offline lead generation has been working for much longer than online lead generation.

Do not forget to use these methods as well! Here is just a review: 1. Satisfy your customers and ask for referrals. 2.cold call and ask everyone you know if they know someone interested in what you offer. 3. Give free seminars and speeches are your business. 5. Write articles for niche publications about your business. Do all the above lead generation techniques and you should have tons of quality leads!

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You never get a second chance at first impressions.

Not only does this truth apply when developing personal relationships it also applies in the world of website design. As I have traversed the World Wide Web I have found sites that have been thoroughly impressive and others not so much. You would be surprised at the lack of understanding of the first impression principle. In the age of information it is important to make your information as accessible as possible. If a customer cannot find what they are looking for on your site they are likely to leave and find it on your competitor’s. People go to the internet for two things: 1. Find information on a product or service they intend to purchase 2. Make a purchase There is no doubt the importance of website design as a tool for marketing goods and services. Upon visiting a website the mind of the customer is made whether they will stay or go as soon as your site downloads. Your ability to keep them perusing your page is in based on a design that creates compelling exchange. Regardless of what anyone says all humans look on the outside rather than the inside. It is our human nature to make judgments based on looks rather than substance on first encounters. If the cover of your book(your website) is not appealing than you will find that you have been judged only by your appearance and not the quality of the character of your site. If the design of your website placed emphasis on deep and rich content yet losses a customer because of first impressions then you have wasted your time. When your website is perceived as confusing and uninteresting then your product or service will be perceived in the same manner. A great example of this comes from Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence – Science and Practice, a woman owned an Indian Jewelry store in Arizona who recently purchased an allotment of turquoise jewelry. The store owner had a hard time selling any pieces of this particular jewelry. She tried many sales tricks such as shifty their location to a central spot in the store, no luck. She had her sales clerks push the jewelry hard upon customers –with no success. One day the owner went on a buying trip but prior to leaving she left a note for her head saleswoman stating, «Everything in this display case, price x 1/2,» in hopes of getting rid of the offensive jewelry, even at a loss. The store owners handwriting must have been horrific because the saleswoman mistook «1/2″ to be «2″, and the entire allotment was sold for twice the original price! The jewelry only sold because a higher price led to a perceived higher value. You see, «Perception is the key to the mind». If you place your website in a side-by-side comparison to your competitor, both offering the same product, the same price and the same value, the one who wins is the one with the best design hands down.

Take time to think of what you are communicating to your customer and how it is best communicated. Through the creation of your compelling exchange your customer will find greater value in your website by «Design». Copyright © Ron Seawood

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There’s still time to build that retirement nest egg….

History has shown us one of the most amazing financial shifts ever, as we’ve gone from being a nation of savers to a nation of investors. Even somewhat more amazing is that it has happened in less than a generation’s time. The Baby Boomers are coming! Welcome to chronologically speaking, middle age or as I like to call it: The AARP Generation. With retirement just around the corner and old age looming in the suddenly not-so-distant future for those of us in the baby boomer generation, financial concerns have become critically important. Just where do we find the extra income or the how to generate that extra income for those maybe not so golden years? In the past we might have skipped the newspaper’s financial pages to read the sports section or worked on the crossword puzzle. Now we find the earnings reports and mutual fund listings endlessly fascinating weather online or reading the paper. The challenge facing many of us, even if we aren’t baby boomers, is how to finance our busy lives while trying to save for our retirement years or maybe other unforeseen expenses. Let’s face it expendable time is a very short commodity in today’s hectic environment. This challenge looms even larger day by day as we get closer to retirement. One of the best ways to meet the challenge is to find a fully automated home based business model, that doesn’t steal all of your free time, and has the company doing all of the leg work for you. You now have the advantage of building income as you continue with your every day endeavors. For generations, security and safety were more important than high returns on investments. Having grown up during or in the aftermath of the Great Depression, people were very reluctant to put their money in anything that involved substantial risk.

Investing hard-earned dollars in the stock market was only for gamblers and speculators, not for the average person. A mattress was a safer place for any extra money. Their plan for building wealth was pretty straight-forward. Stay with the same company for a long time and forget about any other income opportunity. Rely on a great pension plan from that employer, and salt away any extra income in a federally insured personal savings account. For the Baby Boomer generation, however the blueprint has changed and earning extra income has become a work at home opportunity for many. Traditional pension programs and savings accounts have all but disappeared. The number of workers covered by traditional pension plans has dropped 73% over the past 20 years. Nationwide, according to the latest federal data, personal savings have dropped from about 10% of disposable income in 1980 to – 1% in 2006. In other words people today, whether a one or two income family, spend more money than they make. By the way, the credit card companies love it. The primary source of retirement savings/pension income today is a 401(k) account. Again we have gone from savers – investors, safety – risk. Making a work at home opportunity one of the best ways to make extra income and take advantage of the many tax savings available. The main problem is that the AARP Generation came late to the 401(k) game. Whether through career changes, conversions from traditional pension plans or some unforeseen circumstance we really weren’t prepared to manage our own retirement funds. Now many of us are trying to make up for lost time by earning extra money from a network marketing program or some other income opportunity, such as Cash Gifting. The 401’s always work best if you start saving a good percentage (10%) of your income very early in your working life. Future generations will be much better prepared to invest over their entire working lives and manage their own resources. The problem for those now nearing retirement age is how to invest those dollars to provide a decent return. Even the simplest calculation demonstrates the problem. If you’ll need $3,000 a month in extra income and you plan on living for 20 years in retirement, you’ll need to accumulate $720,000 in your 401(k) or by other means. Now that’s a lot of extra income to make up for, if you got in the game late. So, let me ask… How is your retirement savings plan doing? To make up for lost time, some people will be tempted to choose very aggressive, and very risky, equity investment options. This may seem wise today, but tomorrow it could be one of the worst moves you could have made.

Has anyone watched what the market has done in the last couple of weeks? Great America theme parks could model one of their rides after it. This also makes an internet business opportunity, Cash Gifting or any other multitude of work at home adventures all the more palatable. Ready or not, we’re all capitalists today. The game of saving for retirement has changed the landscape of our future and betting our futures on what the Dow Jones will be on the day we retire is a high-risk and a high-stakes game that we can’t afford to lose. Eleanor Roosevelt said it very well: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Why risk everything on a roller coaster? The sooner you get involved with a work at home opportunity, the sooner you can earn the extra income it looks like we’ll all need. Watch for more articles on this and other subject on our blog… As Always, God Bless and Always Remember To Make It A Great Day!! Michael J Kohn New Image Marketing Group, Inc.

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Weather can have a devastating affect on your home business. In the summer of 2007 the UK experienced much higher rainfall than normal. May to July was the wettest 3 months since records began. Around 50,000 houses and 7000 businesses suffered flood damage. As the rain kept coming our flood defenses struggled to cope. Many homes had disruption in their power supply, communications were knocked out and some even had problems with their fresh water supply. Extreme weather caused by climate change seems to be happening more regularly. What can you do to prevent some of the damages caused by freak weather? You could start off with making sure that you have adequate home business insurance. Prepare for the worst by having a Business Continuity Plan. Keep regular backups of crucial data and have plans ready to get your business back on track quickly after a mini disaster. Buy basic equipment like torches, batteries & candles and invest in a small fire extinguisher. Keep some rock salt handy in case of snow or ice. Make sure all your windows and doors are sealed properly. If you have an old chimney, make sure it is still secure and if you do not need it anymore then remove it altogether. Get an electrician in to see if any measures can be taken to protect you from power disruption or surges. Simple measures like having the right cable, decent fuse box and power sockets at least 12 inches above floor level could make a huge difference. Ask your local expert plumber for advice. Check your drains to make sure there are no blockages. You can install non return valves in your drains and toilets so that water can only flow one way. If you have large trees growing beside the house, make sure the branches are trimmed back, especially the ones closest to your house, windows, power lines and telephone lines. Keep an eye on the weather forecasts and if there are storms forecast for your area then make sure you take some simple measures like stowing away any loose items in the garden including garden furniture.

Unplug all electrical equipment and make sure they are stored as high as possible. If you have expensive rugs on the floors, roll them up and store somewhere safe. Remove items of sentimental value and take them upstairs. If after all your preparation you still experience some damage contact your insurance company immediately. Take pictures of any damages before you start tidying up again. If at all possible wait until they have managed to inspect the damage before the big clean up. Climate change is happening. There is evidence everywhere. The glaciers are melting, oceans are heating up and we are experiencing higher incidences of extreme weather. In Europe this year records tumbled. Dresden recorded the highest rainfall whilst France was hit by an unprecedented heatwave in modern times. Thousands of people died as a direct result of the heatwave. The majority of the world scientists agree that unless steps are taken now it might become too late to reverse it. We might struggle to influence our politicians but by taking some basic steps our businesses can be better prepared for the future.

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Everyone dreams of putting up his own empire someday.

While many would feel that this would take time, with the proper approach and resources, you can put up any business venture in no time at all. All it needs is the proper approach and resourcefulness and you are on your way towards joining the elite members of businessmen spread all over the world today. They say that ninety five percent of people trying to get a business up and running on the internet will fail. That does not sound too promising does it? Why such a high percentage? Most likely it is because those 95 percent quit before they give themselves a chance to become successful. Some people may think that when they start an internet marketing business that they can just throw a website up and let the internet do the rest. That can not be further from the truth. Just like any other job or career out there, it takes a lot of hours and hard work to get the business up and running at a good pace. The advantage of a business on the internet is that it is usually a lot cheaper than a brick and mortar business. You can stay home and work instead of having to go out and travel back and forth to a business out side the home. If you still have a job outside the home, an internet marketing business can be worked in around your schedule. Working on it part time may take a little longer to become profitable, but it is still possible. You do not have to spend money on advertising if you do not want to or can not afford to. Sure it may take longer but in the end it will be worth it. So the next time you feel like giving up on your internet marketing business, remember it does not have to be expensive to run nor does it have to become a success over night. Remember the ninety five percent and try to aim for that five percent that make their internet marketing business successful and enjoy the life that comes with it. Staying home with family and making your own schedule. What about training. Not everyone has that much experience. People fail because they are not given the training they need to succeed. Some opportunities assume someone will know how to do certain tasks when to someone new to marketing online doesn’t have a clue. A person needs to have some training in order to succeed online. Even one with some experience could use a little guidance. Plus Duplication. If a system cannot be duplicated by anyone who tries it with all there effort.

Then it is bound for failure. Many programs out there are great for an experienced marketer to go out and succeed, but it is not easily duplicated by anyone who tries it. A system must to be able to be duplicated in order for someone to succeed with it.

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When a tenth class reunion is observed there are often those who will leave the event feeling as if nothing has changed. The cheerleaders are still catty and the jocks still think they are NFL material. Many of the same petty attitudes seem to come up and so many seem intent on attempting to impress others about their success and achievements. By the time the twentieth reunion is celebrated many individuals are interested in talking about their children and the successes their offspring have achieved.

Time has mellowed most, but there may still be a few intent on reliving glory days that will not come again in the same way their memory has led hem to believe. When thirty years have passed most attending reunions are able to recall high school with a general fondness that erases many class differences and encourages class members to band together in the recollection of what was good about a past that bears no resemblance to the present. Gone are the jocks and the cheerleaders as a preferred class. What is left is a collection of humanity that pines for a life left behind and celebrates that present because a new generation is firmly established in the offspring of these now cherished friends. A site like Classmates.com can help people of all ages reconnect with former classmates. What was once a ten year wait to reconnect no longer has to be. This site has keyed in on the importance of emotional connection. In a fast paced world where it seems very little is permanent this site works to reestablish connections with a past that may seem the most permanent in their recollections. It has taken nearly 300 words to get to the place where you have engaged in this article in an emotional way and have recalled classmates you haven’t seen or heard from in a long time. You are likely remembering Friday night football games and conversations around lockers. You are lamenting the fact that there are those who you graduated with that you will never see again. This is the power of emotion.

This is the strength of connection.

This provides meaning beyond a simple purchase. Whether your business deals in helping people find people or you sell candles you can draw upon the power of emotion to help people connect with your site and you product. In 2007 Charmin presented a commercial that explored the connection viewers had with the actor that played Mr. Whipple. The actor passed away in 2007, but by presenting a composite of commercials featuring Mr. Whipple viewers were transported to a simpler time when they may have seen the commercials while visiting grandparents or with family members who have passed on. The point is the connections happened because of the actor and because of the memories associated with where we were when we recall seeing the commercial. A whole new generation exists and the emotional connections they may have will be different. There is nothing that prevents the possibility that an emotional connection could be made in an online environment. The adventure will be in finding your own way to provide the connection your site visitors need in order to recall the connections you hope they experience. Therein lies the mystery and glory of Internet marketing.

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From the housemaid in a small Texas town near the Mexico border to the CEO of a multi million dollar corporation in the middle of Silicon Valley, all of us at one time or another has dreamed of opening our own business and making ourselves rich, rather than helping someone else get there. What’s great about today’s business climate is the relative ease with which young and old Americans alike, foreigners and natives, college educated and non, can start their own small businesses. If you’ve been dreaming of dropping out of the corporate grind, the minimum wage slavery, or just want to have more control over your destiny, read on for a look at how you too can become a sterling example of the American dream gone right.

You may be thinking: but I have no money.

It takes money to start your own business. This is true, but seldom to people open their small business with their own money. Fortunately, we live in a country that encourages the entrepreneur, as long as he or she can demonstrate that they know what they’re doing. Banks are perhaps more eager to hand out small business loans than any other type. There are plenty of government agencies that can also be counted upon to give money to the aspiring small businessman. And then there are venture capitalists and angel investors who make their entire living putting money into startup companies in the calculated risk that they will see a positive return on their investment strategy. All you need is a great idea, a solid and complete business plan, and the type of personality that can convince those with money to hand it over. If the business you’re planning to open is in the same field you’ve already been working in, you probably have a list of contacts already in the field. Now, there are ethical and legal considerations here. You can’t simply steal clients using inside information you have from working at another company. You can, however, use you contacts in the manufacturing and vending fields to help you get started. If you have personal relationships with your customers, there’s nothing wrong with letting them know you’ll soon be going into business for yourself. If they choose to give your company a shot, you should be in the clear. On the whole, however, it may be best not to go into direct competition with the company you’ve worked for. You can then use your coworkers and managers for help in getting off on the right foot. If your new business is at right angles with the company you’re leaving, you may be able to help each other.

Your next step is to research the marketplace. This should be done before anything else. You have to know what has worked in your chosen field and what hasn’t. What has been tried before and what might make a big splash in the industry. Don’t come to the dance with nothing new to offer. You can compete on prices, and you can compete on service. But the best form of competition comes in exciting innovation. Think of at least one great idea before you open your own business. Something no one else has tried. You will set yourself apart right from the start, and sometimes that’s all you need.

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There are several things that you are going to want to have before you start a home business. It is very important that you are able to have all of the parts of the home business set so that you can have the best chance at success before you get started. The first thing that you want to have when you are getting ready to start a home business is the main idea. One of the most important things that you can have is your general business idea. You want to be sure that you are working with an idea that will benefit you in the end. Remember that when you are concentrating on your home business, you need to have an idea that will sell. In order to have a real home business, you need to either sell something or provide something to others for example some type of service. It is very important that you can have an idea that can be at the root of your business.

Often people jump into different ideas with out having the proper foundation. You have to make sure that you clear picture or path to follow for to start a home business. Next, you need to make sure that you are looking at a good business plan. In order to make sure that you have a good start to a home business, you want to have a business plan that you can set in stone and that will be able to help you prosper with any type of business. The best business plans are going to be those that are organized, so you want to be sure that you are able to organize it well. Your business plan should include the things that you hope to accomplish and the ways that you will go about accomplishing them. Just one way that you insure that you have a good business plan is write it down on paper, then have some one else look at you business plan. This way if they can understand it then you know that you have a clear plan of how you are going to accomplish you goals. The next thing that you need before you are ready to start your home business is going to be a place to have your home business in. You might think that just since you are having a home business all you need is your house. But in reality, you are going to need space in your home to run the business. You want to be sure that you have taken some time to think about your business and what kind of space you are going to need. As you are able to start getting an idea of what you want, and what kind of space you are going to need, you want to be sure that you are able to have that space in your home. After you have made sure that you have the space, it is time to move on to making sure that you have the time. In any type of business there is always going to be work involved, and that you have everything in order ie. your business plan or the products that you are going to sell. You have to be able to take all of the parts into account. Just think of it as you own road map to success. It is very important that you do all of these things before you start. Just remember that this is your business and have fun with make exciting so that every day to go and it is like the first day you started. You will enjoy life and business a lot more if you make it fun.

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Marketing On The Playground (TM) What I have discovered through my experience of marketing is, it’s all in how we define it. We can think of marketing the way most of us do which puts us in the box of making cold calls, knocking on doors, going to numerous networking groups, sending out mail, speaking, the list goes on and on of what we have known. The simple definition of marketing is: letting your audience know what you do. From this simple idea, it’s up to you how you want to market. You have complete freedom in “how”. Here’s the bottom line! No Marketing = No Clients = No Money = No Business! HOWEVER… You do get to Market YOUR WAY! You get to have FUN! and be extremely creative.

In fact, give yourself permission to market YOUR WAY and change the formula above to: Market YOUR Way = More Confidence = Attract more clients = A THRIVING BUSINESS! Now, let’s change your definition and Guess What…your definition will be different from each businessperson you meet. We are all unique. We choose different business paths; wear different clothes; drive different cars; have different viewpoints—our marketing approach should be just as unique? Here are 3 examples of “marketing” provided from entrepreneurs. 1. I didn’t like networking groups but thought I would try some out. My definition of a networking group is this: It had to fit with my values, it had to be fun, and the group had to come from a unique perspective. Most of them were about collecting as many cards as you can. I tried 4 groups and one fit perfectly. EwomenNetwork comes from “giving first” and they have a wonderful format that gave me permission to ask for what I wanted. It was very safe, very professional and very genuine. I’ve been a member for 3 years – it’s the only one I attend consistently. 2. I have a Web Design company and one of my passions is voyager canoeing. I began to utilize outdoor-related themes in our marketing messages and promotions. Most important, I decided that canoeing was also a great way to network. As a professional woman business owner and an experienced canoe guide, I developed a Ladies Voyageur Day. I hosted a group of entrepreneurial women on a guided canoe trip.

The event was so successful it has become an annual sponsored event.

3. I had always found marketing to be a distasteful chore. I was diligent and had managed to stay busy as a consultant by networking and following up on leads, but it was an unpleasant duty, and I avoided it whenever possible. I think one of the best-kept secrets to becoming successful at marketing is first choosing to be of service to a group of people you truly care about. With my new mission in mind, all of a sudden, marketing became effortless. The clients I wanted to serve were people I really cared about, I wanted to spend time with them. Instead of dreading networking events. I began looking forward to them as a place to meet new people I could help. Before, I had avoided business lunches finding them boring and awkward, but now I enjoy listening about new opportunities to be of service. To summarize our 3 marketing definitions: – Giving first, asking, “How can I help you forward your business, ”rather than saying, “What do you do.” – Creating a marketing approach that doesn’t feel like marketing because I’m doing what I love…Voyager Canoeing – Being a service to a group of people OK, do you have a new perspective on the definition of marketing? What are your thoughts with the questions below? 1. What was your original definition of marketing and is it different now? 2. Did you give yourself permission before this class to think of marketing ideas outside of the box? If not, what permission will you give yourself now? There is a marketer inside of all of us – it’s just a matter of identifying the true, authentic marketing person inside of YOU.

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It is essential to have a website to sell a product online. Even if that is a minisite with only one page, it must still be there. Without a website you have no platform from which to sell.

Even an offline marketer needs a shop, stall or barrow to display their wares and to sell from. There is a range of website options available these days that makes internet marketing so much easier than it was at one time.

Web hosting options range from free websites that come with products ready to sell, through inexpensive options at less than $10 monthly to full blown hosting packages offering everything needed to run a modern internet business. Which you choose is up to you, but keep in mind that you will require an email service that is related to your business, and an autoresponder to automated procedures such as replying to email enquiries, and sending regular emails to a large number of people. You will also need a checkout system and a means of accepting credit card payments. You can also get all this options for free selling on online auctions websites. Good place to start on is QxBid – Free onlineauction website

If you cannot accept credit cards, you will be fatally restricting your business. A modern online business must be able to accept payment by credit or debit card, personal check, bank wire or transfer and PayPal or a similar popular payment method.

Once you have your website set up and running, you have to sell the product.

You should design a good sales page that catches the eye, with a compelling title that offers a benefit to the prospective buyer.

Typical benefits include how your product can make them money or save them money, save them time, make things easier for them or help their business. Everybody looking at an offer wants to know what’s in it for them.

«Washes Whiter than White» is a feature, but «Cut Your Cleaning Time in Half» is a benefit. If you were a busy householder, what would you want – ‘whiter than white’ or your cleaning time ‘cut in half’? Do you want something to ‘Taste Lovely’ or ‘Work Fast’?

Provide a benefit, but make it realistic. «Make $50,000 in your first month» is a claim nobody will believe, but «Make $100,000 in your first year» is more believable. Write your headline, and then sleep on it. Look at it next day and think whether or not it would attract you. If not, then change it.

You can list the features of your product, but only while stressing the benefits that these feature provide. «Low energy use» does not have the impact of «Save 20% on your power bill». You should also make an offer to the potential customer, or prospect. Offer something free that relates to the product. If you are selling bicycles offer free maintenance for a year. If you are selling a book on Search Engine Optimization, offer a free keyword research tool.

Make sure you make a call to action. Tell them what they must do to buy the product. ‘Click here’ or ‘Click Here Now!’ Make sure that you ask them to buy the product. It’s amazing how effective that is.

You could simply ask for their first name and email address so that you can send them further information, but ask them something. You must tell prospects what you want them to do.

In order to sell a product you have to get prospects to your website before you can tell them anything. You have to advertise, and there are many ways of doing this. Advertising is generally the biggest part of the budget of an offline company, so online companies should be no different. You should choose a few keywords for your product that have some degree of demand, and as little supply as possible.

If you know how to optimize your website for good search engine listings, you can get free traffic through organic search results for your keywords. Otherwise you can use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Two of the most effecting PPC programs are Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. You pay for each click a visitors makes on your advert, so if you word your adverts correctly, they can supply a lot of very targeted traffic, focused on the subject of your advert.

You can also advertise using article marketing and ezine adverts. Both of these can drive targeted traffic to your website. You should make sure that, no matter what route they used to get there, visitors should land on your sales page for your product. If visitors clicked on an advert for the product, they expect to see more information about it when they click.

If you know how to sell a product online, you should not find it difficult to persuade visitors to visit your sales page. The rest is up to your persuasive abilities, and of course, the product.

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Money is tight or perhaps you are facing some expenses in the future you want to save up for.

These are usually the reasons why people choose to take on the challenge and responsibility of a second job. People rarely take on a second job purely for the pleasure of it. However, many of the people considering a second job rarely think about another option — starting an internet home business. Yet they should consider doing so as an internet home business offers three benefits that the usual array of second jobs do not. The first benefit that an internet home business offers over most of the second jobs you could find is that is easily available, easily accessible, and extremely flexible which makes it easy to work around your existing job and family commitments. Few second jobs offer the flexibility that an internet home business can offer. An internet home business can literally be run when and where you like. In fact, you could do it during your lunch hour at your regular job if you want. And unlike a second job, it is easy to get time off for holidays and vacations because you are the boss. Second, an internet home business can be anything you wish it to be. You can capitalize on your unique interests and skills which is not something that most second jobs will be able to offer. And the likelihood of finding a second job that does that as well as fit in your schedule is even smaller. Remember that the internet is a tremendous clearing house of information on every conceivable topic of interest. Surely that means that there is a niche out there for you? Finally, an internet home business offers on-the-job training that is easily available and accessible from a variety of experts in the field. No matter what you decide to pursue with your own internet home business there is a wealth of information on the internet to help you start your business, run your business, and market your business so you can make your second job both profitable and rewarding. I would suggest that when you begin your search you use the free articles and forums that abound before investing in any paid books or programs. While some of those may well be worth investing in, there are a great many scams out there and it is silly to pay for information you can find for free. There are many wealth internet gurus who are still willing to share their hard-earned lessons for free in a variety of forums and articles. I know from first-hand experience that an internet home business can be a great extra way to make money.

While I first started my internet home business as a creative outlet, I have since used it to replace all my freelance income and then some. I heartily recommend starting your own internet home business rather than taking a second job if you need extra income because an internet home business offers the advantages of flexibility, creativity, and support that many second jobs cannot give you.

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Karl Stadler What is the great secret to huge earnings with Adsense? The truth is, there is no great secret. Let us look at adsense from the top. Adsense pays you a percentage of money for each click that you generate on your website. Which brings us to two very important facts that few seem to realize when building their adsense websites. You need traffic to click on your adsense ads. Your ads must be relevant to the search of the visitor. Lets dissect them one at a time. Traffic. You can create adsense sites with software, buy pre-built sites, use PLR and so on. This is a nice quick fix to solve your problem of generating adsense income, or so many seem to think. Most of the time you will have wasted your time and money. It would have been much better spent taking the dog for a walk or doing the dishes. For an adsense site to be successful it needs visitors, many visitors. If you have just put up a new site it will mean you have not been indexed neither do you have any page ranking. Your 2000 page pre-built website at this moment in time means nothing. Don’t forget that a thousand or so others have followed the same route as you, some before and some after, quite a bit of duplicate content don’t you think? Lets move on. The search engines have come by and your pages are now indexed after two or three months. Suddenly to your great surprise for the next month you have a total of two clicks, or worse none whatsoever.

Four months down the line becomes six and still the results remain the same. Fortunately you do not need to feel alone, there are many who have done exactly the same thing with the same results. But from your perspective the internet sucks and there are only a few who will make money and the multitudes of others will buy their products. Sorry to tell you the truth, you are wrong. If you went about building your adsense empire with a plan, and not a quick fix, things would be quite different. But we all still love quick fixes and buy them, so there is no need to feel bad. Building your adsense site takes careful planning. You can do it as a new site, subdirectory or implement it on your current site. The very first thing that you must do, and I cannot stress this enough, is keyword research. It is a long and arduous task and does take a lot of time and thinking to get to the right keywords. It is the life or death of your site. You can have the best optimized pages around, but if you chose the wrong keywords you will never be seen. The wrong choices would be keywords that are never searched for or the competition is so high that you will be competing against many high ranking websites, and your pages will just get lost in the maze. Only when you have your keywords in place is it time to develop your content. You should try to create as many of these pages yourself. Now you are not able to write one thousand pages all by yourself but if you write one page a week, by the end of the year you will have 52 unique pages, that is what the search engines are looking for. Your pages need not be long 400 to 600 words are fine as long as the content is relevant, but we will get to that now. If you are just starting your site you can mix up your pages with articles, PLR content and your own, but do create your own unique content as often as you can. Now lets look at relevance. If a visitor lands on your page from a search engine result he must find your content relevant to his search, otherwise he will leave as quickly as he came. He will not be clicking one of your adsense ads either to his next destination. Why not? Your adsense ads on your page will be reflective of your content, not his search, which means they will have no meaning to him whatsoever. That is why it is so important to have relevant content to your keywords, that is what brings the visitor, keeps him on the site and gets him to click an adsense ad when he leaves.

Placement of ads and the way they appear have been proven to increase or decrease CTR. Unfortunately this information is only obtainable through research over a period of time. You have to use different formats and placements on different pages and track each ad separately to establish which work best. But the internet is constantly changing, and what is working now will not necessarily be working in six months to a year, so unless you have been doing the research yourself over a period of time and finding the right information at the right time, you will have to pay to get your adsense working effectively and profitably. This is the great secret to successful adsense pages, it is nothing more than research information as to what is working best at this time. The information is gathered through persistent testing, tracking, more testing and tracking until the right combinations are found and then doing it all over again. The secret is finding and using the information first.

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If you are a promoter or agent and want to put on a live event production you have a choice of renting or buying your A/V equipment. No matter the size of the event you are hosting, you want the best of audio and video equipment and you want the installation, service, and quality that will make your production one that will satisfy the audience and at the same time present your event in a professional manner. If you are a promoter that hosts a series of events, you want to make sure that the events keep up with the pace of technology that seems to change from month to month. Live event production is a tricky business. To get the best quality and the best value for your dollar you need to go with professionals who are known in the business. Those fly by night lighting and sound companies will offer you little compared to those audio and visual event production companies that have shown they can set something up as small as a home theatre system to the largest concert. They will have equipment like optical front projection screens and they will have the best audio equipment around. They will look at your venue and decide professionally what type of equipment you need and what kind of show you are putting on. The live event production experts will look at your intended audience first. They will come and look at the venue and where the performance is being displayed and where the audience will view the performance. It’s not rocket science, but it is a science to figure out the perfect audience to performer ration in regards to the sound and lighting of a venue. Measurement are taken from the front row of the last to set the proper audio so the front row will not be blown away and the back row will hear every note or word in perfect audio quality. The angle of the production also is important. Not only does the speaker or performer need to be in the line of sight by every member of the audience. The angle must be enhanced with optical front projection screens that will give the last rows a front row view of the performance. It is still exciting to sit in the back row of a concert.

You can see the performance live on the stage, but the last row viewer can look up at the optical front projections screens and see the performer up close and personal. Every bead of sweat will be seen as the clarity and definition of the performance will be enhanced to give the back row audience a sense of really being at the shoe. As a promoter you can rent or buy A/V equipment, but get the advice and assurance of an audio video professional. You can’t go it alone and with the backing of a audio video professional live event crew, you will be able to pull off the event of a lifetime. This will ensure future business and let everyone in the industry know that you are a professional.

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If you want to increase the distribution of your digital products, Clickbank is one of the largest marketplaces you can turn to. When you join Clickbank, you will be able to find affiliates to help in the sale of your products. You are free to choose the commission rate, which can help you maintain a budget. Because certain products are more difficult to sell than others, the commission you assign will always be fair and competitive. In addition to having more control over the commissions you choose for your products, you will also have the advantage of using tools provided by Clickbank to track all sales, commissions earned by each of your affiliates, maintain excellent customer service, and sell subscriptions, memberships, and products through Clickbank’s new recurring billing system. Being able to easily see an overview of the amount in sales and the number of orders received in real time can help you have more control over your business. By signing up for services offered through Clickbank, you will be able to communicate more effectively with customers, create a web page that is easy to order from, and keep an accurate record of all sales and commissions made each day. If you plan to sell multiple products, having excellent organizational skills is key to your success. Without these skills, it will be very difficult to pay affiliates, order additional copies of books and other products from publishers, maintain an accurate inventory count, and create an effective marketing plan. Clickbank was started in 1998 and continues to provide many services to publishers, affiliates, and customers. Regardless of the types of digital products you wish to sell, if you don’t have a secure platform to sell them on, you will not generate as much profit as you would like. When using Clickbank, you can feel secure when setting up your business. You will have confidence in knowing that your business will be a success due in part to the tracking systems that are available to you once you create your web page.

Because you won’t have to pay monthly fees, Clickbank is an affordable way to sell your digital products. After paying a small activation fee, you will be charged a commission rate that is determined by the commission rate you want to offer affiliates. Along with tracking and marketing services, you will also receive free customer service support, free access to affiliates who work for Clickbank, and much more. As the Internet continues to grow, more and more products will be offered to those looking for information, entertainment, and other items they can purchase online. Offering quality products that are easy to download is the first step in becoming a successful online business owner. When you use all the tools Clickbank has to offer, you will begin to enjoy the benefits of online sales which include a steady profit, satisfying customer demand, and sharing your profits with hard-working affiliates who want your business to be a success. Visit Clickbank today to learn more about the benefits of selling digital products.

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One of the most basic “must haves” of any event where presentations are made before a group of people is the availability of the appropriate audio visual equipment. Be it inside a conference room where there are 10-12 participants, a small seminar venue where there are 20-40 people eager to learn from you, or an auditorium where a crowd of 300 or so have gathered to listen to your whitepaper on the evolution of the widget. Having the right audio video equipment takes away the need to strain your voice just to be heard (try doing that in an auditorium!), or pass out multiple copies of what you want to present, and encourages focus and interaction, thereby significantly enhancing the experience. If you hold presentations on a regular basis for small groups in a small venue, then it might make sense for you to invest in basic audio visual equipment (i.e., a multimedia projector, laptop computer, and a simple sound system), which should not cost you too much. However, if your presentation events are, for example, just a couple or so times per year, in venues that are in excess of a sitting capacity of 100, then the option for investment on the appropriate audio visual equipment does not really make dollar sense. This is especially true when your audience size varies from event to event. Obviously, as your venue and crowd become bigger, the bigger your investment in audio visual equipment will be, and this is not limited just to the hardware. In big venues, there is a also a need for technicians to maintain and operate the equipment to ensure that these will not bog down (and if they do, will not be down for long) during the event proper. One viable option that you may want to consider in scenarios like these is to rent the audio visual equipment you will need for your event. That way, you can focus on the real purpose of your event (i.e., the presentation) and not worry about such details before, during, and after your event. In case you are charging for the event (which you most likely are if you are into live event management as a profession, for example) renting allows you to avoid depreciation and maintenance costs that are part and parcel of the investment option.

When renting audio visual equipment, make sure that your supplier has a good track record in this kind of business. While you may be able to find suppliers who give low rental rates, you might find out the hard way that the reason they are so cheap is that they do not really know what they are doing, do not have back-up equipment on standby in case of emergencies, do not have the flexibility to handle other last-minute issues that normally hound events, and so on and so forth. Getting a reliable supplier goes a long way in ensuring that your audience will see what it is you are showing and hear what it is you are saying as clearly as possible.

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Timothy Rohrer Many people are looking for new ways to make money online and a very popular way to earn money online has recently been auto surfing. Auto surfing allows you to make a small investment in agreement that you will view ads from other websites. The more ads you view, the more money you are paid based on your initial investment.

To make any kind of decent money in auto surf programs is really hit and miss. The two most recent popular auto surf programs where Studio Traffic and 12 Daily Pro. Studio traffic ran for a few years, while 12 Daily Pro survived almost 1 year. Both programs paid high returns for surfing webpage’s and a lot of people did make large sums of money, however when these systems crashed a lot of people also lost money. My take on auto surf programs is that they work, but we never know when the administrator is going to take down the program or run with the money. Usually auto surf programs will offer a return on your initial investment that may range anywhere from 10% of 10 days or 15% over 15 days. It’s nearly impossible for a company to keep up with these high returns for such a long time and a lot of them rely on new business. There are a few new auto surf programs popping up such as Alien Trust and Phoenix Surf, however I would be reluctant to invest any type of money with these programs given the past of Studio Traffic and 12 Daily Pro. At the same time, I do believe they will pay out; it’s just a matter of time before the program actually crashes. If you’re looking to generate any substantial income online, look to find solid programs that have existed for years. There are tons of programs available online and I’ll be the first to admit that the majority of them do not work. However over the past few years I have found a few that do work and that I have been successful with. Most people who are looking for an online business are usually looking for fast money and that’s why auto surf programs do so well initially.

Don’t get caught up in all the hype, when a new program comes out sit back for a while on the sideline and asses the opportunity.

There are plenty of ways to generate a substantial income online, just be sure to find a program that works for you and meets your needs.

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The first online job resource that aerospace professionals should use is the aerospace firm that they want to work with. This may seem like an obvious statement, but many young professionals decide to find vacancies on third party sites where they can apply en masse to various positions. However, there is no substitute for going straight to the source of vacancies if an applicant knows what aerospace firm they want to work for. Many companies in the United Kingdom are expanding their career pages to include the basic list of vacancies, online application materials, a look at daily life for various professionals, and other information necessary to make a career choice.

After perusing company websites, aerospace workers should expand their hunt for vacancies to sites for recruiting firms. The reason why recruiting firms are the logical second step is that they have strong relationships with aerospace firms, including exclusivity agreements that allow recruiters the first chance to fill a vacancy. Professionals of all experience levels should use recruiting firm websites on a regular basis because they have constantly updated job listings and information on professional development that is the key to long term success. Since recruiting firms are in the business of filling the most positions possible in the shortest period, their sites are updated daily. Media graduates looking for jobs with television stations should look to smaller stations first before heading to major outlets. Small local television stations often have jobs or internships in a variety of departments that can help a media graduate gain experience and a living. While these stations don’t pay as well as major television networks, they do allow a media graduate to learn what it takes to work in front and behind the camera. For media graduates looking at the radio business, there are plenty of graduate jobs available for the right candidates. Many media graduates veer away from their academic focus on broadcasting or reporting to work in advertising, management, or technical aspects of the industry. Radio stations often employ graduates who are interested in the general industry and have enough determination and skill to learn multiple positions at a station.

However, choosing a position at a radio station is not set in stone.

Media professionals interested in other positions can make the leap after gaining experience in the radio industry. That’s all changed now and it is very easy to start making some serious money from your online ventures. When it first came out I immediately signed up for google adsense and started placing the ads on a couple of sites I had. Within a few short weeks I was making steady money from google and it has only gotten better. When the affiliate program became available from ClickBank I jumped on the first chance I got. I was happy I did, with the ClickBank affiliate programs you can go from zero dollars to earning several hundred or even several thousand dollars a month. Since implementing the ClickBank program I have been very successful with using a variety of affiliate products. All of the necessary tools are provided so the only real way you will fail is if you do nothing.

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For some online entrepreneurs the advent of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is something on par with affiliate revenue programs. This may sound like an odd statement so let me explain. In affiliate revenue programs a website is developed with the singular purpose of encouraging visitors to make a purchase through your site. The items they can find on your site are actually purchased from a third party website using the affiliate’s website as the portal. However because the customer used the affiliate revenue site to make the purchase the owner of the site receives a commission for the sale. Many home-based businesses use some form of affiliate revenue program to provide residual income. The use of PPC advertising in the body of your website has nothing to do with commissions, but it does have to do with payment for accepted advertising. In this scenario individuals may come to a website because it is filled with knowledge-based content. That content is rich in keywords or phrases. Advertising is automatically chosen for the website based exclusively on content. When a visitor clicks on your website they will find a compliment of PPC advertising that will deal directly with the content you have provided. When those individuals click on the PPC link the site owner receives income based on the price of the ad. Obviously sites that want to use PPC advertising to facilitate a residual income try to make sure their keywords or phrases are somewhat unique drawing PPC advertising that is worth more per click. For instance a unique keyword could draw a commission ten times that of a more common keyword or phrase.

In the scenario of a site built specifically to capitalize on PPC advertising content may be the most important commodity you have. In all websites content should be king, but it is especially important in PPC advertising sites because the idea is to provide the site visitor with such a comprehensive means of learning about a specific item, trade or service that they find enormous value in your site. This customer trust for your content is also of value to the PPC ad placement in that it works to laser focus the advertising to potential customers. In the end you want site visitors to click one or more link when they visit your site. This is how you make money. With PPC revenue generating sites you are not selling a product. In fact, the site visitor does not even have to purchase a product. What you want the visitor to do is click on any PPC link. Once the link is clicked by a visitor you are credited with a sum of money designed to pay you for the referral. In the case of affiliate revenue you are seeking to convince visitors to visit the third party supplier and then make a purchase. In PPC sites you are simply seeking to provide highly focused information with PPC advertising to appeal to the very specific needs of the site visitor. In both cases you could receive residual income that may prove to be beneficial in the improvement of family finances.

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Darren Dunner In the past 6 months several articles have been written to offer tools, helps & any advice on the power of writing articles and submitting these to many online ezines. In fact the word ezines is just becoming a known keyword in the web world. If you have a site and want to generate a buzz ad get traffic you need to submit your article to ezines. In this article I will not go into the best methods of writing these articles and as most of you know by now it is not that easy to write an article and have it approved by these ezine companies. What we do want to accomplish here is the best way to go about submitting your articles. There are a handful of very well developed ezine sites that if you do write articles you want to submit to. The problem that is most often heard is the time it takes to submit the article to all of these sites. Recently there has been a rush on developers to create programs that will do this for you automatically. There is a positive and a negative to this process. Lets talk about the Negative first.

Here are a list of reasons why you shouldn’t use these programs: 1.

These programs are still newly developed and the software developers of these programs may not have tested these fully before handing these out to everyone. 2. There are reports of some programs that do not work at all and cause serious damage to PCs. One such company is called Submita www.submitaarticle.com (see below for quote from Submita) 3. Many of the ezines have a bio attached and the way the bio works is different for each site and if you are promoting more then 1 site then you need multiple bios and will need multiple submit programs these typically only handle 1 account which means you need more then 1 computer. 4. Duplicate content is another big issue. If you put submit article in several locations this can count against you. Quote: In a recent attempt to explain the PC corruption caused by Submita (an article submission software) their response was: “Please note that we have stated clearly on our webpage that we provide you a fully functional free trial with no restrictions so that you can try the software before you buy it. It also states that we have a no refund policy.” In reply to this: “Please note that your free trial had no functionality it was a program that had no use until you entered in a serial number which must be provided by you and was not. I had to purchase the license so I could at least try out the program to see if it worked or not” Notice that there was no apology for the corruption the program caused and no attempt to fix the solution. Only response was “Too Bad” Lets take a look at the positive in using these types of programs: 1. This will save you hours of sitting in front of computer logging in and out each time for each ezine site 2.

Though there are some programs that do not even work there are programs that do work. One of them is Instant Article Submitter made by Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson and this program has nothing but great reviews and the reputation of Rob & Jeff are nothing but the best. There are other programs and other sites that do work as well if you want more information contact us directly. 3. If submitting multiple articles is an issue then do the submission and take the time to login to each account and assign the bio to it… that is still easier then doing the whole part and hopefully these programs will note this and allow users to have multiple accounts to manage on 1 program. 4. Though the article you are submitting is duplicate it still counts as back links for your site and the better you get your site ranked with back links the better you will in the search engines. Keep in mind that every time you submit an article you are generating hype about the service or product and creating a reputation on the web as a trusted source. One last tip is if you have a new product make sure to create a buzz about that product and name and watch as you create a new keyword on the search engines.

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Do you know what search engine optimization is? If you do know what this phrase means, you are better off than most people who are trying to advertise their business. If you don’t know, there is many a search engine optimization firm that will try to teach you in return for giving your business to them. So what exactly is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization is getting your business or website to the top of the search engine results by using certain keywords and other advertising techniques to help you out. If you are going to use a search engine optimization agent, who is going to basically do the work for you, you may have to pay a lot of money, depending on what type of company you have.

Certain companies are going to be more expensive to promote and other companies, just because they are in a very competitive area. For example, if you are selling clothing, the costs of a search engine optimization campaign is going to be larger than if you are selling something less common like coffee filters. More people search for clothing on the Internet than they do for a coffee filters, which means that a search engine optimization company is going to charge you more money for this type of campaign. Search engine optimization can get you to the top by increasing the number of people who click on your website. You may not know this, but the order of the website search results are listed by surfer popularity. This means that it is difficult to get to the top, but once you are there and have a quality business, you are likely to stay there. A search engine optimization agency is going to take the work out of Internet advertising for you. Before, it could kind of get confusing when trying to figure out how exactly to get to the top of the search results. Even now, most people don’t do their search engine optimization by themselves. Instead, they find someone to do it for them A search engine optimization firm is going to find out who your competition is, do a bit of link tracking and then find out what the best keywords are for your website. If you are dealing with a reputable search engine optimization agency, they are not going to recommend using keyword spamming, which can leave customers to your website very frustrated and annoyed. Keyword spamming is going to bring a lot of traffic to your site, but it is also going to bring a lot people to your site that just aren’t interested in what you are offering. For search engine optimization, you really have find a search engine optimization company that knows what they’re doing and can bring the right type of customer to your company. If you don’t get the right type of customer, you are not going to get an increase in business. In fact, having the wrong type of search engine optimization can actually hurt your business, making your website look disreputable and cheap.

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WANT TO KNOW HOW ORDINARY FOLKS LIKE YOU AND ME DOULBE, TRIPLE OR EVEN QUADRUPLE OUR INCOME, ONLINE OR OFFLINE? If you have even a passing interest in the topic of Internet Marketing, then you should take a look at the following information. This enlightening article presents some of the latest news on the subject of Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing: Why is it One of the Most Cost-Effective Ways to Advertise your Business I will touch on the most popular subject when people talk about Internet Marketing. And that is Affiliate Programs. When you think about Affiliate, what do you think of first? Which aspects of Affiliate are important, which are essential, and which ones can you take or leave? You be the judge.

These are forms of Internet advertising that rewards the affiliates for driving traffic to the advertiser or for other transactions. The advertiser pays the affiliate to place a link on their website, and the affiliate sends traffic to the advertiser in return. Simply put, it’s about paying commissions to people who help you make sales. It’s that easy. NOT. Affiliate marketing has its ups and downs. It could be draining if you are not armed with updated information and the technical how-tos. But this article’s sole objective is to reach out to you and not to badmouth affiliate marketing. Here are the following reasons on why web marketers go gaga over affiliate marketing as a form of Internet advertisement. 1. Low cost Many are scared to go on a home based business because of the capital required. In affiliate marketing, you don’t have to spend much to start raking in moolah. 2. Inventories not included Product management fuss could be very stressing. An inventory is not asked to be maintained. The merchant does the maintenance required. It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of Affiliate. What you learn may give you the confidence you need to venture into new areas. 3. Unlimited income through leverage See how much you can learn about Affiliate when you take a little time to read a well-researched article? Don’t miss out on the rest of this great information. When you have a paid job, your monthly income mainly relies on whether you go to work or not. With affiliate marketing, your affiliates could all just lead traffic to your site without having to lift a finger after providing them your ad copy and links. Though not every web marketer earns limitless, it still is a fact that all the necessary matters for the advertiser or Internet marketer are all there to be successful. 4. Go worldwide With affiliate marketing, you are dealing with a global market place. All you have to do is choose a niche product and prepare all the necessary tools for your affiliates to lead traffic from just about anywhere to your website. 5. Low risk The very main reason for Internet marketer’s enthusiasm with affiliate marketing is its having a low risk factor. Especially for those with low budget set aside for advertising, affiliate marketing is just the way to do it. 6. No closing time With affiliate marketing, your business works every single second of the day while targeting a worldwide market! What could be better than that? But all of these will be put to waste if you don’t have the right niche product and all the other important tools to make it big in affiliate marketing, i.e., well-SEO-ed website. So better work on this first before ever considering those benefits.

Brought to you by: Real Good Profits http://www.realgoodprofits.com The day will come when you can use something you read about here to have a beneficial impact. Then you’ll be glad you took the time to learn more about Affiliate.

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Lately I’ve been really dedicated to working out and recently I noticed something interesting at the gym. My gym is most definitely not a meat market. A very large percentage of the patrons are there because they care about their health and not for dating purposes or to see and be seen.

However, on occasion, I’ve noticed that as I ride the stationary bicycle, someone will hop on to the one next to me and I pick up my pace a little. It’s not a conscious decision, really, but my other than conscious wanting to show off a little. It could be a desire not to be outdone. I have noticed the opposite as well. If I get onto a machine next to someone who is already working out, sometimes their speed increases. I chalk this up to a high desire for competition. Competition is a drive that we can either embrace or deny. Me? I embrace it. When I was in sales, I loved to constantly challenge myself to do double or triple what the people around me were selling. You see competition in everyday life most intensely where there are extremely limited resources. (Just look to the animal kingdom as they compete for water, food, mates.) Humans, especially in the United States, compete on economic bases. We all know about the survival of the fittest. . . It’s seldom about trade and cooperation. On some level or another, we compete–money, mates, parking spots. When we’re not out there competing ourselves, we sit around and watch others compete (sports, reality TV, beauty contests. . .). There is something innately interesting to us about watching one person go up against another for glory or humiliation or fortune or defeat. As for my gym observation, this showed me how competition can be an added incentive for self improvement. Some part of my mind says that by showing the person on the next machine what I’m made of by working out harder or faster, then I’m only doing myself good. In this respect, competition can be healthy. A drinking contest is obviously an entirely different story. So how can this base instinct be used most effectively for selling our products or services? Well, we see it all the time. . . two gas stations across the street from each other with slightly different prices, the lower of the two deciding to take that much less for the product. I’m not suggesting you lower your prices by any means, but through framing, we can show ourselves, our products, our services, as the answer in the minds of our affluent prospects and clients. ‘I am by no means the cheapest, and in fact, I may be one of the more expensive realtors, but you really do get what you pay for.’ What is your relation to competition? Do you embrace it or shy away from it? And how can you begin to use it for persuasion purposes? How do you intend to use your competitive drive to get ahead in everything you do?

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If you are interested in selling items on eBay, but you are unsure of how to ensure success for yourself, there are tips and tools on eBay to set you in the right direction.

The available tools such as the completed listings can be most useful.

This helpful tool allows you to research your items and compare the prices with those of your competition, to find how much your item is worth as well as help in providing customers with the appropriate shipping and handling fees. This tool is all about item research. You know what is a fair price to charge for your item as well as the correct shipping cost for any location around the globe. You will be aware of what items sell better than others, allowing you to create the perfect listing for your item(s). Other resources allow you to learn from experts who will help you to understand selling fees and techniques. Learning how to sell can be easy as learning the alphabet with aids such as free online tutorials, a selling basics DVD and selling basics training classes. You will be shown how to create a sellers account for the first time. You will be provided with a full understanding of how to begin selling your items and how to set up online account payments. There are also tools that allow you to keep records of all of your sales for solid record keeping. These resources make it easy to begin on the right path to sales success. Once you are off and running you may find that you are ready to take your sales to the next level. You can increase your knowledge of marketing, optimization and eBay stores through online resource guides. You are once again offered free online tutorials as well as a DVD and training classes but these options are for those looking to move beyond the basics of selling. You will become a true eBay sales expert and you are certain to see sales increases as you put this knowledge to use. Through eBay you are always provided with updates, hot items listings and tips such as the top ten selling tips that will help to guide you towards more effective sales methods.

Assistance online is not your only option in eBay sales success. The Dean of Education, Jim Griffin, shares his vast knowledge of sales and online entrepreneurship through the book “ the official ebay bible”. Check your local library for details on this resource. With the numerous tools and material aids available for sales success tips any and everyone who is interested in selling items on eBay has a fighting chance for sales profit and sales success. By following even the most simple tips such as posting a clear photo or including a keyword title can make the difference in a customer being a window shopper or a in becoming a quick sale. Do some research for yourself and you will see that it is feasible to be victorious in eBay sales.

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Did you know that it is possible to make money online without investing a dime? Weblogs, affiliate marketing and surveys are among the three easiest ways to earn money through the Internet.

If you look around the Internet for ways and means to earn money online, you will observe how most online money-making opportunities will require some money to be invested for you. However, you need to note that there are two general ways to make money online, one which involves financial investment and another which only needs you to invest time and effort. With all the fraudulent sites and scam-filled transactions proliferating around the Internet, you may find it wise to resort to means which do not involve financial investment. They are also generally more profitable as you do not need to worry about investment returns and the likes. This is probably one of the best things about earning money online. Even without investing in a product, setting up a website or general marketing expertise, it is possible to make money based on what you know and what you can do. What are some ways that you can make money online without investing a cent? Here are some of them: 1. Article writing. If you have good writing skills, coming up with your very own blog is a great way to make money online. There are a number of blog hosts that offer services for free, and you can set-up your very own site within a few clicks of your mouse button. Now, depending on how many viewers you attract into your site, you can earn a limitless amount by incorporating advertisement. The best part about blogging is that you only need to write to your heart’s content about topics that you wish to or are familiar with. Closely related to blogging is article writing where you look through sites hiring content writers to write site contents on specific websites. 2. Affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are one of the most profitable ways to make money online. They involve promotion of other people’s sites to the rest of the world. All you need to do is come up with your own online marketing strategies to draw people into a site and increase site traffic. You get commissions depending on agreed upon affiliate terms, which may either be on a pay-per-click or pay-per-successful-sale basis. To start with affiliate marketing, you only need to look for a good merchant and sign up for their affiliate marketing program. Good merchants will have the necessary tools to get you started. 3. Answering surveys. Did you know that simply answering surveys allow you to make money online? There are a number of companies doing market research which actually pay online users to answer surveys. This is relatively easy to do, though you need to make sure that you choose reputable signs to sign into. These are only three of the most popular ways to make money online. There are a whole lot more profitable ventures that you can involve yourself in.

Remember that whatever means you choose, the success and the profitability of your efforts lie mostly on your hands. You have to work to earn as much as you expect to. Do not expect overnight success, but trust that with persistence, earning big money online will be within reach.

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You can start a work from home business as a distributor. You will be amazed at how quickly you can learn the business and sales skills that you will need to be a successful distributor. You can be the boss when you work from home as a distributor. You determine what hours you work, when you take a vacation and even how many hours a week you will work. Virtually anyone that has dedication and time can become a successful distributor in the wellness industry. The easiest way to become a distributor is to find a company that is looking for distributors. Learn about the products that the company offers. Find out what type of training is given by the company to help you become successful.

There are some excellent companies on the Internet that need distributors that can work from home.

It is easiest to start small and let your distributorship grow over time. You can spend an hour or two in the evenings and perhaps one whole day on the weekend to start your home business as a distributor. Once the income is fairly steady and you have saved some money, you can switch to working full time as a distributor. If you are laid off of work or need to stay home for family responsibilities, you can work from home as a distributor. You will have the freedom to set your hours around the needs and responsibilities that you have in the home. For example, if you have small children that need naps, lunch and even play time you can work between activities with the kids. This enables you to make a supplemental income without leaving the home and paying for expensive daycare or having a nanny come to your home. The majority of companies do not require an investment of money to become a distributor. The key is to have the time to promote the products and services that you distribute. You will need to build a strong customer base that will come back to you for replacement wellness and health products that you initially sold to them. Since the products are consumable, it is an excellent home business because the majority of sales will result in return customers. You will begin to get a feel for how often certain customers order from you and be able to determine roughly how much each week you will potentially make as your supplemental income for your new home business. Form social networks with other people through internet forums, discussion boards and even other distributors for the parent company. You can form a network of very supportive and helpful people to enable your new home business to be a success.

There are many health and wellness trade shows and seminars in your local community or communities near you that you can attend. Everyone is under the same roof for the same purpose. This is a terrific way to network with other people that are also distributors or interested in the types of health and wellness products and services from your new home business.

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If you’ve ever played the lottery than you have some idea what paid surveys are like. Surveys used to be a bit like telemarketing calls; disinterested pollsters would contact you at inconvenient times and rush through questions and even lead you along from time to time in how to best answer their question. Today many surveys take place online with an offer to pay the participant for their time. This idea seems a bit like free money to many who will flock to a paid survey site and fill out as many profiles as possible in order to gain their share of the paid survey market. The problem is these well meaning and hard working individuals often do not hear back from the polling organizations. These sites are barraged with an incredible number of applicants willing to take online surveys. Odds are not everyone will be allowed to participate. Paid survey companies have the luxury of being able to pinpoint the specific type of subject they wish to invite to the survey.

This means that profiles are sorted according to a very specific need and then a small handful in that group is allowed to participate. It’s sort of like finding that one perfect slice in a pie and then scratching your fork in the filling and the small bit left on the fork is representative of those who will be invited to the survey party. You also have to understand that not every paid survey site will have continuous surveys for which members will be needed. You might actually stand a better chance of being selected to participate in a television game show than to find consistent paid surveys to fill out. It’s safe to say that the original intent was simply to compensate those individuals who participated in the survey, but marketing experts fueled by the public perception that there may be regular funds available for survey takers has elevated the paid survey idea to the status of part time job when it was likely never intended to be that. The frenzy for paid surveys has even resulted in sites that require payment to access links to sites that invite individuals to submit a profile for possible inclusion. Many will spend more on accessing the information than they are likely to receive in compensation for the time they may spend tracking down leads and participating in surveys. What is probably most sad is that you do not have to pay to find sites that offer paid surveys. Simply visit your favorite search engine and search the term ‘Paid Survey’. Multiple pages will be available for you to peruse at your convenience and you can fill out any profiles that seem of interest to you. Then be prepared to wait because there is no guarantee you will ever be chosen to complete a survey. Perhaps the best approach is to fill out the information and then return to normal life. Should there come a time when a paid survey opportunity is offered you can accept it in total surprise because you didn’t spend countless hours refreshing your inbox to see if you had received a new offer.

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Non geographic telephone numbers are a special type of telephone number, that is also considered to be a telemarketing number.

These types of numbers do not pinpoint your business to a specific area geographically; instead, it allows you to take advantage of your total market nationally. There are many different categories of non geographic telephone numbers, seven to be exact. These are known as: – Free phone – Lo-Call – Fixed Rate – National Rate – Premium Rate – Alphanumeric – Personal Free phone is a non geographical telephone number that offers your customers and potential customers the ability to call your business without having to pay any type of fees for the call. This is a great business tool as it gives your customers confidence and makes them believe that you really want their business. Free phone numbers can be distinguished by 0800. Lo-Call are telephone numbers that begin with 0845. This is yet another great business tool because it gives your long distance callers local rate calls, even when they are on the opposite side of the country. Receiving the calls are free for your business, all you have to do is pay the deposit and monthly fees. Fixed rate numbers are typically 0844 or 0871, these are traditional telemarketing phone numbers. These types of numbers charge the customer for their calls to your business. 0871 calls typically cost the customer’s more than the 0844. National rate telephone numbers begin with 0870 and allow your customers to call your business with a cheaper national rate, no matter where they are in the United Kingdom. This type of non geographic telephone number is great for information hot lines, order lines, help lines, and technical support centres. Premium rate telephone numbers start with 090. These are great for competitions, chat lines, and technical support calls. These are premium calls that charge the callers higher rates per minute than 0871 or 0844 telephone numbers. The business is not required to cover any of the costs associated with the telephone call and recovers a large portion of the money paid by the customer. Alphanumeric telephone numbers are words instead of numbers. These are perfect advertisement for many customers. This could be a catchy slogan or something to identify the company with. By using alphanumeric telephone numbers you can catch and keep the attention of your customers with something easy to remember. Personal telephone numbers start with 0700.

This type of number goes by many names such as call shield, follow me, one, and personal numbers.

The great advantage about this type of telephone number is that it allows you to provide your customers with just one telephone number, but have that number route to any other number you wish.

This is perfect for taking your calls while at home, travelling, or in another office, but do not want to miss the all important telephone calls. As you can see, there are many different types of non geographic telephone numbers to learn about. Choosing the right one for your business means understanding your options and choosing the one that best suits your businesses needs.

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When looking for secretarial, data entry or word processing jobs in the newspaper, one may think that typing skills are no longer important, since these jobs are in very short supply.

However, there are thousands of people all over the country that are making money through typing. This is because they are home based transcribers. What is a home based transcriber? A home based transcriber is a person who converts audio into a written format. They do all of this through a telecommuting, home based setup, where work is submitted via email or through an FTP on their company’s website. So, how do these lucky individuals land home based transcribing positions? Basically, they type fast, have an eye for detail and keen hearing ability. In fact, of these skills, a keen hearing ability will probably get you further as a home based transcriber than even typing speed. When you hear in a keen way, you must be able to listen to the words that are not being spoken in situations where speakers are mumbling or have heavy accents. You must also be able to figure out what is being said when the audio quality is poor. Additionally, you need to be able to distinguish between different voices. While this may sound easy, when you transcribe long documents that have dozens of speakers, it can be difficult remembering who exactly is speaking, unless they have something about their voice that is prolific. Home based transcribers must also be very disciplined when it comes to having the drive to continue doing work that can be dry and boring. However, there are some home based transcription jobs that offer a little bit more exciting content. These are usually the ones where home based transcribers must type up court hearings or police correspondence. Dryer jobs are the ones where home based transcribers type up company briefings, certain types of news media and political correspondence. No education is required to become a home based transcriber, if what is being transcribed is general in nature. If the content is medical, it is recommended a transcriber get a certificate in medical transcription, though it is not required. It also helps if a person has excellent English skills and is generally well-educated. This is because as a home based transcriber you may come across lots of fancy vocabulary and industry jargon. To find home based transcribing jobs, it is best to search freelancing boards such as http://Wahm.com. Sites like this offer a whole section of contact information for some of the most popular home based transcribing jobs.

Alternatively, a person could simply enter “home based transcriber” complete with the quotes into a search engine. The listings that would come up would relate completely to home based transcription, since the quotation marks tell the search engine to exclude any results not relating to it. In conclusion, if you type fast and want to make money for your ability, think about becoming a home based transcriber. It is not the most exciting job in the world, but the work is steady and the pay tends to be good. In addition, home based transcription is one of the most widely accessible at-home jobs you can find.

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All Rights Reserved. Okay, it’s now time for the next installment of… «6 POWERFUL VRE(Virtual Real Estate) Business Models You Can Start Building In 2006 Using Google Adsense» series. By now you should have a good idea of what Virtual Real Estate is and why it’s to your benefit that you start a network of your own VRE sites depending on the model you choose. In the last installment of this series I covered «Article Directories». In this part of the VRE series I’m going to cover «Web Directories» in general and then give you some examples of what they might be and look like. Sound good? VRE Model #2. Web Directories. An «Web Directory» is simply a directory on the World Wide Web that specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. Web Directory owners will often allow site owners to submit their site for inclusion. Then human editors will review their submission and if accepted, will be added to their database. The one thing about Web Directories is they are often used as part of a website marketing strategy for being indexed in the major search engines like Yahoo!, Google, MSN to name a few. The main strategy behind someone submitting there website to a directory is that a new site needs to quickly build inbound links from reputable sources. In doing this they will get a higher ranking within search engine results under there target keywords depending on the PR(popularity ranking) of that directory or inbound link. That’s the basic run-down of what an Web Directories purpose is and why they make a great VRE business model. Web Directories can be and target anything you want them to. It’s your directory, so you make the decision as to what it is about. As your directory grows, so will its traffic. And if you have targeted affiliate programs strategically placed on your directory along side your Google Adsense code, you could be making a nice, steady income form your directory like many others are right now. Now… as I said at the beginning of this article I would give you some examples of some Web Directories with Google Adsense so you see for yourself whether or not this is something you want to venture into. So, with that said, here are 3 directories that I think will give you a good idea of what to expect: Free Stuff Directory: All Free Things – http://www.allfreethings.com/ eBook Directory: Wisdom eBooks – http://www.wisdomebooks.com/ Software Directory: Software5 – http://www.software5.com/ Now remember, your Online Directory can be about anything you want.

Your in control. These are just some examples of whats out. Did you happen to see the Google Adsense ads? BINGO! Also, pay special attention to where those Google Adsense ads are positioned because this is KEY to getting a good CTR(Click Through Rate) with your Google Adsense ads. Now, at this point, it’s up to you to make the decision on whether or not this is the type of VRE business model you want to use and start. I recommend you surf around and see whats out there with your interests in mind. By doing that you will be able to get some good idea’s as to what to expect and more importantly, model your directory and/or VRE sites from. Well, that’s it for now. So, be sure to be on the look out for my next installment of «6 POWERFUL VRE(Virtual Real Estate) Business Models You Can Start Building In 2006 Using Google Adsense».

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While the old adage that strongly urges to do what you love and the money will follow is indeed correct for the overwhelming majority of the time, there are those times when you need to reevaluate and consider that there is more to working from home than doing what you love.

For example: just because you enjoy baking dog biscuits, it does not mean that after a week long blitz of making enough batches to fill your garage, you will have customers breaking down the door to buy them. Instead, commercial success or failure when working from home quite frequently transcends that notion and requires some coolheaded calculations to boot: 1. No matter which kind of business you start, make sure you have an exit strategy. Even though it may be a bit of a morbid thought to plan for your business’ failure, the fact that knowing how to get out from under a potentially financial burden is well worth overcoming awkwardness. This holds true most especially if your home business involves the purchase of machinery or copious amounts of inventory. Knowing in advance where to unload the goods in case of failure – in an effort to recoup any financial losses or at least offset the bath you took when buying the machinery – offers the potential for freedom and also risk taking you otherwise might not dare to even consider. 2. Even if you love something very much you must be prepared to not pursue it if the market is simply not ready. Back to the dog biscuit example: if you live in a rural area where next to nobody has a dog, or you live in a part of the country where dogs are not generally kept as pets, then this might not be the niche you want to go after. Find other outlets for your baking creativity, such as carving out a niche for dog biscuits made for those animals with severe allergies. Just because you most likely will not have a clientиle locally, your ability to provide this highly specialized good puts you in an excellent position to take the online marketplace by storm! 3. Go with your second impulse rather than your first one! Sure, while the first impulse may have you deciding on a home based business that makes a lot of sense, has a good chance of translating into a monetarily rewarding career, and may actually present a decent niche appeal, it is your second impulse that might send you over the top! This might be the idea you consider too wild to be feasible, too far out to find an interested buyer, or too odd to get anyone to even look at. It is this very impulse that might lead to the creation of a home based business which will succeed because it caters to an under served market, while the first impulse idea may have been moderately successful but would never be able to rival the second for the simple fact that the market is all but saturated with others who are thinking in exactly the same way.

Please feel free to use this article on your blog or website; provided you give me credit for the article

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I was sent a link recently to a video that was powerful in the way it presented the idea of going the extra mile for customer in ways that were easy, but unexpected. I left the viewing of the video inspired and wanting to find new ways to make my own businesses better. While I was inspired by the video and would willingly send anyone to the site I also discovered this video to be a video marketing strategy for a series of inspiring books and motivational downloads. The video was the marketing tool. It was emotive, challenging and powerful, but it was also designed to BE the selling tool for the affiliated products. Testimonial after testimonial located after the viewing of the video indicated this series was an excellent resource and empowered employees to find job satisfaction in serving customers well. I think the reason I was so taken with the approach was that it was vastly different from most video marketing strategies. In most cases the video presented is a sales tool telling you why the available products are just what you need. The videos will provide the testimonials and bits of details that leave you with partial answers to thought provoking questions. These are key elements in video marketing and they are effective, but the novel approach to giving you a complete and motivational video download was unexpected. Here’s why I believe this approach works. The emotive video does not actively sell a product or service. Because this is true there is no pressure, just the emotional connections associated with the viewing. Once the video is over the viewer will think of others that would benefit from viewing this feel good motivational video. The soft sell of the video is literally making it possible for an incredible number of potential buyers to visit the site and find encouragement.

Even if they have no interest in buying the product they will likely keep the link handy to share with others over the long-term and I’m pretty certain there will be some of those that find the motivational material a strong enough reason to make a purchase. What’s more is that the video is essentially timeless. The end product could change from time to time, but the video remains the cornerstone of the marketing plan. And because so many will forward a link to business associates, family and friends the end result is a positive experience even after the viewer understand there is a no-obligation set of products that can be purchased following the viewing. This is a great example of giving more than you have to, and by doing so you end up with improved traffic and a higher conversion rate. I think part of the problem with most sales videos is that they often breed distrust from the beginning. Most people see the sales pitch and watch for the angle they know is coming. This secondary type of marketing approach takes them off guard it is a simple straightforward story that turns out to be true, emotional, motivating and inspirational. And that story ties very specifically into the product being sold, but in the end the video stands on its own merit.

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As products and services appear on the Internet and there is proof that money can be made through these venues, copy cats, hackers, and scam artists are quick to create twin sites that will easily fool consumers and those looking for work at home opportunities.

Bank information, personal information (SSN), and physical money are taken fraudulently creating victims of fraud, Internet scam and identity theft.

Far too many people believe that this cannot happen to him or her, as this is just not the case. The Despicable Scam Artists If you were to take the time to look into the numerous scams and bogus business offers found online it would turn your stomach. It is disgraceful and frightening to see those online surveys, government grants; mystery shoppers and data entry clerks all make the list for scams online. Opportunities that were once available are now cause for red flags and alarms when searching on the Internet. The Unfortunate Victims The appeal of working from home can often prove to be more harmful than helpful for many who become victims of fraud through false business opportunities. Millions of dollars from career hopefuls are sent to online business addresses and promises of careers for home businesses are left unmet as a scam artist takes the money and runs. Once you become a victim of fraud you become full of paranoia. You no longer have a trust for businesses in general. It is an awful feeling to think that there is not a single business remaining that you can put your own personal information and money into. Guidelines For Scam Protection Following these suggestions can keep you from becoming a victim. Prevention is the only way to help us and others to keep life for us safe as possible. If we take the time to protect ourselves, perhaps we can begin to deter those scammers, hackers and online thieves.  Research a company or business prior to personal involvement. Look for records online shoeing proof that this is a legitimate business.  Protect your personal information such as your social security number, home address, telephone number, email, or bank account details.

Do not send checks or other payments prior to receiving written information from the company.  Search for details of a business through the better business bureau. Prevention and Knowledge Is Key Knowing how to protect yourself and your loved ones when searching for online opportunities is a must. Thought the Internet is a useful tool it has transformed into a portal for thieves, predators, scam artist and other disgraceful types to prey on men, women and children alike. If we do not take precautions the cases of fraud and scam victims will continue to increase and the Internet will become an even greater threat to personal well-being. You can learn more about Internet scams on the Internet or through other media such as books at your local library. Arm yourself with knowledge and share it with those around you. Each and every person who is aware of Internet scams is another step towards ending it.

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What exactly is this system about? I was introduced to the Perfect Wealth Formula by a Top Internet Marketer. The claim to fame in his marketing was «0 to $108,000 in 8 Weeks!» I was highly skeptical yet curious. I said to myself that’s a lot of money in 2 months, how did he do it with the the Perfect Wealth Formula . I was intrigued but I had made more money myself in one month’s time. A little information on my background. I have spent the last 20 years studying Marketing. I make my living as a Registered Financial Consultant. I spend my days meeting my 400 clients and reviewing their investment portfolios and reviewing their tax returns. The most important thing I have seen in doing this weekly for the last 20 years is simple, People that own their own business have the most income and assets.

It’s a fact, owning your own business is the best financial decision you can make for yourself and your family. Every week I have people who come in my office that have Net Worth’s of $1Millon to 15 Million and they have one thing in common, they own their own business. I was totally interested in the the Perfect Wealth Formula because this business met the criteria of the perfect business. You control your own time, your control your own business and you work from home on your own schedule. I investigated further to see how the the Perfect Wealth Formula Works. Here is what I have found. What Exactly is the the Perfect Wealth Formula ? At first I was highly skeptical and wanted to take a look at what they had to offer. I signed up and went directly into the back office. The products were Videos of the Perfect Wealth Formula in action. The one thing I heard from my wealthy clients over and over was ‘Knowledge is Power». I knew the Perfect Wealth Formula Videos had the knowledge and power to teach you how to get targeted visitors to your website so that you can make your business grow. Here is the knowledge I saw: You get to learn From the Tutorial Videos – How to place Online Classified Ads to Generate Targeted prospects ready to buy. – How to get Pay Per Click Marketing work for you with targeted Keywords that work – How to get indexed on the Top Search Engines for Free – How to Write Blogs, Press Releases and articles to get instant free traffic – How to market to other people lists that they spent 100’s of hours building for free – Step by Step Video instruction on how to get your business set up to make you a profit There is much more! You will be able to take the knowledge from the Perfect Wealth Formula and apply it to other businesses as well.

You will be able to make a significant income just by sharing this important information of teaching how to market yourself and build credibility on the web for any business you own.

My overall experience as a 20 year seasoned marketer is the the Perfect Wealth Formula is the foundation for any new or highly trained internet marketer to build a large home based business.

For a free look at the secret just click the Perfect Wealth Formula

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Can anyone make money blogging? Just about, yes. There are so many ways to use blogging to your advantage and you can do so with a minimum investment of $0. Google’s Adsense program offers the opportunity to make money from targeted ads on your site or blog and you can even do so with free blogs such as on Blogger. They’re both free to join and you can use them to build an income. Successful internet marketers make money from blogging, entrepreneurs subsidize their income with this and people use it to make a few extra dollars here and there as well. Whatever your goals are, it just takes time and research to find out if you can make money by blogging. How do you optimize your site for the best Google Adsense results? There are many possible answers to this question and different people have varying degrees of success at Google Adsense. One of the key factors is patience and perseverance. It can take months to get to the minimum payout level of $100.00. Another factor is the mystery that surrounds the Google Adsense program. Google won’t tell you how much money you’ll make. You’re also not allowed to ask people to click your ads and if Google suspects you are earning money via fraudulent clicks, you’ll be banned in a flash. You want to learn the highest paying niches and get your website ranked well in order to maximize your Adsense earnings.

How? Not everyone makes money online blogging but those who are willing to try a few different things and spend a lot of time researching and learning about proven effective methods for making money via blogs from Adsense can not only hit payout but can get some good residual income floating in. There is a lot of information out there to help you learn about ways to increase your chances of success. Tips for Google Adsense Success on Your Blog First, you have to be sure you understand what the Google Adsense TOS (terms of service) expects from you, otherwise you could find yourself inching towards payout only to be suddenly banned with all your hard work down the drain. Make your sites as Google friendly as possible and be sure you adhere to the terms and conditions of the agreement with respect to the type of content you post. Learn SEO to get indexed, get traffic and get the google spiders crawling your blog. You might not want to tell your family or friends about your Google ads in case they decide to try to ‘help’ you by committing click fraud. Once Google bans you, reversing it is like trying to un-ring a bell. Remember that the key to Adsense success is targeted advertisements. You want ads that pertain to your niche. If you don’t have a niche on your blog, you probably won’t develop much of a following. Don’t overstuff your blog posts with the words and if you don’t get desired ads come up, you might have to tweak your wording. If you overuse some of your words you could end up with ads that you didn’t intend on getting. Whether you’re using free blogs or hosting your own, bookmark and visit other blogs in your niche to help get the desired traffic you seek. Link to others in your niche and they’ll probably link back. Use blog networking tools and don’t forget to ping, social bookmark and comment on other blogs. Pique curiosity. If you reveal too much information in your blog posts, there won’t be any reason to click on the ads. You want to reveal enough to provide engaging and interesting content but leave enough to the imagination that people will click a relevant Adsense advertisement on the page wanting to learn more which causes you to earn more. There are many ad placement strategies and only tests and trial will reveal the golden formula for you.

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Is there room in your town for a Smoothie business? Juice bars are popping up in most towns and cities in the UK. Their offering is healthy, nutritious, easy to make, fun and very tasty! Fruit & vegetable juices definitely beat most other foods having lower calories, higher vitamin and mineral content and are low in fat. They have been recognized as preventing many types of illnesses caused by our fast food / low nutrition diet. Every fruit and vegetable has its own unique mixture of vitamins and minerals which you can use to make up for many deficiencies in your diet. Juice on the move – they are great to be consumed on the move in this high pace world in which we live in. With a decent lid and a straw you are unlikely to make a mess either in your office or car. Who has the time to sit down, peel fruit, eat it and then wash your hands? You can offer supplements in your juice like added Vitamin C, Ginseng, Mint or even Garlic to make your offering even more tempting to the new vitamin popping generation.

Why not go the full distance and serve organic fruit and vegetable juices? Profit margins are good and equipment costs are low. All you need are several juice machines, good quality fruit & vegetables, nice decor and the ability to work hard. You need to have the right type of footfall though. Find a site that has a lot of younger people passing by. Ideal location would be in walking distance of a large trendy shopping mall and a big complex of offices. Initial expenses can be high for marketing your new business. You have to let people know you have arrived by sending out emails & doing leaflet drops. Advertise in the local newspaper and radio. Offer free juice to the first thousand customers and people are sure to know that you have arrived! Try and come up with trendy names for your juices. It might be just pure orange juice to you but how about «Refreshing Orange Bang» for a name? Your apple juice could be called «The Green Devil» whilst carrot juice could possible be named «The Energizer». Branding is everything in this business. Choose trendy colors that immediately scream fruit. Use reds, greens & orange in your logo and shop front design. Your slogan should echo the healthy aspects of your products. Possible slogans could include «Crave the taste & Improve your Health» or how about «The Juice that Packs a Healthy Punch»? Smoothies are not just fruit drinks; they can also be an alternative to a snack or light meal for people who are worried about their expanding waistlines.

Add healthy, easy to make sandwiches to complement your nutritious range.

Making fruit juice is easy. The real challenge lies in picking the right site, establishing your brand, building goodwill (and reputation) and generating repeat business. For the entrepreneur starting out in business, a juice bar can be a fun business with decent profit potential.

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Webmasters know that it takes more than putting a website online to call it a success. You need to build links to achieve popularity and search engine rankings. Link popularity is achieved through link building and is an essential part of search engine optimization.

If you have a passion to put forth the effort to build quality inbound links to your site, it will in turn achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

If your website is marketing products or services you need the traffic this will bring for success. By consistently earning more quality inbound links to your web site your search engine rankings will improve. Links from the more popular websites definitely are more potent and effective than links from less popular sites and can carry your site to the top of the search engines. Link popularity plays a vital role in popularizing and categorizing the internet. The more websites you have that link to yours, the more traffic you will receive. We all know that it takes visitors to your site to achieve sales and success for your business. There are various methods for link building including quality directory submissions, reciprocal linking, link baiting and newsletters. Link building is a part of search engine optimization that every webmaster takes part in by attempting to build quality, relevant inbound links to their website. The three basic types of link building consist of reciprocal, one way and three way link building. Reciprocal link building has been decreasing in popularity due to search engines getting better at detecting them and discounting the value of those links. The method basically involves you linking to a related site and them in return linking back. One way link building efforts are still going strong as this is where you can get the most value from your linking efforts. It is a great way to improve your search engine rankings, but the links are much more difficult to obtain. You can achieve these links through submissions for directory review, providing unique article content and blogs. Links should be used properly in pointing surfers looking for content relevant to you site.

The key factor in link building should be to achieve an easy way for web traffic to find the content on your site that is relevant to their searches. Web sites and their promotion should be done with the visitor in mind. Relevancy of the site linking to yours is a determining factor in how much weight that link will be given in the search engines. A site that is within the same niche will help you achieve better results than a link from a site that has no relevance to your niche. The web exists for links between web content. Employing a strategic link building effort to achieve good exposure within that environment is essential to your businesses success. When done properly it can bring relevant traffic to your website to view the products or services offered there. This will help to reach new heights in your business.

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So you have just started your first home business. Congratulations now the real work begins. No matter what anyone or any company may have promised you before you signed up, building a successful home business will take work. Many home business companies will promise you the world and not deliver anything. I truly believe it is possible to be successful in any home business venture you maybe in. But it will take work, determination and effort on your part. It also helps if you have a committed upline who is willing to help you grow and learn as a business owner. There are many different aspects to building a home business but I will focus on the aspects which I feel matter the most.

These are the aspects which will help you build a solid foundation for your home business. So just to clear up the air a little bit, let me point out a couple of facts before we get started. First there is no such thing as get rich quick. Second there is not such thing as only working on your home business 10 minutes a day. Yes you can only work your home business for 10 minutes daily but your results will not be very good. Third if you truly commitment to building a home business, you can and will be successful. First you will need your own web site. Your replicated site will not work. You will want to drive traffic to your web site. There are different methods of driving traffic to your web sites. First if you have the money you can post ads in newspapers offline. This is a great way to build your home business. Of course the bigger the newspaper the bigger the cost is to advertise. Normally the results will be very good if it is a large publication. You can also advertise in magazines as well. When advertising in magazines try to focus on magazines which cater to the customer you are trying to market to. It makes no sense to advertise in a magazine about fishes if you are selling vitamins. Instead find vitamin magazines. I would not suggest advertising in flyers, they are not really effective and you have to have a lot of flyers spread out everywhere just to get a few prospects. Next there is online advertising. Normally everyone jumps to the free classified ad sites to post for their home business. Now in order to be effective with free classified ads you have to post a lot. And I mean a lot. I honestly feel it is not worth your time and effort to post your home business ads to free classified ads. First mostly everyone posting on free classified ad web sites is posting their home business opportunity. Next what is going to make your home business stand out from all of the other ones. Nothing, it is a crap shoot when posting on free classified ad sites. Next PPC or Pay Per Click is a very effective way to drive traffic to your web site. But here is what I suggest unless you already know how to run an effective PPC campaign, hire a pro to run your campaign for you. Remember this is a business just because it is a home business doesn’t mean you should treat it any differently. Businesses reach out to contractors when they need help in certain areas and you should do the same. If you have the cash I would even suggest going as far as hiring a marketing firm to market for you. Lastly you could start an organic SEO campaign to show up in search engines. You could also hire a pro to do this for you but I would be very cautious when looking for an SEO pro or company.

There are many out there who have no clue on what they are doing. When first starting your home business getting traffic to your web site is key. It’s simple no one sees your web site, no one buys your product. The quicker you are able to start making a profit with your home business, the stronger your conviction will be that you made the right choice.

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Like other items of clothing, jeans are supplied by wholesalers to small businesses in bulk quantities.

Wholesalers buy the stock directly from the manufacturers and sell them to the retailers. This is how flea market vendors and small shop owners buy jeans, get significant discounts on them and make good profits by selling them to end-users. This is a very lucrative business; prospective entrepreneurs can set up small stores and sell jeans bought from wholesalers. Even private individuals can take advantage of the wholesale concept; if you have a few friends who all want the same type of jeans, you can pool your buying resources and buy in bulk from the wholesaler.

Wholesale jeans are available in cases or packs, with the number of pieces ranging from as low as nine to as high as two hundred. Both mens and womens jeans, and even children’s jeans sets, are available wholesale. A case of wholesale jeans usually contains jeans of various waist-sizes and lengths. It may have jeans of one particular color/wash, or of assorted colors. Jeans of the leading brands are often available wholesale. Used and recycled jeans are also available wholesale.

Consumers can also buy wholesale jeans and get outrageous discounts. More and more wholesalers are reaching out directly to the customers through the online auctions. Though wholesale jeans don’t have that guarantee of quality that comes with jeans that are sold in exclusive retail outlets of top brands, but considering the amount of that is saved, they usually fetch a good bargain.

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An advance in spam blocking is another really good reason to take list building seriously.

The status quo in list building had been to lease a list and flood thousands of inboxes with your message. This cold call approach may result in some sales, but more often it results in angry recipients who reported your email marketing effort as spam. As spam blockers became more prominent in almost every email system this approach to email marketing has often implode on itself. The email marketing message itself may have been solid and even useful. The intent may not have been to spam. In fact, I believe there are some well-meaning online businesses that simply view mass email marketing campaigns in the same way they might have in direct mail for a brick and mortar counterpart. The problem is with spam blockers most of these messages are never making it to their intended recipient. In essence the use of a leased list is a bit like flushing money down a commode. Spam blocking software makes it more important than ever for online businesses to ensure recipients the only emails they will receive are the ones that they either ask for or are designed to confirm their order and shipping information once a sale has been completed. To put this in perspective imagine if individuals had their own ‘mail guard’. These individuals would be hired to follow you to the mailbox and sort through your mail making sure you only received personal correspondence from people you knew along with pertinent banking and billing mailings. They would eliminate certain mail order catalogues you have never ordered from and are not sure how you made it on their list.

No more sweepstakes entries of magazine offers.

No more sales flyers from businesses you’ve never heard of and postcards trying to sell a new satellite television system. You might be thinking that this would be a great service to have. However, in an online environment it is a reality. Spam blockers are constantly upgraded in an effort to reduce ‘junk mail’ from hitting your inbox. Most of the time the mail is diverted to the spam folder where you can look at it if you want. In most cases it is automatically deleted from your account in about a month. Because the online world is insisting on protection from unwanted emails this should cause online businesses to learn what they can about email marketing and transform their strategies to meet the needs of actual customers and prospects instead of pounding on doors that read, “No Admittance.” The use of spam blockers is a benefit to consumers and a challenge to online business. The role of business is becoming strongly geared toward meeting the needs of consumers. In fact online business may be more responsive to the actual and perceived needs of the consumer than brick and mortar counterparts. The reason is that spam blockers along with other online consumer benefits have led business away from the blitz and toward a consumer-centric approach to doing business before, during and after the sale.

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Recently, I received an offer for Pay Per Play advertising. If you haven’t heard of it, in a nutshell it is a 5 second audio commercial that will play each time a visitor hits your site. You will get paid for every visitor to your website, 100% conversion with nothing to do and nothing to click.

To me, this concept is huge. TV and Radio have been doing this to us for years, whether or not we want to hear an advertisement, it is presented to us. The big corporate giants have been branding themselves this way on TV and radio for a millennium. Sure you can change the channel to avoid an advertisement, but; you have already heard the sponsors message. I get up and leave the room when the commercial stretch comes on during a program I’m watching. I have commented to my wife on numerous occasions that there are way too commercials during my favorite shows. Pay Per Play is different though; it’s a one shot, 5 second clip. It’s here and then it’s gone. It doesn’t play over and over and there is never more than one. If a major advertiser wants to throw me a few pennies to say their name on my website, more power to them. To me, it’s all upside for the website owner; or so I thought. I went to the site and read everything I could find and my conclusion at the end of my research was favorable. Then I did a search on Pay Per Play on the search engines. What was a solid decision in the beginning became a bit unsteady; but for me, I believe the scale still tips toward Pay Per Play being a good addition to a website. I found that across the web, Pay Per Play is being met with mixed emotions. Pay Per Play is not scheduled to go live until February 1st, 2008 so everything is speculation about it’s debut and further it’s efficacy to publishers and advertisers alike. Some believe Pay Per Play will rival Google AdSense for revenue to it’s publishers. Others are not so sure, in fact many netizens have come right out against such an unwanted intrusion and vowed to immediately leave a website if such an audio message is played over their speakers. I also found that there is some dirt being thrown about the company that has brought the concept to market. To mention them here is not appropriate; but due diligence is warranted if you think Pay Per Play is a good opportunity for your sites. As with any new opportunity, the people that come to the table have histories of successful and not so successful ventures and there seems to be some bad blood regarding a previous affiliate program. If I were being asked to lay down a large amount of cash here, I might have some reservations and be inclined to do more research before moving forward.

With Pay Per Play as it is, there is no upfront cost, so to me the company and the players will start with a clean slate; but I will keep a keen eye to make sure everything stays on the up and up. This opportunity seems to be profound. I have often compared the internet to the California Gold Rush in the 1800’s. Many, many affiliate marketers that were lucky enough to get in before the Dot Com crash had the opportunity to mine the easy gold and make huge piles of cash with not a lot of effort. Fast forward to today and the rest of us show up and find there is real money still left to be made; but it will require rolling up our sleeves and working harder and smarter to find the gold. Ahh and be ever cautious of the fools gold! In the gold rush days, many a fortune were lost on Fools Gold. So that begs the question, is Pay Per Play a new found gold mine or is it fools gold? Will it rival Google AdSense? The jury is still out on the answer; but somebody, somewhere will stumble onto the next big internet wave.

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ResellersPanel, a pioneer in private label reseller hosting, announces that it has introduced major upgrades to its hosting platform in time for its fifth anniversary celebrations, among them a brand new file manager, a multi-currency billing solution and a new multi-store functionality. Beside their default store, the resellers now have the opportunity to create up to three more, entirely independent of each other, free reseller web hosting stores, configured according to their specific marketing strategies. They can get a unique domain name, choose a different website template and activate a separate DNS cluster for each of the stores, which will drive brand recognition and significantly increase their reseller anonymity. The new multi-currency billing solution, on the other hand, gives the resellers the possibility to offer web hosting and domain registration services in the five most widely used online transaction currencies and directly address the demands of a particular target audience or a specific local market. The new file manager, which has been integrated in the web hosting control panel, boasts an entirely new, easy to navigate user-friendly interface. Beside the ability to manage multiple files and folders at once, the users now have an unprecedented opportunity to edit their files using a WYSIWYG editor and to view the changes they are making directly in a web browser in real time.

The new file manager also gives the clients the opportunity for the first time to upload .zip, .rar, .tar.gz and .gz archived files and folders, which are being automatically unpacked in the selected directory, and visually keep track of the process by means of a progress bar. Pop-up tooltips, which contain essential information about a given file or folder and display the actions that can be performed on them, self-evident file type icons and image file thumbnails have been introduced as well. The updates to the multi-lingual hosting control panel include also the addition of the Chinese language, PHP6 support, a new domain parking option, a WHOIS/ID protection service, which allows the registrants to shield their identity against spammers and fraudsters, and a new .htaccess file generator, which offers IP authentication, hotlinking protection, SSI activation, URL redirection and custom error pages creation. Nick Blaskov, CFO of ResellersPanel, said that five years of hard work have passed since ResellersPanel first opened the door to the whole new world of the private brand reseller web hosting services, that this special anniversary coincides also with the introduction of several important updates to ResellersPanel’s platform, such as a new file manager, which will enable the clients to handle the content of their websites more easily and efficiently, and new multi-store and multi-currency options, which will dramatically expand the marketing reach of the resellers themselves, and that ResellersPanel will continue to surprise the hosting community with newer and newer innovations beneficial for it. About ResellersPanel ResellersPanel has been at the forefront of reseller hosting for five years now. It is the first and to this date the only company in the web hosting business offering a completely free, fully-automated reseller hosting program, which was launched on April 2, 2003, and which has so far helped almost 100 000 resellers to set up and establish their own full-featured private label web hosting companies. Beside the free program, ResellersPanel offers also a cPanel reseller hosting program, dedicated, semi-dedicated and virtual private servers, domain name registration.

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Are you sick of being low on cash but do not know how to work on getting a little bit more? Well, I bet you have been searching for ways to go about this but have been met at almost every corner with scams and false promises.

Well, sometimes you really just need to accept that there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and that you need to put hard work, effort, and time into paving your own way into extra money. Still confused? Well, the internet is a great place to start out if you want to start a business or some other kind of service because there are a lot of opportunities for customers and clients. In addition to the promotional advantages of the internet there is also the fact that you can boost your credentials and your networking skills by using different things only available on the internet like affiliate sites. However, sometimes everything can be a bit of an overload for your brain all at once and you get overwhelmed and frustrated. This is why you need a system to guide you through the process so that you do not feel disappointed by your results and disheartened by the amount of effort and time you are putting in without results. If you feel like I just described above then maybe you need to check out the Pro2 system. This is a step by step guide that will basically be a hand held method of getting what you need and hitting your goals in order to make the money you want. However, the trick is to make small goals when you are just starting out so that you know you can reach those goals and learn about what you are doing at the same time. With the Pro2 system and the advice and opportunities that it gives to you there will definitely be the combination of learning and making money all at once.

The main purpose of the Pro2 system is to teach you how to really use affiliate sites to your advantage and to teach you about online marketing and sales.

The goal is to work closely with a lot of prestigious affiliate sites like cyber malls like ClickBank. This cyber mall has hundreds of products that will help you learn about what customers like and how you can sell things to them. You can choose which products to work with so that you feel really comfortable and know about them enough to promote them and hopefully get the amount of sales you need to reach you goal for the first month or two. You can really get to know the internet and all the secrets of people that have been really successful and you can learnt o pick up on this and apply it for yourself to make money and reach your goals. This is a great school that you can learn is to know how to work affiliate sites and sell products in order to make money.

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According to the statistics the American Citizens carry an average of seven Credit Cards and some of them use 12-15 cards. The Statistics also indicates that 70% of American Citizens payoff these debts after 90 days. This can be described as gambling on future prosperity-speculations tempted by plastic money illusions i.e. Credit Cards; This is mainly due to the lack of alternate options.

The money needed to meet their desired expenses is in short supply.

The fixed income earners always have a trying time to strike a balance between earnings and expenses. Their income is static while expenses tend to jump, mostly jump upwards unpredictably. At this point of time of a year ending many will eco even silently with a momentary relief “What a difficult year that is almost over? Where has all that money, earned by working hard, gone? Any pennies left? Still more bills are there to settle and what a struggle it was every month?” Well, you too may be thinking like that? If not then you are one of the rare breed of the lucky few or else, you are probably not a fixed income earner. It is mostly the monthly fixed income earners who feel this way and to them the next year too looks gloomy and unsure of what it has to offer. For them it can be another package of twelve months of continued agony and little or no ecstasy. For them the life’s eternal struggle will continue each year with no chance of escaping. After the annual December festivities just before the dawning of the New Year, the people have to get back to the monotony of the same old routine, day after day, rushing to work, working hard, trying to earn money to support the family and returning home in the evening hours utterly tired even to talk to the loved ones waiting for them at home. Will there be an end to this struggle to make ends meet for Mr. or Mrs. Average? The answer is a big Yes. The next question will be when? To that the answer is Now! At this very moment of welcoming the New Year it is the appropriate time for you to make the all important decision. This will be the decision to change the life’s course. The life is itself a decision.

Make your decision as a New Year Resolution. Once you make the correct decision it will work to take you to life’s fulfillment via Financial Freedom. How to achieve Financial Freedom! It is simple. The driving power of any noteworthy achievement is the determination to reach one’s dreams. It is said in the past ‘Will to win and You Will!’ More people become millionaires today than at any other time in History. So the decision should be to become the next millionaire because, in America, a new millionaire is created in every 58 minutes as statistics has shown. There are many ways that ordinary people have become extra ordinary people by accumulating money. In the modern day, the quickest way to do that is to start an online business. A home based business online is the best for a new comer to online business. There are many success stories of rag to riches quickly of Internet Millionaires today. They have proved any one with the same application to the task and guts can do that. Every hour every minute, millions of buyers and millions of sellers visit the internet. The speed in which the sharing of information is possible on the internet, has led to innovative improvements like automation of online business processes etc. Therefore, the conduct of business is easier and speedier online. The vastness of money making opportunities on the internet is practically proven by the leading internet marketers who conduct businesses attracting big dollar incomes to their businesses daily. The internet has made it possible today for any one to decide, conceive, believe, act and be the next success story on the internet! It is the fastest way to riches today. It is reachable. The internet, as I mentioned earlier, is an ideal business field that provides vast opportunities, expanding markets and open market competition with freely accessible market information availability. As the first step one can start working from home, during spare time, to build a business step by step. It is not uninspiring as it will be very interesting to explore the marvel of Modern Internet Technology. There is no need for big investments. The advantage is that a home based online business can be launched with a small budget. The best and speediest way to launch such a business is to get an automated turnkey website set up free with inbuilt money generating income stream-packages so that the new business will start generating money immediately and work automatically 24 hours every day. Of course, you have to get the best, proven and reliability guaranteed system.

You can now find Author Resource Box

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MySpace – Your Own Style Quotient! Tired of all the booing from your best friends? The same old Neolithic boring webpage that constantly pesters the guys around. Or is your girlfriend/boyfriend persistently nagging for some innovation? Time to say good bye to the old war horses and adopt a new technology to show the world that there is something new! Yes, with MySpace you can actually design the very basic structure of your web page layout to tame the lions of your self-esteem and style quotient and keep them inside the cage too! All you need is just basic knowledge of HTML and Viola! You have it going. For all those techies having advanced knowledge of CSS structure, this site is a blessing in disguise indeed.

Importance Of The MySpace Layout! Just as how important the MySpace profile is, equally important is the layout. If a description about you is the first step then the total layout of the profile page is the next step. Layout shows your like and dislikes, what sort of person you are. So choosing the correct MySpace layout is really important and it can be made really simple. Just like, when you go to buy a mobile phone, you need to have a clear mind of what type of cell phone you need, if it has all the basic features and requirement. So, your profile layout should have all the features and perfect placement of all the columns and boxes. The total layout determines your outlook and style. Show Your Creativity Or Simply Choose The Right Layout! If you know CSS coding, even if you have a little knowledge of it then MySpace gives profile holders the opportunity to show their creativity. You can design the full layout of the profile. You can be as whacky and funny as you want. If you love all the girly stuff like pink color and teddies then there are a section totally dedicated to girly MySpace layouts. There is a category to suit every mood and festive season. There are a number of websites, which offer free MySpace layouts with thousands of layouts divided into various categories. So, don’t be and make people bored with the same old layout (default one!), spice up your profile with the wackiest layout and show your true style. Make And Submit Your Own Layout! The site offers you the option of submitting your own CSS files to define your own web page layout. If you are still not satisfied there is another option of searching for the websites offering you ‘freebies’ in Google. All you need is to open, and get registered on those websites to give you the web-page layouts. Submit it and you have had the time of your life. The techie people can quench the technocratic thirst by developing and using their own Cascading Style Sheets to define and develop the layouts in MySpace to match their moods and the swings. Feelings Can Be Shown In Many Ways! It all depends on what you want to express, through pictures, font types, style guidelines and many more things. What matters is your own style quotient. Who you are and what you want to portray through your web-page. If you are a hard-core festive-oriented kind of a person you can use all the colors in the world, just to make the world realize that it’s Christmas time. After all who would mind the jazzy red color? And to top it up you can also change the layout of your web-page to match up with the New Year. Champagnes, infectious gastronomic delights and the never ending party.

Can any body ask for more? So look no further and just go for these fun and jolly MySpace layouts!

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When companies are trying to advertise on the cheap one approach that might come to mind is mobile advertising. This type of marketing is great for cross country advertising as well as local advertising. When you compare other forms of media to mobile advertising it is clear that the cost is much less expensive and the retention rate is higher. It also is the form of marketing that has shown the most recent growth. The benefits for mobile marketing are great and offer fantastic visibility and impact along with very high exposure. Mobile advertising, especially when compared to that of other types of advertising includes greater benefits such as the fact that they offer high exposure, they send messages to the consumer that are consistently reinforced, it can be as targeted as you want it to be. This could be narrowed down to an area as small as a zip code. Think about it, mobile advertising covers a much bigger territory than stationary billboards. When you think about the potential exposure that mobile marketing brings, it truly is amazing however you have to use this form of marketing in various channels. Mobile advertising is used in the form of vinyl magnetic signs to giant billboards that busses are wrapped in. Semi trucks that travel cross country are also used for mobile marketing, especially for big companies that want nationwide exposure. Consider the auto racing industry and how much advertisement they offer, that too is a form of mobile advertising. Statistics have proven that most people do read the advertisements that are on any type of vehicle, consumers also find these types of advertisements to be favorable, and many also say that they would strongly consider a purchase based on these advertisements. Other types of advertising which include newspaper print advertisements, spot TV, magazine, radio, billboards, and mobile advertisements all have very different price tags on them in regards to cost per thousand with a half page newspaper advertisement running about $20 cost per thousand and mobile advertising is under $1 cost per thousand.

That is quite a difference in price and can be just as effective. Mobile advertising is relatively newer but is also become very sophisticated and will continue to grow as an effective vehicle for advertising on the cheap. And as you have discovered, this type of advertising has its advantages. For one, mobile advertising can not be ignored, it is an in your face approach to marketing. You can not throw this away and there is no way that you can not notice it which is what makes it so effective and what makes it so appealing is the cost and the ROI. This is marketing and advertising that generate results. Perhaps this is why it is really creating a marketing buzz and more and more people are using this as part of their marketing and advertising campaigns. The options are endless when it comes to mobile advertising and new ideas are pouring in each and every day that are off the hook but the key is that these ideas are working, and that is what counts.

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When considering any online business venture there are certain flags that fly freely, warning you that your money could be wasted and there are a few other flags that may not be as prominently displayed. Of course, as more people begin to recognize the warning signs of fraudulent business practices, the designers of these sites are become more adept of shielding them from view until it is too late. One of the most prominent of the warning signs is contact information. Names and email addresses are usually dominant in online advertisements, but if you call the number during normal business hours and the phone is answered by a six-year-old there’s a good chance the owner of the business does look at it as a professional operation. How the person answers the phone can be a good clue as to how they operate and whether or not it is a legitimate business.

Now, everyone knows that home-based businesses run the risk of having a child answer the phone, during normal business hours that is typically taboo among true professionals. You may want to have website in front of you when you do call the person listed on the site, and focus your queries on the business, attempting to determine how prolific they are. After all, they will be the one training you to operate the business. If there is no phone number or physical address, it is best just to close the ad and move on to the next one. If there is a physical address, you can verify its authenticity through the postal service’s online service and quickly determine if it is a legitimate business address or something someone made up just to make people think they have an address. You may then through the online phone book, attempt to find the phone number for the address and if it is not listed on purpose, you will want to ask why they do want to be contacted. If there are different program levels to choose from, with the higher costing levels paying high commission rates, you have to wonder why you have to pay a monthly fee in order to work for them. Sure, many companies charge a franchise fee, but what do you get for that fee? Training by the person who let their six-year-old answer the phone? Any support in advertising the site that does not make you sign up and pay for another service? After reading the entire site, if you do not know what it is you will be doing, chances are it is not a legitimate business. Most real businesses will be up front about their product or service and won’t make you buy it in order to become a distributor. You may also want to consider the legalities of requiring someone to stock merchandise in order to earn sales commissions as well as having to pay a recurring membership fee in order to be eligible to earn an income. The higher membership fee may earn more money, but probably will not be returned in the form of more sales.

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Harrold Swalve Remember the first time when you felt that a online work at home business was the way to go? You where probably excited and could think of plenty good reasons to start your new career as soon as possible.

Reasons like, no commuting, endless income opportunity, spending more time with the family, and probably many more.

The next step you took probably had to do with searching for the perfect work at home opportunity, you’ve spend several hours searching the internet and, like I did, tried several different make money fast schemes. Did they work? If you are anything like me they most likely didn’t. In the end you decided to do it your way, get your own web site and make money that way. Now you’ve got your own web site with some great products on offer and a terrific design but, unfortunately no visitors. Today you will find out why, and you will be amazed on how simple it really is to change all this to your advantage. You see there is only one big difference between you and all those people who actually do make money online. Become active by doing the things you don’t really like doing. We all know, that in order to get visitors to your web site, you need to be found in the search engines. To be found in the search engines you need lots of links pointing to your web site and this can only truly be achieved by hard work. Exactly the kind of work most of us don’t like. – True a decent linking campaign – You can do this in several different ways but make sure to exchange links with other sites complimentary to yours. It is in your own interest to use a decent link manager program to save as much time as possible. – Writing lots of keyword orientated articles- One of the fastest ways to get decent inbound (one way) links to your site is through article writing. You should make sure to make them keyword rich and place your keywords at least in the beginning and the end of your article. Submit them to every article directory you can find. – Participate in forums (discussion boards)- Most forums allow you to put some links in to your signature file, when you regularly post on different forums you will once again get more inbound links.

Next to that there is a major opportunity to learn and receive free information. Just take a good look at yourself and decide if you can honestly say that you take those extremely important steps on a daily bases. By the time you seriously commit yourself to making these steps a part of your daily routine, you will see the amount of visitors to your web site grow. Not after a few days, but steadily within the next couple of months. That’s when you work at home will finally be rewarded. Just remember this, «Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it.»

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The Christmas season is a magical one for most children. In all of their beautiful innocence, there is a period of time where they actually believe in the Santa Clause myth. This makes things fun for both them and their parents, who try everything they can to make it appear the myth is true. One of these ways is through Santa letters. A child would write a letter to Santa requesting what they want for Christmas and they would actually receive a reply back. This reply would be on fancy letterhead complete with a customized envelope with Santa’s return address. If this sounds appealing to you, why not consider taking a work at home job writing these types of letters? So, how do you actually go about establishing a work at home job writing Santa letters? Well, first, you will need to decide whether or not you want to be employed by a work at home Santa letter company or if you want to go into business for yourself.

In either case you will need to build a Santa letter portfolio. This would be showcased either to the head of a work at home Santa letter company or to clients, depending on what work at home option you choose. So, make it look like it would if it were being sent to clients. This means that it is well-written and contains the type of letterhead that ‘Santa’ would use. http://Microsoft.com offers these types of letterhead templates for free. What is the best way to write a Santa letter, whether it’s for your portfolio or your actual work at home Santa letter job? The best way to answer this question is by investigating samples of existing Santa letters. Most are relatively medium in length ranging from 300 to 500 words. They also are highly personalized; one would think the author actually knew the child going by the way they were written. Additionally, they are imaginative, coming up with ‘plausible’ yet fanciful explanations to the common types of questions children have before they transition to the phase in which they stop believing in Santa. To get suitable samples for your portfolio, consider writing free Santa letters for all of the children in your family. However, make sure you try to get a letter from them first, so you can get in the habit of learning how to personalize your Santa letter writing. When you get your portfolio established, send an email to various work at home Santa letter writing companies. You will want to include your resume and some of your samples. If your samples are interesting, you may get employed by the work at home Santa letter writing company.

If not and/or if you want more direct control of your Santa letter writing, you can always go into business for yourself.

Use a free hosting service such as http://Geocities.com to set up a simple website, (you can use their online templates if you don’t know anything about website design). After this get a domain name. When your site is finished, write press releases announcing your arrival into the work at home Santa letter writing industry. You will want to do this to attract both clients and customers. If you do this effectively, you may get free press in newspapers, magazines and even television. If not use other forms of marketing. This could include sending direct mail to leads that have kids, working pay-per-click ads such as Adwords or advertising your site on parenting forums.

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There have been some amazing stories of individuals who have been very successful in traffic building in relation to their auction offerings. There have been incredible stories of how an individual will write a description of the product that reads more like a column by Ann Landers with the humor of Dave Barry. The description itself is so entertaining and relatable that individuals flock to the auction site simply to read the description. I recall one story of a mom selling something that had belonged to their child. They wrote hundreds of words describing the special memories of that object in relation to their child.

Because other parents related to the emotional side of the description they came, they read and they sent emails to friends and had them visit too.

In some cases there have even been demands that the auction owner be provided with their own column somewhere for others to experience their wit and wisdom. The end result is that the passion and entertainment used by the person conducting the auction leads to improved traffic and higher bids. There have been cases where these high profile auctions have inspired individuals or organizations to bid on the item that was made famous through a creative online auction. Being creative even in what may seem like a pretty straightforward product description may seem like an unlikely source for improved traffic building, but it has proven the case often in online auctions. In fact the creativity expressed in online auctions is a contributor to other forms of traffic building. For instance, signature lines in forums are becoming more elaborate with clickable graphics that can lead forum visitors to your online store or primary website. This is the true essence of marketing – getting as creative as possible in the use of all available tools. To give you a more hands on point of view. I recently discovered an electrical outlet that had no plate. The screw that held the plate on had snapped and a portion of the crew remained. I turned off the electricity and used a pair of wire cutters to grab onto the broken screw and in short order I was able to remove the broken screw and replace the plate and install a new screw. I could have called an electrician or I could have replaced the entire outlet, but I used the tools at my disposal to creatively fix my problem. This is a good mentality to take into problems you may encounter in online marketing and traffic building. Locate the tools that are available to you and work to create an environment conducive to motivating individuals to visit your website and discover what you have to offer.

Perhaps there was a time when simple curiosity was enough to draw foot traffic to brick and mortar stores, but as time goes by it takes much more creative thinking to establish a mechanism that invites customers to visit. Usually one approach to online traffic building isn’t quite enough. When it comes to online marketing there are lots of tools. Use them creatively.

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The Certified Meeting Planner certification is a classification created by the Convention Industry Council to distinguish meeting planners who have demonstrated their knowledge of special event planning via successful completion of a special CMP examination. Aside from the recognition, achievement and wide acceptance of the certification in the industry, many CMPs use their certification as a bargaining chip or competitive advantage when applying for jobs or attempting to win new client business.

Successful completion of the examination is not a walk in the park, but with a few study tips you can be well on your way to becoming a Certified Meeting Planner. Write to Remember On average, we remember 5% of what we hear in a lecture, 10% of what we read, but 30% of what we write. Take notes on all the reading you do and prep-classes you take before the test, put the main points on a stack of notecards, take the cards everywhere you go and review them whenever you have downtime. These simple steps will increase your retention rate 3-6 times and will give you something to do when you have a few minutes to spare in an airport or waiting room. Practice Makes Perfect Once you have mastered some of the basic CMP principals and read through one or two study books make use of practice exams included in your study materials. The average retention rate for something you have actually performed is 75%. Make use of practice tests to help sharpen your focus on important topics. Once you’ve finished a practice exam and graded yourself, run through the questions again and ask yourself: how could this question be re-worded to make a new question on the same topic. Keep these “re-worked” questions in mind as you continue to study as typically test creators will re-use the same idea to create many different questions. Buddy-Up Study groups are an excellent way to increase your retention of the facts you need to know for the CMP exam. Keep in the mind the following, though: we remember an average of only 5% of what we hear, but we remember 50% of what we discuss, and 90% of what we teach to others. This means that merely “sitting in” on a discussion session will do you less good than reading the text on the subject. But if you are able to discuss the material with others, or even teach the material to the group you will retain far more than you would listening or reading. The modern model for adult study groups is based on studies of adult-education and centers around a cooperative learning environment. Informal study groups can have a similar structure without the need for a dedicated instructor or leader. At the end of each study group session, break up the next meeting’s topic into sub-topics and make each person or pair of people responsible for learning the material in that section and teaching it to the group (maybe answering prep-questions at the end of a chapter?). This will allow everyone the benefit of not only reading and writing the material (10% and 30% average retention), they can also teach and discuss the material (90% and 50%). The CMP exam, like any major certification exam, requires diligent study and a willingess to prepare ahead of time.

However, those who put in the time to learn the material and educate themselves on the proper procedures for planning special events will be rewarded with recognition from CIC and their peers, a feeling of personal achievement, and monetary rewards in the form of high salaries and contract prices. Good luck!

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Andrew Saari So, you’ve had some success with Internet marketing, and you’re looking to take it to the next level.

Or, are you new to it and still searching for the ultimate product? A residual income program may be just what you’re looking for. What is residual income? Let’s start with a brick and mortar example: Say you’re a car salesman. You sell a car. You get a commission, right? Nice, but to get another commission, you have to sell another car. Sounds like a job to me, doesn’t it? Now, that car you sold needs to have insurance, right? The insurance agent sells the same customer insurance. The agent gets a commission check, too. But, the difference is every time another insurance payment is due, the insurance agent gets another commission check. Nice, huh? Make one sale, get commissions forever! This is what is known as residual income. Now, the insurance agent can concentrate on making another sale, which will give him even more and more residual income, year after year. The car salesman has to sell another car to get another check. Which sounds better to you? Before you rush out and become an insurance agent, let’s see how to apply this principle to online marketing. Now, let’s say you have a product that you’re selling. It sells for $50. Your marketing efforts cost you $25. That leaves $25 for you. Nice. Now, Imagine you found a product that has a residual income of $50 a month. It costs you the same $25 to market and make one sale. After 1 year, the total income is $600, of which $575 is pure profit from one sale! Keep making sales, and the profits would keep compounding. Making just one sale a day for 3 months, your monthly income could be over $3750! After a year, your montly income could become quite staggering-even if you quit advertising. Ok, now the big question. How do I find a residual income program for me? There are a few options here. Create your own. Some ideas include: Start a newsletter. Getting paid subscribers to a newsletter you write on your area of expertise is one. Web hosting is an option. Starting a web hosting business where you collect a monthly fee would be another excellent idea. Maybe you don’t want to go through the hassles of creating your own newsletter week after week, or whatever your time frame would be. Perhaps you don’t have the ability to write the sales letter to sell it yourself. Or, you don’t have the technical knowledge required for web hosting.

Then, an affiliate program may be what you are looking for. This means you get a commission off of someone else’s existing product. You may even use their marketing materials. All you do is promote the product and send visitors to their site using your ID.Then, you get a piece of the profit. Sounds even better, huh? There are hundreds of these opportunities to be found online. Take a little time, and find the one that’s right for you. A couple of things to keep in mind: Your product should provide a value to your customers. People buy because they feel they’re going to recieve something of value. You get what you want by helping people get what they want. Offer an inferior product, and customers will not buy, or they’ll cancel their monthly subscription and take your profit with them. Use the product yourself. If you’re trying to sell your customers a product they don’t believe in, they will sense it, and not buy from you. If you don’t believe in your product, who will? Some affiliate programs pay on more than one level. Much like MLM, you can get paid on other people’s sales, too. Getting any ideas yet? Do a search on residual income affiliate programs. Find one that appeals to you. Now, you’ve found your product. How do you promote it? Use the same techniques that have proven effective for other online products. We’ll go through the basics: PPC-or pay per click. Probably the fastest way to get a new product in front of the customers who are searching for it. All the major search engines have their version.

Visit their advertising center and check out your optiions.

You may need to play around with keywords and bids, as well as advertising copy, to find which converts best. ezines-There are thousands of ezine publications online. Practically every niche has dozens (or more). Find one that accepts advertising, or maybe even start your own! Find one that your product would appeal to. Your own opt-in mail list. If you’ve been successfully building your business and have built up an opt-in list, send your offer to your list. If they’ve already bought from you, they likely will again, if what you’re offering is similar. Other people’s opt-in mailing lists. Some lists accept advertisements for a fee or a cut of the commission. Warning: Never send spam or bulk email to anyone who has not opted in to a list. This can get you in trouble with the law, as well as alienate the customers you’re trying to reach. Write an article such as this one. Make it informative, not a sales letter. You’re allowed to put a tag line at the end with a link to your url. There are dozens of services to submit them to, and web publishers who are constantly looking for new content use them. They publish them on their websites, and you get links to your site, which send you free traffic. Everybody wins and it’s very effective. (And cheap!) If you don’t have the knowledge, or the time to write an article yourself, hire a ghostwriter to do it for you. By now you should have gotten some great ideas on what you would like to promote, and how to do it. All that’s left is to go out and do it! Find the right one, and you may just become the next Internet millionaire.

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John Navata IIf you want your online business to be successful, it’s a good idea to optimize your site on a regular basis to make sure it’s got a good position in the Web’s top search engines. However, in order to maintain your ranking, you have to keep on top of what’s happening in the rapidly changing search engine industry. The rules that affected your ranking yesterday may be meaningless tomorrow! 1. The «Dos» and «Don’ts» are constantly changing! The search engine industry is continually evolving. You need to know which of the major «players» is powering the smaller search engines if you want to know where you should focus your optimization efforts. a. The battle of the titans For the past couple of years, the major search engines have been preparing to square off against each other and battle it out for the industry’s top spot. Google has been #1 for a while now, but Yahoo! and MSN have been making moves to steal the crown. Google is still extremely powerful, with about a 55% market share.

Yahoo! is the closest runner-up, with about 20% of users choosing it as their main search engine. And MSN is still a distant but threatening third, with about 10% of the global usage share. Keep in mind, however, that Google and Yahoo! power many of the smaller search engines. For example, Google powers the free listings featured on AOL and Netscape, plus the paid listings featured on AOL, Netscape, Ask Jeeves, HotBot, Teoma, and Lycos. Yahoo! powers free listings featured on MSN, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, and HotBot, plus the paid listings on MSN, AltaVista, and AllTheWeb. However, MSN won’t be powered by Yahoo! for much longer! MSN came out with a preview of their own long-anticipated search engine technology earlier this month. They’re still working out the bugs, and the official MSN Search engine is still being powered by Yahoo!. But you can expect MSN to go solo sometime over the next few months. You need to be aware of these changes if you want to gear your optimization efforts toward the engines that will send you as much traffic as possible. b. The changing rules of search Of course, you also need to keep tabs on changes to the search engines themselves! Search engines frequently change the algorithms they use to rank sites. They don’t want unscrupulous site owners manipulating their indexing methods in order to get high rankings. By doing so, they damage the integrity of free search! As soon as the search engines become aware of a trick being used by «search engine spammers» to boost their site ranking, they figure out a way to catch them.

So be careful! You don’t want to catch yourself employing a «great strategy» promoted by a marketing «expert,» only to find out it’s a tactic the search engines hate! That could get you booted off their listings in no time flat.

In fact, that’s exactly what happened at the end of last year, during what has come to be called the «Florida Google Dance.» Google made some major changes to their algorithms in November 2003 and started imposing an «over-optimization penalty» on any sites that appeared to be artificially boosting their site’s relevancy for targeted keywords. Many members of the business community were surprised to find their sites dropped from their high ranking in Google’s listings. These people had to put a lot of work into revamping and resubmitting their sites in order to get listed again. And many of the people who were penalized weren’t «unscrupulous» site owners! They weren’t trying to pull a «fast one» on search engines using frowned-upon techniques such as «keyword stuffing.» They were simply trying to be smart marketers — and some feel they were unfairly punished for it. You don’t want the same thing to happen to you! So let’s have a look at a list of what exactly the search engines are currently looking for when indexing sites — and what they’ll punish you for! 2. The «Dos»: Legitimate tricks the SEO masters use to optimize their sites and maintain their high ranking The search engines don’t want to be manipulated by marketers. They want to provide the best unbiased results possible for any given search — or they’ll lose users! That’s why they need to change their algorithms so frequently — to stay ahead of the tricks people use to get top rankings. That being said, there are still a lot of legitimate ways you can optimize your site without angering the search engines and causing them to drop you from their list. Here are some of the best things you can to do ensure your site has a high ranking: a.

Ask relevant sites to link to your site In the past, scoring a high ranking with a search engine was all about positioning your keywords in «prime real estate» positions in your text and site coding. All that has changed, however. These days, links are king! Search engines place a huge amount of importance on the number of sites that link to yours. But it’s not just the quantity of links that matter, it’s also the quality. Search engines look at how relevant the links are — i.e., how much the content of the linking site has in common with the content on your site. The more relevant, the better! Search engines also look at how «important» the linking site is. What kind of «online presence» does it have? How much traffic does it get? For example, your site will get a higher ranking if it’s linked to by sites such as BBC.com or nationalgeographic.com instead of, say, the personal homepage of your friend’s neighbour’s kid. b. Pay attention to keyword inclusion and placement Keywords may no longer be the sole determining factor of a site’s ranking, but they’re still pretty important. The most useful places to include them are: In your domain name — only make sure your keywords are in the root of your URL, not the stem! For example, if your main keyword phrase is «cell phones,» try to get a domain name such as «www.cell-phones.com» instead of «www.mobileusa.com/cell-phones.com.» Some search engines will actually penalize sites for including key words in the stem of a URL. In the title tags in your source code In the meta description of your site — this is much less important than it used to be, but it can’t hurt. In your meta keyword tags HOWEVER: Be sure you only include relevant keywords! Search engines will penalize you if you try to sneak in keywords that have nothing to do with the content of your site. c. Create content-rich «information pages» to direct traffic to your site An easy way to boost the number of pages that link to your site is to create some pages yourself! However, you have to make sure these pages contain valuable contents that provide people with useful information. Search engines hate «pointer pages» that have no content and exist only to add to the number of links pointing to a site. Be sure the information relates to the content on your site and has your keywords placed in advantageous positions. This will boost the ranking of your pages with the search engines and ensure they get lots of traffic — which they can then redirect to your site. d. Submit your site to online directories Be sure to submit your site to important directories such as Yahoo!, the Open Directory Project, and About.com, as well as smaller directories. Your listing on these directories will help your ranking with the major search engines.

e. Multiply and conquer! Create a «community» of related sites that link to each other. Why stop at only one information page? The more content-rich sites that point to your site, the better! You can also boost the number of links that point to your site by dividing it into several separate sites that all link to each other.This works especially well if you sell a number of different products or services. If you build a different site to focus on each of your products and services, then you can also concentrate the use of specific keyword phrases on each site. That’s another great way to boost your search engine ranking. 3. The «Don’ts»: Tricks the search engines hate and why you should never use them, even if your competition does Now that we’ve covered the «dos,» here come the «don’ts.» Although these questiona
ble tactics have worked well in the past, the search engines absolutely hate them. If they catch you using any of these tricks, they may go so far as to drop you from their listings like a hot potato! a. Beware irrelevant links! Yes, it’s a good idea to get a lot of different links pointing to your site, but the search engines only like RELEVANT links. If they find sites that have nothing in common with the content on your site linked to your web site, they’ll lower your relevancy rating. b. Beware irrelevant keywords! Search engines hate finding irrelevant keywords on your site — especially in your meta tags. If they catch you using keywords that have nothing to do with the actual content of your site, they’ll penalize you for it. c. Don’t «keyword stuff» your meta tags! In the past, people used to repeat their keywords in their meta tags over and over again. This used to get them a high ranking with the search engines — but not any more! Search engines are on to this trick and will punish you for it by dropping your ranking. d. Don’t create «link farms»! «Link farms» are the evil cousins of the «information pages» we discussed above. In the past, some spammers used to build multiple «doorway» sites that existed only to multiply the number of links pointing to their sites. Unlike content-rich information pages,these doorway pages would usually only include a string of keyword terms that would earn them a high ranking with the search engines. The search engines have caught on to this tactic, however, and will drop you from their listings if they find you using it.

e. Avoid «free for all» link pages! Don’t bother placing links to your site on pages where everyone and their dog is invited to put up a link. Such sites have extremely low relevancy ratings and will cost you points with the search engines. 4. Essential tools and resources to optimize your site and stay in top of the search engine game There are a lot of great tools out there that can help you optimize your web site while ensuring that you stay on the good side of all the search engines.

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Instead of looking at web analytics as a tool to make improvements to your web presence, you must look at web analytics as what it would cost your company if you ignored its significance.

Would I have your attention, if with the use of web analytics it is possible that your next e-mail campaign would result in 50 percent more revenue than your last e-mail. Think of how much revenue your business is losing because you don’t take advantage of web analytics. Many companies don’t realize the potential for positive impact that web analytics can have on their business. Often, our ignorance prevents us from acknowledging the potential of web analytics. Companies with defined analytics programs are realizing double-digit growth in new Web site visitors, returning visitor traffic and conversion rates. With growing pressure to make your marketing efforts, more profitable web analytics is becoming more-and-more critical. Let’s say you suspect that your website has to improve its usability. With web analytics, you can measure the effectiveness of your site usability. Then, based on the intelligence you gather, you can make the necessary changes. Due to the improvements you have made you may be able to improve your conversion substantially. As a result, you can measure the value of web analytics in terms of revenue. The barriers to entry for adopting analytics technologies that can dramatically improve online businesses have never been lower. There are many inexpensive and even free options to start web analytics integrating into your business processes. Web analytics is not about technology. It is much more about people. Before you invest money in web analytics, you must invest in people.

People within your organization must realize the importance of measuring your web presence.

Every business with a web presence must build a strategy around web analytics. Our goal is to get the highest possible value from KPIs. According to Forrester B2B, tech companies have realized 500-800% return on a 100K/yr in house analyst. Retail businesses realized 1000-3000% return on the same 100K/yr web analyst. In the early days of online business, websites were built with ill-defined goals and very little consideration for ROI. If you want to succeed online today, you should not spend a dime without commercial benefit. Unless your decisions are based KPIs measure through your web analytics efforts, you are most likely to fail. You cannot compete without knowing exactly how effective your initiatives are. In every business, the focus is on the bottom line, and the same is true for web analytics. Imagine how much more revenue you could be generating by analyzing the proper KPIs. Even better, imagine how much money your business is losing by not taking advantage of web analytics. Today, we have to necessary tools to make decisions based on data instead of intuition. We have to have a strategy to measure success and failure to maximize ROI. Always look at how much something costs. A bad business decision may cost loss of revenue. A business without web analytics will result in continuous bad decisions that is very likely will result in a failing business.

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Summary: The tale told by one person who made the rash decision to leap into a new Internet Home Business as a complete Newbie. It highlights the struggles to survive the learning curve and remain sane to hopefully, one day, make some money. Having battled through the Newbie tag, I have reached a new phase of my burgeoning Home Business. My computer desktop is now crowded with e-books and my dining table, chairs, and couches are littered with printed books and tutorials of what, I don’t know! Do I need all this stuff? I don’t know, that’s why it’s all still there, It may be very important, or not. Do I want it? Well, you never know. As you can clearly see, I have graduated from the Newbie status to what I would call the frightening ‘Brain Freeze’ that’s when you tell yourself; ‘it is far better not to know right now, because I’m too busy and confused to handle it anyway’. This stage is a time when you are no longer sure which memberships you have, or need, or want. You are not even sure what most of them can do for you, or what they cost you, if anything. You just don’t have the time or the will to find out. I’m sure somewhere on my desk, amongst the hundreds of reminder notes I foolishly wrote to myself during the last couple of months, is at least one which will explain this chaos and gently guide me towards a simple resolution. I think this is a plan. I’ll look for such a note just as soon as I can spare the time. At this point, it would be fair to say that I have no idea if I have made any money. That is because, I have not yet had time to find out how to determine that and that is because I am either stressed out doing battle with Google to approve some ads, or, I’m bogged down learning the newest ‘big thing’, or I am half way through writing an article for my website so I can finally have some free time to finish another installment on my Blog, etc.

Of course, I am also stressing about the lack of available seating in my home, in case I should receive unexpected visitors. That would be those people I used to know before establishing occupancy in Cyberspace. If you are like me, you have been doing more studying in the last 6-8 weeks than you did during your entire time in high school and you are now forced to sacrifice your social life just to keep some sane working hours. Who was it that said this will be soooo easy. Words like ‘everything is on automatic’, ‘It can be done in less than an hour each day’ ‘It doesn’t require you to learn anything’ ‘Even a child can do it’ ‘It only takes 5 minutes’ They are all lying, they have to, if they told the truth only extreme masochists and deranged computer nerds would ever take on an internet business. Clearly, it’s not automatic and yes, it’s going to take a lot more than an hour a day and it most certainly will require you to learn a lot of new stuff about doing business online in general and creating your own home business in particular. But just because we have come to terms with that, it doesn’t mean we should forgive these self proclaimed ‘experts’. Of course it’s not automatic and yes, it’s going to take a lot more than an hour a day and it most certainly will require you to learn a lot of new stuff about doing business online in general and creating your own home business in particular. But just because you have come to terms with that, it doesn’t mean you should excuse these self proclaimed ‘experts’. Frankly, there are times when you’ll just want to pick up an e-book and hit somebody Now, of course, I am waiting for phase three, I expect that will be about the time I get my home back to normal, my brain freeze thaws out and my friends are once again willing to talk to me. Just, finally, knowing what it is I am actually doing will be an amazing revelation in itself. The only thing I am certain about, right now, is that sometime in the future, I will have a functioning, profitable Internet Home Business, whatever that is. You can check out my website at http://www.plotkin-enterprises.com, to see how I am doing. Meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted.

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The goal of every home business owner is growth.

One of the main reasons that you decide to undertake the challenge of developing a home based business is to create a venture that can improve your life. As your enterprise begins to expand, you will have to make some difficult decisions. One of those might be the need to establish a manufacturing process where outsourcing could be a possibility. Outsourcing business processes is getting very popular today. But did you know that you can also outsource a manufacturing process as well? Basically, you can ask another company to manufacture your product on your behalf. You may be wondering about the advantages of this choice since the goal is to manufacture your product without the help of another company. However, outsourcing part of your manufacturing process has several benefits that need to be considered. For example, when your peak season arrives, it is inevitable that the demand for your product will increase. Should you buy new equipment and hire new workers to meet this demand? In the past, this might have been the solution. Today, outsourcing your production enables you to avoid paying the higher costs for meeting the demand of the market during this particular timeframe. However, despite the advantages of outsourcing your manufacturing process, you should be aware of some of the risks that are involved. For example, you would not have the same control over the quality of the product that is being produced because you are not present during the manufacturing process.

This is especially true if the outsourcing company you hire is new or if it has never produced the kind of product you are asking them to manufacture for you.

You might observe that most of the companies that take advantage of outsourcing are usually the larger companies instead of the small and medium scale enterprises. But in fact, outsourcing could be more advantageous for small and medium scale enterprises. This is because even though manufacturing outsourcing may cost a larger company more money per unit produced, outsourcing can enable small and medium enterprises the chance to sell more products at a profit. Instead of paying the costs for using your own production resources, this overhead can be absorbed by the business you outsource to. Outsourcing the manufacturing process is also a good strategy for business start-ups that do not have the initial capital to build an entire factory by themselves. In the long run though, if your company is large enough to achieve economies of scale, it is recommended that you produce all your products yourself to maintain the quality standards that your company is known for. Obviously, manufacturing the products yourself can produce more money because you eliminate the overhead for using the outsourcing company and derive all of the profits for your own company. Overall though, the outsourcing of your manufacturing process can be advantageous if your profit margin is more when you outsource the process. It is a complex and difficult choice that should be considered very carefully. Any decision that is made to improve your business requires research, examination and caution. If your home business has developed to the point where outsourcing is a possibility, consider the disadvantages as well as the advantages. The choice you make could propel your home based business to a new level.

“When you cannot make up your mind between two evenly balanced courses of action, choose the bolder.”

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A group that had a significant following in past pop culture is currently pioneering another wave in pop culture.

This group was famous in the 70’s and 80’s and has continued to see a broad base of fan support. They have indicated that they feel a bit like those who first pioneered television must have felt. Each month this group puts together an hour-long television type show that is free and available on demand. The video stream is produced with the same elements you would find in a television show, but without the commercials. The show features live music from an intimate studio room located at the home of one of the singers. It may provide guest artists and interviews as well as candid moments with the band. The end result matches virtually any artist profile show you might watch on TV. The big difference is that this group did not pitch their show to a network. They fund the production themselves and archive the video for on demand viewing. This inspires improves list building efforts and reminds fans why they have loved this group for so long. In turn the hope is that the music, interviews and behind the scenes stories about the music will encourage site visitors to either come see them in concert or make a direct online purchase of music or related merchandise. The feel of the program is a lot like watching a musical biography with the interactive bonus of sending them an electronic note or gaining access to other group information. Everyday we hear of greater and greater inroads that can be seen with video streaming as an alternative to traditional television. The interactive nature and portability of these video elements allow commuters to watch video streams on portable devices and can allow visual content consumers to download full episodes of their favorite shows or other content that is of high quality, but ONLY available online. Do you think anyone suspected that mass media would be so completely altered by the advent of the Internet? It really has begun an incredible revolution in media product download. It has simplified the process and has allowed a much more organic approach to content development and distribution. Video streaming has allowed niche marketing to take place in a pop culture format. This group might not be able to secure a contract for a monthly show from a television network. If they were to secure a monthly contract they would likely not have the creative control they desire.

With online video streaming they call the shots and their fans get to see their creative genius in music and in the production of their web based video stream. More and more businesses and organizations are discovering the benefits of being able to provide video content to their site visitors in an effort to entertain, educate or inform. The best video streams are ones that will ultimately benefit site visitor as well as site owner. The video stream should be a natural outgrowth of your business and allow site visitors to maximize their visit by accessing links to make purchases of products related to the video stream.

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A number of years ago I was visiting with a friend whose family was from Sicily. His parents and siblings were here in the US, but the extended family lived in Italy, Argentina and Canada.

Though time and distance were important separators, I learned during my visit that the telephone was the chief way for his far flung family members to stay in touch.

It also regularly resulted in phone bills approaching $500 each month! Thanks to important advancements in communication technology – namely, the rise of internet telephony – calling friends and family members around the world is finally affordable. My friend’s family discovered the way to reduce calling charges by as much as 90%, helping to make “staying in touch” a financially viable reality. Fortunately, these new options are available to you – if you know where to look. Say Good-Bye To Costly International Calling The days of budget busting phone bills are over. Consumers, who used to be faced with calls costing 25 to 50 cents per minute, even more, have a choice when placing international calls. And, unlike some phone providers, no calling cards or PIN codes are required. Today, there are phone service providers who have built their modern networks on the back of the internet by developing a way for calls to be transferred over less costly internet lines. These new networks, which got their start over the past decade, have matured to the point where calls are clear, cheap, and easy to place. No operators are needed to handle your calls – if you have one of the many compatible phones available and an internet connection, then dialing your way to savings can begin right away. Say Hello To Friends and Family Members So, just how low can rates get to the countries you want to call? Very low! Without naming specific internet telephony providers, I’ve seen rates as low as two cents per minute to the United Kingdom and sixteen cents per minute to the Philippines. Calls to Mexico, Canada, Germany, China, India, and Australia can be made for just pennies per minute making it easy for you to stay in touch with your Uncle Sal or Aunt Emelina.

Maintaining contact with the Patel family back home is possible without having to make calls at odd hours or on weekends in a bid to save money. Internet telephony rates are the same no matter what the hour, day or time of the year you place your call, allowing you spend quality time talking to your loved ones without worrying about running up a huge phone bill. Make Those Important Business Calls Too Even businesses are getting into the internet telephony game and saving thousands annually in international calling costs. With so much business these days conducted across national borders, calls from California to France or Illinois to Japan are no longer prohibitive. Email doesn’t cut it and flying there isn’t always practical and talking to your business partners at rates that won’t bleed you dry is appealing to any savvy business owner. Shop Around For The Best Plan Finally, shop around for an internet telephony provider who has the best plan for your needs. Look for a company that is well established, offers top notch customer support, and has a rate structure that is easy to understand. In most cases you can get started right away, connecting you to family, friends, and business partners at costs the phone company cannot possibly match.

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All of us, at one time in our lives or another, have had an entrepreneurial spirit and have wanted to start our own business. Until recently, that dream has been elusive to many people, both because of the time involved in starting a successful business and also in the capital that was needed to begin it. The Internet really changed all of that whenever it shrunk the world to the point where anybody with a personal computer and Internet connection could reach millions of people from their home. Even though the real world marketplace still holds out many opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, online success can be found much more readily, provided you follow the proper path. The key to any successful home-based business is being in a proper system. Being able to accurately identify the proper system is not always the easiest thing to do. There are many different fly-by-night home based marketing systems that will gladly take your money from you and not give you anything in return.

I’m sure that is not what you’re looking for when it comes to a business opportunity. A true home based business opportunity, one that will allow you to be able to not only build short-term income but long-term success, will meet all of the following criteria. The first thing that you want to avoid when choosing a home based business opportunity is anything that is multi-level marketing driven. Of course, some people have had success with MLM and they will continue to have success with it. For the vast majority, however, it simply becomes something where they throw their money at opportunity after opportunity and never really find the success that they are looking for. In fact, for most people, they find no success whatsoever. Automation is a large part of any business opportunity that will be successful. Because we all lead busy lives and not many of us have the time or opportunity to be able to spend building and maintaining a successful business, automation becomes a necessity. A good home-based business opportunity will automate everything from obtaining potential clients, to the sales process, to following up with any necessary information. Once you are inside one of these successful systems, you will see exactly how easy, success can truly be. A successful home-based business also must be built on a solid foundation. Too many of these opportunities look really great on the outside but once you’re inside you realize that they are simply standing on shaky ground. Any proven system will be able to show you its successes and to give you the opportunity to really examine it before you decide to take part in it. Finding the key to a successful home-based business is often just a matter of knowing where to look. If the opportunity that you are looking at meets the criteria necessary to give you automated success and to lead you by the hand through the process, you have something that you can use to build a future for both yourself and those you care about.

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Do what you say you are going to do, and provide the ordered products and services. Creating an online business around your niche helps you rank better at search engines, positions you as an expert, and creates buzz in your industry. Creating an online business or blog that will bring in big profits is definitely something that takes a lot of thought, hard work, dedication and time. Internet Marketing is the ultimate Home Based Business because you can mold your business to fit your interests and hobbies. What’s more fun than making money from home running a business based around your favorite pastime? You do not have to lock yourself into marketing just one product you can easily find supporting products. An online Internet business can make you rich if you have a right plan with right strategy but rest assured, quite a lot of work is required.

Do you have an idea or a plan on what to market? Do you have a product that you would like to market or would you prefer to market a product that already exists and become an affiliate of that product? Decisions, decisions, decisions! Getting Started Go to one of the search engines like Google or Yahoo and type in the word «niche». This will return literally thousands of ideas and areas while providing lots of rarely used informational and product sites for your consideration. Starting an eCommerce business is absolutely a fantastic way to become financially independent in a relatively short time period. But only if you are willing put forth your best effort and learn as much as possible to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls most new Internet marketers commit when looking for home based business opportunities. Starting an online business is no doubt a popular entrepreneurial venture these days. Through the internet, a digital product can be created, marketed, sold, paid for, and delivered for fractions of the cost of doing so outside of the virtual world. Start a blog/website on any niche topic or topic of your interest. There are many ways to generate income from your blog. In choosing a business, you should choose a business suits to your interest or something that you love to do. Select a Product Sign up as an affiliate (also called reseller) for a product or products that looks the most appealing to you. After you sign up, you will get a unique affiliate link where you need to send people to purchase the product. Also sign up to be notified of all new events and updates. Marketing and Appearance Marketers know that each web page has a very specific objective, the page design must meet that objective if it doesn’t you won’t survive! Before becoming an affiliate marketer for a product of your choice, check out the web site and the sales page of the product to ensure the Company Principals have a professional appearance. Hopefully this article on creating an online business has given you some food for thought. Remember that your business idea doesn’t necessarily have to be revolutionary. You can either improve on an existing idea or if you can figure out how to market an existing product better. Remember that you do not necessarily need to create the product but if you can create a market, you will have the opportunity to make a great deal of money.

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Telephone bills can add up, especially if a person makes a lot of long distance calls. Fortunately, thanks to advancing Internet technology there is an excellent calling alternative when people want to save on long distance. This alternative is called VoIP, (Voice over Internet Protocol). With VoIP voice travels through one’s Internet connection rather than the phone line. VoIP’s main advantage lies in its extremely discounted price, if the service even charges anything. Free VoIP setups are typically the case when computer-to-computer communication is used, though there are a few computer-to-phone services available that are also free. In a VoIP arrangement where a price is charged, the fee is nominal, though can vary in payment method. For example, some VoIP services will work like a calling card or a prepaid cell phone. Users buy a certain number of minutes, with the amount being significantly higher than what would normally be available through calling cards or prepaid cell phones. Minutes for international calls might be slightly more expensive, but not much more. Other VoIP payment arrangements involve a person paying a monthly or annual subscription fee. These fees can range from $20 to $200, though the average price is around $25. In a subscription arrangement users get an unlimited number of long distance calls. So, how does one go about finding a VoIP provider? They can start by investigating the VoIP services offered by their Instant Messenger. This is because most of the major messengers, (including Yahoo, AOL and MSN), will allow for some form of VoIP communication. Yet, if a person is not satisfied with what is available with their messenger, they could do a greater search by making inquires on a search engine.

The best keywords to use are “VoIP”, “free Internet calls” or “Internet calling.” The quotation marks should be included, since they help tell the search engine to look just for these specific phrases. Alternatively, they could do searches on some of the most well-known VoIP services, such as Skype, Vonage and Ooma. Once a provider has been found, a person will need to set up their computer for VoIP communication. There are two ways this is done. The first way involves using a microphone or headset for communication. The second way involves getting a VoIP telephone. Both methods work the same way when it comes to setup, at least if a person is using USB versions, (which is the most common format for modern-day computer devices). Anyway, with a USB connection, all a person has to do is plug in the device and it is automatically ready for use. Some additional configurations may need to be done within the VoIP service itself, so that the phone or microphone are detected, but this usually isn’t hard to do. In conclusion, if a person is interested in saving money on their phone bill, they should look no further than VoIP communication. The service is cheap and pretty much easy to use and set up. The only downside is that sometimes the voice quality is not as good, but this can be greatly improved if a person uses DSL or cable Internet.

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There are many strategies that you can use to promote and sell your products to consumers. The challenge is choosing the best method for your particular merchandise or service. Where you decide to market your goods will determine the process you need to implement for success. There are a variety of ideas you can apply to advertise your business. The promotional method you develop is dependent upon the industry where you are competing. Take the example of a manufacturing business. If your enterprise is concentrated in producing goods that do not focus on selling to the end-user, then joining fairs and product showcases would be helpful. This will enable you to expose your goods to the clients that matter most, the wholesalers and the retailers. After these organizations have agreed to carry your merchandise, you will need to supply them with the necessary quantity they want. It is important to understand that there are different terms for reimbursement. Some establishments will take up to 120 days before the payment for your products is made. Another way to promote and sell your goods to your target customers is through direct selling. While this may involve more effort on your part, this method is nonetheless very effective. If you are interested in selling your merchandise this way, then it is essential for you to find a dedicated and reliable staff who will concentrate on marketing your goods or services to your potential customers. There are actually several ways for you to motivate your staff but the most popular is giving them a commission for every product that they sell. If you do not have the time to hire and train your own staff, you might consider retaining the services of an external company that is responsible for your sales. This organization will be the one to promote and sell the merchandise on your behalf. This will allow you to concentrate on the core of your business which is manufacturing and improving your existing product lines. However, like direct selling where you need to give your agents certain commissions to keep them motivated, you will need to offer high commission rates to this company.

Selling your products online maybe the best opportunity for the individual who is just starting or a small business. There are many organizations already involved with making money online because an internet presence allows you to reach more customers with a smaller overhead. And while you might not derive as much profit as an offline business, establishing a presence online today may yield a huge reward in the future as more clients become connected to the wireless world. A home business or a manufacturing industry require the same approach: you must find customers that will bring success to your enterprise. The key ingredient is your marketing plan. For those of us who choose to develop a work from home venture, our challenges are far different than those of a manufacturing company. But both industries require that you research and apply the concepts that will target your consumer audience. The success or failure of your home based business is dependent on knowing who your customers are and developing a plan that will bring them to you. If you sell on the internet, at your home or in a brick and mortar store, your strategy will be different. But there is a formula that will work if you are willing to learn and apply the principles. “With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.”

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Perhaps you have recently purchased a thermal book binding machine or are thinking about experimenting with a thermal book binding machine. Either way, there are a few things that you can do to make thermal book binding a little bit easier and to ensure a better finished product. Here are a couple of things to remember: 1. Make sure that your thermal binding cover is properly sized for your document. If you try to fit too many pages into your cover you will find that the first and last pages will not bind securely. If you don’t have a cover that is the exact size for your proposal, it is best to go a little bit larger and not smaller. 2. Carefully square up your pages in your cover before book binding.

Before putting your cover into the binding machine, fan out the pages in your document to be sure that none of the pages are stuck together. Then make sure that your pages are squared up neatly and that the front and back pages come in contact with the glue in the spine. If using a thermal cover with a clear front be especially careful with the front page of your document. Static electricity can sometimes cause the front page of the document to stick to the clear cover preventing it from coming into contact with the glue. Taking an extra moment at this point in the binding process will help to ensure that you have a better finished product. 3. After your book binding machine has finished its cycle take your document out and firmly tap the cover on a hard surface. This action will help to ensure that the pages are securely seated in the hot thermal glue and that the binding will be secure for years to come. 4. Be sure not to open the book until the document has completely cooled and the glue has set. This usually takes between three and five minutes and it is important that the book be given this time for the glue to harden so the binding will be secure. 5. Remember that you are not limited to binding one book at a time. Thermal book binding machines are able to bind multiple books at one time up to total capacity of your book binding machine. Binding multiple books at one time will help to increase productivity and get the job done faster. 6. If you are binding documents with high gloss paper or photo paper it is often best to staple the book block together before binding.

If you do not staple the book block these glossy heavy papers can sometimes work themselves out of the binding.

Stapling the book block will make it nearly impossible for a page to ever work its way out of your document. If you do not have a stapler that is large enough to staple the book block or don’t want to use staples you can try using a piece of sandpaper to roughen the edge of book block to help it adhere better to the glue. Following these simple tips will ensure a better finished product and save you time and money. Thermal book binding is the fastest book binding method available and when done right provides a finished product that is professional and will make the impression that you want.

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If you own or work for a business, chances are that you regularly hold or participate in meetings.

These meetings would normally include presentations, e.g., of reports, product concepts, issues for discussion and/or decision making, and other business-related topics. These presentations are more effectively done with the help of a piece of equipment that is fast becoming a standard fixture in most businesses: the multimedia projector. Thanks to modern technology, the multimedia projector has shrunk in size and is much lighter than it’s “ancestors”, yet is many times more powerful and feature packed. What is even better is that this superiority comes with a price tag that is a mere fraction of what the bulkier, higher maintenance and less user-friendly predecessors used to cost. With the presence of several competitors, these prices are destined to decline even more. No wonder then that even a small business can afford to have one. What are the things you need to consider when investing on a multimedia projector? Consider the following factors: • Size of venue – The size of the venue of your regular meetings gives you an idea of the minimum brightness (measured in ANSI Lumens. One lumen is the equivalent in brightness of one candle) that you would need for your multimedia projector. The bigger the venue, the bigger the screen size needed. The bigger the screen size, the farther away the multimedia projector needs to be located to achieve it. And the farther away the projector is the brighter it should be in order to display sharp images even during full-lit conditions. As a rule of thumb, do not consider buying a multimedia projector that delivers less than 500 ANSI lumens unless you want to be extremely selective as to where it will be used. • Resolution Requirements – Previously, pixel resolution was a premium for an old projector, with the standard being a mere 800×600 pixels (VGA). This limited the enlargement that a projector could “throw” to the screen. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to have XGA (1024×768 pixels) resolution in a practically-priced multimedia projector. Some already have WXGA widescreen XGA which allows projection of a movie in a reasonably-sized room for private entertainment! Normally, however, XGA will do nicely for most of your requirements. • Technology – There are currently three multimedia projector technologies currently available: o LCD (liquid crystal display) is the established technology used by most of the leading manufacturers.

o DLP (digital light processing) is a newer technology used on some of the smallest, lightest projectors currently available. While LCD gives clearer still images, DLP provides smoother video images. o LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology uses liquid crystals on glass panels, and light passes through the LCD panels to the lens. There are several suppliers of multimedia projectors available, both of the single and multiple brand varieties. It is advisable that you canvass for the equipment that best suits your requirements before making a final purchase decision. You will, therefore, need to know what it is that you really need before you go out start formal canvassing.

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If you’ve ever purchased an ebook or an online business opportunity, presented by compelling sales pages with copywriting that lured you in like a big red fish, only to be completely disappointed, you ought to read this.

You know how they do it.

It starts with a big red headline using an impact font that captures your attention. For example, «Who else want to make X amount and finally learn the secret to making money online?». Something like that. Next, they try to reel you in, pull your strings and make you feel as though you are not doing everything you can to support your family. «Take action NOW!» «See you on the other side» they say. How many times have you heard that? You send them your $49.95, you reach the other side, and learn that the secret to online marketing is writing articles and posting in forums. Do this consistently and you can ride off into the sunset. If you are like me and don’t give up, you should read «Stacked Income» by Dave Gray. It is well worth every penny. In fact it costs 500 pennies ($5). Mr. Gray is a distinguished business man with a fresh, real world approach to Internet marketing. He is the founder and administrator of the Online Business Alliance (OBA). One of the main points is that Stacked Income» is not another name for «multiple streams of income». Gray explains in detail how «multiple streams of income’ never work and contrasts that to his stacked income formula in a step-by-step methodically way. Another important chapter covers the fallacies involved with «the money is in the list» approach. How many times have you heard that? Dave Gray squashes that theory as well and explains why in a no nonsense businesslike approach. When you purchase «Stacked Income» or any other of Dave Gray’s products for $5, you are automatically provided an online business opportunity and membership to the Online Business Alliance (OBA). Basically, it’s an invitation you can’t refuse.

Once you’re inside the OBA, it is also a step-by-step process.

You can leave and come back, but you can’t skip a step. This helps everyone. Speaking of help, there is tons of it in the forum and Dave Gray will answer your questions personally if necessary. Everyone in there is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Absolutely no one will try to sell you anything or try to get you to do this or that. The help is truly genuine. There is a lot more to the Online Business Alliance and «Stacked Income» than selling five dollar ebooks and digital products. While that is a lucrative business for many and the product line continues to expand, the business model outlined in detail in «Stacked Income» is the exciting part. This is not the same old same old ebook with the same reused, resale rights content with a new, spruced up ebook cover. This is proprietary and revolutionary new information that will prove to be the future of Internet marketing for the foreseeable future.

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The importance of articles in the success of today’s internet based companies is immeasurable. They are the life blood of product promotion and drive traffic to commercial web sites. Articles are key elements in making web sites produce profits. And business owners must include them in their marketing campaigns in order to create credibility for themselves and their product or service. Submitting articles for publication creates links to your web site resulting in higher ranking on the search engine result pages. The higher a site ranks the bigger slice of the traffic flow pie they receive. With increase traffic to your web site comes more profit and potential for producing other income streams as well.

It is not enough to just stuff your site with articles; there are other elements to be considered as well. You need these additional elements to obtain the maximum benefit articles can provide. A well written article will peak the interest of site visitors and keep them coming back for more. These added elements can also prompt visitors to recommend your site to others. Here are four tips to help you spice up your articles to produce more traffic that will result in increased attention to your site. 1. Keywords and Keyword Phrases. An article must be centered on keywords and keyword phrases. Visitors to your site are looking for something specific. Their at your site because they may have been sent there via a search engine as a result of typing in a keyword or phrase they were looking for (e.g. Toyota Camry, Tax Lawyer etc). You need content on your web site that has the keywords that are related to what visitor’s are searching for. For example, if you maintain an auto parts site, you must have the auto parts listed in your article. Look for tools on the internet that can help you determine what keywords and keyword phrases are mostly sought after. You can use these tools to determine what keywords to use and write about. 2. Keyword Density You must use the keywords and keyword phrases you choose throughout your web site content. Keyword density is important for search engines to «feel» their way to your site. Web site content should have at least ten to fifteen percent keyword density for search engines to rank them high in their results. Keyword density is the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase is used in an article. The number varies depending on the number of words used in an article. An effective article must have a keyword density that is not too high or too low. With a very high density, the essence of the article is lost and may turn off a reader as well as search engines. It comes off as overeager, and a low number may be ignored by the search engines. 3. Good Article Content Like what is stated above, you cannot just riddle an article with keywords. They must also be regarded as good reading material. Articles must be able to entertain people as well as provide good information and help for their needs. Articles should be written well with correct spelling and good grammar. If you want people to trust you, make sure your writing is well thought out.

People respond well to figures, facts and statistics. Try to get great information and as many facts as you can. A good and well written article will boost your reputation as an expert in your chosen field or topic. As more people believe in you. They will be able to trust you and your products. 4. Linking Articles Here’s another important thing to remember. If you are going to submit articles to e-zines and/or contribute your articles to newsletters and other sites, DON’T ever forget to include a link to your site. A little resource box with a brief description about you and your site should always be placed right after the articles you submit. If people like your articles, they will most likely click on the link directing them to your site.

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The internet is quickly becoming the best place for you to get all of your necessary things done each every day.

The internet is really quick, efficient, and harbors tons of information and opportunities for you to get involved in that it is sometimes just completely mind blowing. If you are looking for a place to start making a little bit of extra money then clearly you know where you should look for that. The internet is a great place to start looking for ways to make extra money because there are a lot of different options for things that you can do to make the money you need. However, if you want to make money online then you need to know a little bit about online business and marketing and just how the internet works in general in order to be successful with whatever you decide that you would like to do. There are a lot of tools that you can find on the internet that will help you to get started and be successful when you want to make money online and make money fast. The Pro2 system is the first thing that you should check out because it offers you with a basic step by step guide to the internet and how to make money by using affiliate sites to gain revenue. Affiliate sites can become really important because they help you to gain credibility online and they boost your income in a manner that you can control and figure out with the help of the Pro2 system. What makes this guide so great for you is that it works closely with noted and prestigious affiliate sites that will quickly get you on the road to success. The ClickBank cyber mall is a really great online tool that you need to start checking out. The Pro2 system is a fantastic guide to this website and you can use it to make yourself really successful in a time period that is suitable for you and your goals. The ClickBank cyber mall has a vast amount of products that you can look through in order to pick and choose the ones that you would like to start promoting. In this way you can start online marketing with products that you know about and can therefore promote in a fashion that makes them really stand out because you have a lot of knowledge about them. The Pro2 system also gives you a lot of hints and tips that you can only get through years of experience. For instance, the road to success is made with small leaps and goals that you know that you can reach. Crating small goals for yourself the first couple of months will help you ease into the online business. You will be able to concern yourself more with learning about the conventions of the internet rather than with reaching an outrageous goal. Also, having goals that you can reach will help you to gain confidence and experience at the same time.

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The basic need for a home-based business to succeed includes a decent computer, a high-speed Internet connection, and a desire to be successful. These are things that most people already have and can capitalize on. Many companies involved in network marketing have spent tons of money learning the ropes of network marketing and have slowly become proficient at it and are now seeking others to help their business continue to grow. Some may cite noble reasons to wanting to share their methods and a few may simply say they want to grow bigger and make more money and need your help to do so, but the bottom line is their methods have been proven to work and if you follow their lead, you can be successful as well. All you need is time, the desire to be successful and the patience to stay with it and work hard. Home-based businesses are an excellent source of extra income as long as the facts of such businesses are known. In addition, there are certain aspects the Home-based business owner or the member of this type of business needs to examine from time to time. The Home-based business owner or the team member should initially examine the Home-based business statistics available on the Internet as well as to gain a better understanding of this type of business. The following is a detailed examination of those evaluation aspects concerning a Home-based business: 1. Denial – Most of the people involved with Home-based businesses lose money.

This is a simple fact. If a team member or owner is spending more money than their producing on the Home-based business, the venture is a failure. This evaluation aspect takes into account that there are advertising, start-up, and other expenses as well. 2. Line Duplication – Certain members of an up-line have success placing an Internet wanted ad for distributors. This particular action cannot be duplicated in that it would not be effective for the entire Home-based business team to perform the same action. 3. Numbers – Most Home-based business owners or members don’t closely look at the numbers of their businesses. Pay particular attention to the various parts of the Home-based business (i.e. time value, sponsorship, down-line members, etc.). 4. Run it like a Ministry – Some people that run Home-based businesses believe their products depend on the world’s survival. This is an excellent mindset to possess for a Home-based business. All of these evaluation aspects must be positively confirmed to have the success and profits for a Home-based business. There are many MLM home-based business opportunities on the Internet and in paper publications as well. An interested person should carefully research a chosen Home-based business, and apply these evaluation aspects to it after a time experiencing the Home-based business. Additionally, the interested person should find the Home-based business that allows personal time investment, instead of large amounts of money for the venture. Essentially, a Home-based business idea that requires a person to utilize free time as capital along with a small monetary investment is a venture that’s less risky but has lots of potential for providing generous earnings.

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Did you know that you can promote your wellness business with personalized stamps? Personalized stamps are great fun to use. Even though many people pay their bills online, there are often bills that we mail on a monthly basis. Why not take advantage of your regular mail to be able to promote your wellness business with personalized stamps? Personalized stamps are a terrific marketing tool to use. Right at your mailbox is a great marketing tool that many people do not think about. Stop for a moment and think about all the people that end up looking at your mail to get it from your mailbox to the company that you’re paying a bill to or someone you are writing a letter to.

There will be a minimum of three to five people that will handle that one envelope. Picture this; the envelope has your wellness website address and logo on it. People are naturally curious. Chances are that a few people are going to write down that address and visit it. As you know, once they come to your wellness website, the products and services virtually sell themselves. The starting point is to create a company logo that looks good when it is small. You want a logo that is not full a lot of detail because the details will not show up well on the small area. You should also select a logo that has bright colors. Red is good because it automatically grabs people’s attention and gets them to stop. Selecting your wellness business logo is important for using personalized stamps for promotion. Next, you will should go on the internet and find a company that will let you upload your logo and web address for your personalized stamps. Many companies are available and offer some terrific prices. The expense is well worth getting the additional advertising and marketing your wellness home business. Upload your wellness home business logo and web address and order your personalized stamps. What types of mail should you place the personalized stamps? Everything that you mail should have the stamp. It is a good idea to send a thank you card to customers for their orders. This will increase the chances of repeat sales. You can even have customized personal stamps that are postage rate for post cards. You can hand write a thank you note on an index card and send it to your customer with the personalized stamp. If you mail volume is low, you might get co-workers, friends and relatives to agree to use the stamps. You only charge them the actual postage fee and not the personalization fee. Many people do not think about or care what stamps they use as long as they are getting their stuff mailed. Personalized postage stamps are is remarkable marketing tools for letting people know that you have a small wellness home business. The response that you will get with increased traffic might truly surprise you. Traffic means that you will have increased sales and sales mean that you will have a larger customer base of repeat customers.

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Public speaking is not an experience that every one enjoys, however in our life there are many such occasions when we are forced to go up to the stage and speak to hundreds or even thousands of people. When a person is speaking in public he should carry himself with a lot of confidence in order to be able to speak in front of the masses. The only problem that a person has at the time of speaking in public is that he fears that his speech or conversation might not be acceptable by the masses, creating fear it starts making you nervous on the stage.

Public speaking anxiety can be common for a person facing a huge crowd. You could go through similar anxiety if it was the first time on stage, or if a person is nervous and doesn’t have the confidence to speak to a large crowd. The reason for such unrealistic assumptions can be for any reason, may be he/she thinks public may laugh at his speech or may not agree. All these thoughts make him think that the people might not like him when he is announcing, thus a fear of public speaking is aroused in a persons mind. To over come the fear of public speaking firstly you will have to stop assuming that you are not accepted to speak, once done with this you will automatically gain yourself some confidence. A very basic thing has to be kept in mind during the public speech see to it that the information that you are trying to give are all true, secondly don’t try and appose the people directly this will enrage them. Also when you are about to present a speech try putting it in the form of important points this will make your speech interesting. You will fell better after your speech and will come out confidently knowing that you were given attention of many people. Another way to get over your fear of public speaking is that you can visit a psychiatrist who deals with such problems. Hypnosis is used to mold your mind in a way where you will have no fear of public speaking anxiety. Hypnosis is used for various reasons to divert a persons mind in the right direction. It has been a way that many people have opted for because of its overall accomplishment.

However a hypnosis appointment will be a very expensive experience if you happen to assign a psychiatrist.

Costs can be reduced by getting cheap, but effective downloads from the Internet. There are many sites providing such services. When you are done with this you will find that you are more confident and that there is none of the source that seems to create fear. Your hypnosis cd can help you prepare for any public speaking event. Fear of public speaking can no more be a major issue for you. Knowing this you will show your presentation confidently and explain it with a lot of assurance. You are bound to get positive response for this. Getting over the fear of public speaking should no more be an area of concern for you.

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More than 90% of the spiral bound documents that you see on the market are bound with 4:1 pitch colorcoil binding. However, there are actually several different pitches of coil available for spiral binding. Each of these pitches have specific applications for which they are best suited. This article will provide a quick overview of the major different options for spiral coil hole patterns and their applications. 4:1 pitch color coil is the most commonly used pattern for document and presentation binding. This spiral binding hole pattern has four holes per inch and is fully compatible with 6mm pitch supplies (primarily used overseas). Four to one pitch color coil binding is available in sizes from 6mm to 50mm. This type of coil binding is the most commonly available spiral binding option and is designed for use with the majority of the smaller spiral binding machines on the market. This coil binding is easy to work with binding books up to 1 inch thick, however, inserting 4:1 pitch coils on books greater than one inch can be difficult and time consuming.

5:1 pitch coil is the second most commonly used pattern for document and presentation binding.

This uses a hole pattern with five holes per inch and is also referred to as 5mm coil binding. The tighter spiral of this coil provides a distinctive look and is preferred by some individuals. One common misconception about 5:1 coil is that it provides a stronger more secure bind than 4:1 coil. This is simply NOT true. The fact that the 5:1 hole pattern places holes closer together than 4:1 makes it easier to tear the pages out on these documents. Still, the tighter spiral binding of the 5:1 pattern provides a distinctive look that some individuals prefer when binding their documents. 3:1 pitch spiral binding is the third most commonly used pattern for document and presentation binding. With three holes per inch, this spiral coil is compatible with both the GBC ProClick and the 3:1 wire binding hole patterns. It is primarily used by individuals who already have a 3:1 punch and wish to add the capability to bind coil documents. However, large auto punches and inline punches for photocopiers are sometimes sold with a 3:1 pitch die. While providing a look similar to its 4:1 counterpart, 3:1 coil binding is slightly easier to insert since it has less holes to spin through. The three pitches discussed above are the most commonly used pitches for coil binding. However, coil binding can be special ordered in several other unique pitches. For instance, .400 pitch binding is designed for a hole pattern that has 2.5 holes per inch. This pitch of binding is only available in diameters greater than 20mm or 3/4″ and is available in sizes up to 56mm or 2.25″. However, the filament size of this coil binding is larger than is normally found on other pitches of coil binding, making it more rigid making it easier to insert on larger diameter books.

.400 coil is most often used along with a 2:1 pitch wire hole pattern. However, a few companies make specialty dies specifically designed for this pitch of coil binding.

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When a 10th class reunion is observed from a third person perspective, there are often times those who leave the event with a feeling that nothing has changed. The cheerleaders are still cheery and the football jocks still think they have what it takes to be in the NFL. Many of the same annoying attitudes seem to resurface and so many seem intent on impressing the other with their achievements and successes. By the time the 20th class reunion has arrived, many individuals are bent on talking excessively about their children and their successes. Time has a way of mellowing most people, but there are still those few individuals who are intent on trying to relive the glory days, the days that will not come again, well at least not the way they remember it. When many years have passed most of those attending the reunion have the acute ability to recollect a sense of fondness synonymous with their high school days, which as a result eliminates many of the differences between each other and encourages everyone to come together in remembrance of what was good about a past that bares virtually no resemblance to the present.

The jokes and cheerleaders are now a distant memory, what’s left is a group of people that can now come together to celebrate the past and present because a new generation is firmly established through their offspring. A site like Classmates.com can and will help people of numerous ages reconnect with their former classmates. What was once a 10 year wait for reunions, no longer has to be. This websites primal initiative is to focus on the emotional connection of people. In a society were everything is face paced with very little consistency, this site really works in re-establishing connections with a past that seems most vivid to people. You may possibly be remembering Friday Night Football and conversations around the locker rooms or some other event creped in your memory. You are lamenting the fact that many of those you graduated with, you may never see again. This is the essence of emotion, the strength of connection. This effectively provides meaning beyond a simple purchase. Whether your businesses specialty is in dealing with people or selling candles, you can harness the power of emotion to help people connect with both your site and product. In the year 2007, Charmin presented a commercial that was said to explore the connection viewers had with the actor that played the role of Mr. Whipple. The actor sadly passed away in 2007, but not before starring in a composite of commercials as Mr Whipple. The point is, a connection was established between the viewers and the actor primarily because of the memories that were associated with where the viewers are when they make recollection of seeing the commercials. A new generation is born and their emotional connections will be different. There is simply nothing that prevents the possibility of creating emotional connections online. Your task lies in your ability to create the connection your site visitors need in order to recall the connections you hope they experience. There in lies the definition of internet marketing.

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What exactly is this system about? I was introduced to the Perfect Wealth System by a Top Internet Marketer. The claim to fame in his marketing was «0 to $108,000 in 8 Weeks!» I was highly skeptical yet curious. I said to myself that’s a lot of money in 2 months, how did he do it with the Perfect Wealth System. I was intrigued but I had made more money myself in one month’s time. A little information on my background. I have spent the last 20 years studying Marketing. I make my living as a Registered Financial Consultant.

I spend my days meeting my 400 clients and reviewing their investment portfolios and reviewing their tax returns. The most important thing I have seen in doing this weekly for the last 20 years is simple, People that own their own business have the most income and assets. It’s a fact, owning your own business is the best financial decision you can make for yourself and your family. Every week I have people who come in my office that have Net Worth’s of $1Millon to 15 Million and they have one thing in common, they own their own business. I was totally interested in the Perfect Wealth Formula because this business met the criteria of the perfect business. You control your own time, your control your own business and you work from home on your own schedule. I investigated further to see how the Perfect Wealth Formula Works. Here is what I have found. What Exactly is the Perfect Wealth Formula? At first I was highly skeptical and wanted to take a look at what they had to offer. I signed up and went directly into the back office. The products were Videos of the Perfect Wealth Formula in action. The one thing I heard from my wealthy clients over and over was ‘Knowledge is Power». I knew the Perfect Wealth Formula Videos had the knowledge and power to teach you how to get targeted visitors to your website so that you can make your business grow. Here is the knowledge I saw: You get to learn From the Tutorial Videos – How to place Online Classified Ads to Generate Targeted prospects ready to buy. – How to get Pay Per Click Marketing work for you with targeted Keywords that work – How to get indexed on the Top Search Engines for Free – How to Write Blogs, Press Releases and articles to get instant free traffic – How to market to other people lists that they spent 100’s of hours building for free – Step by Step Video instruction on how to get your business set up to make you a profit There is much more! You will be able to take the knowledge from the Perfect Wealth Formula and apply it to other businesses as well. You will be able to make a significant income just by sharing this important information of teaching how to market yourself and build credibility on the web for any business you own. My overall experience as a 20 year seasoned marketer is the Perfect Wealth Formula is the foundation for any new or highly trained internet marketer to build a large home based business.

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One major key to success of an event where presentations are made is having the right audio visual equipment available.

The right equipment does wonders in enhancing the presentation experience, especially when your audience numbers in the hundreds.

For this, you have two options: invest in the equipment and personnel needed; or, if your events are far and in-between, of variable audience and venue size, rent the audio visual equipment you will need for your event from a supplier (who also provides the technicians). Renting is always a good option so that you can focus on the real purpose of your event (i.e., the presentation) and not worry about such details before, during, and after your event. Finding suppliers who offer rentals is not a difficult task since there are many to choose from. However, especially for major events, finding the right supplier does take some doing, unless the sky’s the limit as far your budget is concerned (which is most likely not the case). The trick is to be able to find a good balance between achieving your ideal presentation experience and making the dollars and cents make sense. Here are a few tips you might want to consider in renting audio visual equipment:

• Ask the venue administrator for referrals. When you have chosen the venue you want to hold your event in, ask for referrals of audio video equipment rental suppliers who have actually worked there. These suppliers already know more or less the kind of equipment that will work well in the venue and will most likely be able to give you the ideal rental price considering their experience there.

• Make sure your supplier is flexible to handle unforeseen circumstances. If there is one “law” that is appropriate for any event, it is Murphy’s. Your supplier needs to be able to quickly respond to all minor (and some major) mishaps that might occur during the event proper, e.g., having spare bulbs for the projectors, standby speakers and amplifier equipment to handle a bigger crowd, etc.

This “insurance” might cost you a bit more but it is going to be worth it, if only for the comfort of knowing that your event will not be jeopardized.

• Be upfront with your budget. Remember that it is your money after all, so the less you spend the better! If your potential supplier knows what your budget it, he will adjust without sacrificing much of the quality of service that you require from the audio visual equipment you will rent. Sometimes it might mean that you will have to settle for less projector screens or wired microphones instead of lapel mikes, but as long as you are happy with that your budget brings you quality that meets your minimal expectations, then that is really what matters. Following these tips will help you in finding the right supplier or suppliers for rentals of the audio video equipment and maintenance/operations personnel that you will need to help make sure that what your audience sees and hears gets enhanced for a pleasant overall event experience.

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You’ve heard the stories of eBay success and probably even deemed some of them unbelievable. EBay has taken internet sales by storm and many people around the world are now making a great full time living from eBay alone.

I began selling on eBay in April of 2006 and quickly found just how profitable eBay can be. EBay became my primary income only 3 months after my first sale. I now make a 6 figure full time income generated only by my eBay Powerseller accounts. Here are a few tips to follow to help you get started on the road to financial freedom for yourself. Start selling items from around your home Go through your closets, garage, cupboards, attic and basement and look for things you don’t use or no longer need. Remember, trash is trash, but things you might think of as trash actually can be sold on eBay very easily. Selling items that you no longer need or want will help increase your feedback and allow you to build your reputation on eBay. You probably won’t get rich selling the stuff you don’t want, but it sure is a great way to remove clutter from your home and make you some extra cash. The Feedback Score is Very Important As mentioned above, you want to build your feedback. Shoot to get your feedback score up in the double or triple digits as quickly as possible. This will make a huge difference to your potential customers. Feedback scores are grouped together into one category whether you are buying or selling. If people want to view your feedback score (your reputation) they can visit your feedback profile area and read the comments that are left by previous buyers and sellers that you dealt with. Do people really do that? YES they do. Sign Up With PayPal 95% of all payments I receive are made to me through PayPal. PayPal accepts credit card payments and electronic checks so you don’t even need to get a merchant account to sell on eBay or anywhere else online. PayPal is set up to be a simple and fast funding source for eBay customers and is quickly becoming one of the primary payment sources all over the internet.

Communication is very important! EBay is all about how well you can communicate.

Your item description is one of the most important factors in whether or not your item sells. Your description should tell the buyer everything about the item you are selling. Lots of quality pictures are also a very important factor to determine whether or not you make a sale. Once again look at what the other sellers are doing and take note of why some sellers just seem more credible than others. It is OK if you are selling something that is flawed or scratched as long as you tell the buyers about it in your ad. Do not be afraid to point out the condition of the item. If it is not working it can still sell. There are people looking for what you are selling. It all comes down to price and whether or not they find you a credible seller. Be sure to communicate with the buyer before, during and after the sale. Messages sent letting customers know what is going on at all points in the process will help assure you receive a positive feedback. Be sure to send a thank you message when the item is won or purchased and additional messages when you receive payment and ship their item. In all your communications be polite and courteous. When you do this you will build an incredible reputation and people will be spreading the word about you as a great eBay seller. Don’t get discouraged It is likely that it will take a while to become accustom to selling on eBay and build your reputation to the point that you see regular sales. People are bargain hunting on eBay, so find items you can afford to sell, and price them so you can make the profit you want. If you have items that are hand crafted or homemade, decide if the price you can sell them at is going to be worth your time and effort.

Search eBay for items similar to your own and get an idea of the price things sell for. Check your competition. Find out if hundreds of people selling the same item? Can you compete with them? Are your suppliers selling the same products on eBay? Millions of items sell on eBay daily so don’t limit yourself or get your heart set on selling one specific thing. You can make great money selling on eBay just like the millions of eBay sellers all over the world. Whether you want to be an EBay seller part time as a hobby, or turn it into a full time business will be up to you. These 5 basic tips will help you set the foundation to build a profit producing eBay business of your own.

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Not only can you make money online, you can create wealth. In fact, online wealth is quickly becoming the new real estate investment because it’s much quicker to make money online and it’s also a great deal easier. Online wealth only needs the right online marketing and Giblink can provide just that. There is no question that online marketing is an excellent way to not only make money but also create wealth. However, if we are going to be honest then we must also share that there is a high degree of failure. The number one reason for that failure is the marketing systems individuals and companies get involved with are not efficient, or well though out, thus they really can’t deliver what they claim they can. That is with the exception of a few – to date Giblink is the best marketing system around. Not only does it offer all kinds of tools, social networking, and business networking, it also is a system that works. It already has a proven track record already producing wealthy online entrepreneurs. One of the keys to marketing is to have a system that target an audience that is receptive to what you have to offer. This instantly increases your opportunity to make money. It’s common for marketing leaders to spend a great deal of time testing, evaluating, fine tuning, and the re-evaluating again. It can be a struggle to find the right elements to ensure that money making occurs.

The smart ones get involved with the Giblink system, so their struggle was short. The difference here from other companies that might be offering similar services is that they share their revenues with their members. And there’s no more trial and error here. There system complete with POD’s works and works very well, building wealth faster than any other marketing system currently available online. Top earners online either struggled until they found a marketing system that really did work, or they designed their own using a system that was proven to work. A system that mathematically produce results consistently over and over and in record setting time. Don’t waste time attempting to design and implement a marketing system. The years it would take to perfect would simply be a waste of valuable earning years. After all, Giblink can provide you that earning potential right now. Why not take advantage of a system that is already in place to generate not only an online income but wealth. Of course Giblink can’t do it all for you. You’ll have to take responsibility for doing at least a little bit of work, but not a great deal. You won’t find yourself working long hours, but you will need to spend some time using the tools provided and most importantly networking both socially and on a business level.

Once you understand the three components that make up Giblink you’ll be on your way to making money online.

Isn’t it time you turned your dreams into a reality?

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Titus Hoskins When I first started my main website many years ago, little did I know the major role Google would play in its success. Keep in mind, Google has only been around the web since 1998. In the beginning, few realized the small search engine created by Stanford students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, would become a multi-billion dollar company controlling almost all areas of the web. Google seems destined to dominate the web (aka Shades of Big Brother) for years to come… keeping a close eye on all our Internet activity with large databases tracking our every (abiet aggregate) move. Since privacy has become an antiqued and obsolete word in our ever increasing public world, this can be very disconcerting. And it is not just the web, Google is branching out in so many directions, it will play a major role in our daily lives off-line as well as online. Regardless of whether you love or hate Google, you must not ignore the importance it will play in the success of your website or sites. As a webmaster you must take full advantage of what Google offers or face an uphill battle. As an online marketer it would be just as unwise not to explore all avenues of this gentle giant. Years ago, I joined the Google Adsense program where webmasters place the targeted Adsense advertising code on their webpages in order to receive a small share of the advertising revenue. It changed forever how I viewed Google. As a struggling webmaster and marketer, I have to admit, receiving those Monthly commission checks from Google was a Godsend.

They still are. Acquiring a high PageRank and receiving all that free targeted Google traffic is an even greater Godsend. It has put my sites in the black and keeps them producing revenue, month after month. Google presents a legitimate way of monetising your site or sites. It gives you a monthly cash flow that covers your hosting fees and provides you with a monthly income from your sites. It can be a great starting point for anyone wishing to earn an online income. Google must be explored and utilized to give you this monthly income. Regular readers will know I like to keep things simple, as simple as possible. So lets put to one side the very complicated and risky endeavor of using Google Adwords advertising to bring targeted traffic to your site for this usually takes some training and skill to get right. In other words, you have to know exactly what you’re doing or you may lose a lot of money. However, if you want to learn more about this advanced Google profit system, the best resource is still Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash. But for now, lets keep things real simple. I always take the simplest route where possible. Google Cash File I keep a very popular page on my site called Google Cash File – it explains my simple methods of working Google to bring in a monthly income. Just simple steps you can take to earn money from Google. You can find the link to this Google page in the Resource Box below. Granted, you can spend money on info products and software but you don’t have to – I started with all free information and worked my way up.

As I earned more income, I invested some of it in good software like Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite… but again, you can use all free programs and resources to earn money from Google.

Here are four revenue sources from Google that I use: Google Adsense I use Google Adsense code on all my webpages… visitors click on these targeted Adsense ads and I earn a small percentage of the ad revenue. I also earn by marketing three Google Referral Products through the Adsense program: Adsense Referral I get $100 for each referral I make to Google, as long as that referral joins Adsense and earns at least $100. Google Firefox Bar I earn $1 for each referral that downloads the Firefox Browser and then uses the Google Search Bar. Might not sound like much, but this quickly adds up. Adwords Referral Google will pay me $20 for each Adwords referral that spends $100 on Adwords advertising within 90 days. Another good revenue stream. If you have a popular site and promote these three Google referral products along with the Adsense code, you will be surprised at how much extra income you can earn each month. Granted, Google is no way as generous as most of my other affiliate programs I promote with my sites but Google is an Easy Sell! People trust Google, people respect Google, but more importantly – people like using anything Google. This factor simply means more money for you if you take full advantage of Google’s referral products. In the resource box below you will find a link to a page where I have listed all the techniques and methods I use to put Google products on my pages to earn that monthly income. Again, these are very simple steps you can take to make Google pay you each month… so what’s keeping you from turning that Big Brother into a wealthy Uncle (aka Cash Cow) who sends you a generous allowance each month.

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

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This past week I was reading through contractor discussion boards. I just wanted to see what’s got the market riled up. Do you ever do that? Well, anyway it reminded me of an important issue that rarely gets addressed: the difficulty of successfully implementing an off-the-shelf solution. Here’s the core problem, solutions that work well in one company often fail to work in another. Here’s why: most solutions are not robust. They only work well in specific circumstances. Think of your business as a big jigsaw puzzle. You don’t need all the pieces in place to reveal the picture, but you do need the right ones in place. Your friend’s company probably isn’t missing the same pieces you are.

So when he slides in the last piece he needed – Eureka! His business comes into focus and he’s convinced he has everything figured out. So he gets on his soapbox and says «If you’ll just do it my way, you too will enjoy great success.

» It is SO tempting to believe you can just grab his solution, follow his lead, and receive the exact same incredibly results.

So you try it and nothing improves. It might have even gotten worse. How can that be? Simple. Your business and his business are radically different. He has different skills than you do. He has a different mix of employees than you do. His clients have different expectations than yours do. He’s probably even in a different trade than you are. Yes, you’re both in construction but that’s about where the similarity ends. Your jigsaw puzzle and his jigsaw puzzle have nothing in common other than each contains dozens of oddly shaped pieces with a wide variety of colors. When completed, your puzzle looks different than his puzzle. This is why solutions successfully applied by the owner of one company frequently fail when transferred to another company. The second company has a different set of business practices, a different breed of employee, and a different class of customer. My years of developing and implementing solutions inside real construction companies who are staffed with real people has taught me that no matter how brilliantly simple the solution, it MUST be tweaked for each company. Two classic examples come to mind: sales commissions and employee bonuses. I strongly believe in paying salesmen commission on gross profit. My recommended commission system is the simplest of all business solutions I know, yet even it MUST be customized to each company. Two questions must be addressed in each deployment. 1. What is the proper commission rate? 2. What should be considered a direct job cost? The two answers are interrelated and change for each company based on its business model, competitor aggression, and target market.

So even with a solution as simple as sale compensation, customization is required in order to achieve the desired selling behavior. Employee bonuses are trickier yet and are what stimulated this article. Right now, the discussion boards are filled with questions and recommendations regarding employee bonuses. Every possible approach is being thrown out and then being heavily defended and panned. There is minimal agreement and certainly no consensus among the owners participating in these discussions. It seems like everyone’s had a bad experience paying bonuses. The typical conclusion is throw the baby out with the bath water «Just don’t give bonuses.» The reason people keep trying to come up effective bonus plans is pretty obvious. Bonuses are great at getting workers to do something desired (work hard, be productive, show up, work safe, etc.). To anyone who truly understands employee motives and behavior, sound bonus systems are not that hard to create. All you have to do is abide by certain fundamental truths about people AND fine tune the plan for your exact situation. Trust me. No consultant has MAGIC solutions. We all use the same tricks and techniques. The secret to our clients’ success is our clients’ skills and drive. You apply the solutions. You make them go on a daily basis. You – not us. All we do is keep you on the right path. I’m begging you to never apply a solution to your company without adjusting it to accommodate your world. If you have been looking for off-the-shelf, put-in-place solutions you have been wasting your time. They don’t exist.

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First of all if you are looking for porn or links to porn in this article, I suggest you move on.

This article just details my whimsical decision to make an adult movie and profit from it. I was sitting at home, I was bored and I was trying to think of a fun way to make a little extra money. I don’t know why but I turned on my computer and starting searching for small business ides and one item I came across was that the porn industry was making ten billion dollars a year, and that the fastest growing segment in the porn industry was true amateur movies whether they where on DVD or on the web. Well, this set my mind to racing about a hundred miles an hour. I was not sure I could make a porn movie. I worried about the ethical aspects of it, but more importantly I wondered what would happen if my friends, or worse, my parents where to see me acting in a porn movie! This was my biggest fear, and of course in my mind I was looking for ways to say yes I am going to make a porn movie instead of ways to say I cannot make a porn movie. So the solution was simple. I would not be in the movies, or if I were, I would never have my face on camera. As far as the being recognized, the issue was solved in my mind. My second fear was what about the legality of making a porn movie, I sure did not want to go to jail so after a little research I found out that to hire adult models you had to get two copies of their identification and have them sign a models release, and keep records on file for as long as the movie was available on DVD or the web. So that was one more issue that was settled in my mind. Next I had to wonder what kind of equipment I needed to shoot an amateur porn movie. I already had a good MiniDV digital camera, but I needed to get some lights. If you have ever seen families’ home videos the lighting is always bad, so lighting the subjects is going to be important. I made several trips to photography stores and I found out that lights where expensive, so after a little time on an Internet auction site I purchased some inexpensive lights, and they worked just fine. Finally and perhaps the most important part, I had to find an attractive female model that was willing to take her clothes off and be on video for the word to see. I was pretty sure that this would be the hard part, but it was surprisingly easy. After placing a few ads on Internet sites seeking adult models my email was flooded with responses from women ready to be in my video.

I made contact with a couple of the women and settled on which model I would like to hire, I made her and offer, told her exactly what I wanted her to do, and she accepted my offer. Within twenty-four hours we had shot the video, and I paid her. I was surprised how easy it had all gone up unto this point. I did not realize it at the time, but the hardest part was distributing the movie and making money off of it. The Best and most effective way, was to build a web site, but I really did not want to put all my effort in to it. So after a little research, I found there was several companies that would distribute my DVD for forty percent of the profit. After a month I had recovered my money and made a little profit, and I still get check from that movie a couple of years later. I could have quit all my other jobs, and worked at this full time and maybe even been quite successful, but I had other interest. It was fun and profitable, and maybe I have not made my last movie just yet.

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Product launching can be a bit of an unnerving experience.

Imagine what it was like for executives to roll out products like the wii, iPhone and Xbox? The manufacturer wanted to get everything right and if the buzz was significant (and it was with the three products listed), public scrutiny would likely be intense.

Your product may or may not be as publicly visible as these products, but it does bear your individual stamp. Your reputation is represented when you unveil a new product. While nothing can compare with the joy of childbirth the development and launch of an all-new product can be a similar personal experience. The reason this is true is that there may be very little that is more personal and potentially satisfying than being able to pursue and fulfill a dream. Once you reach the point of product lunch there is not turning back. The public will be able to view the product and they will formulate opinions about that product. They will share their opinions with others, and as unfair as it may seem they may form their opinions without actually making a purchase. It can be hard watching potential consumers form negative opinions about a product they have not purchased, but they will do so. They will also compare it to other products that may be similar and conclude that the product is simply a rip-off of the existing, more established, product. People in general are prone to comparisons. Even online search engines are designed to assist the consumer in comparison-shopping so it’s possible your product will be generally lumped into a category and listed with other similar products when a comparison shopping search engine is applied. You may want to rail against the system and fight against the tide of conformity, or you can simply work to establish the differences in your product and help set it apart both in description and product understanding. As the facilitator and/or creator of your product you know what is unique about it. This is the arena of separation.

This is where you can take that product and make it unique. Once the product is more firmly established work at establishing brand loyalty through a wide variety of means not the least of which is identifying the emotional attachment existing customers may have with the product. Every product you see on store shelves had a designer. Hours were spent developing the product and a steep emotional investment was made to move it from what one person could see in the back of their mind to a product that is useful and enjoyable by many. These product pioneers essentially worked very hard so that in the end you could take their product for granted. Where the product creator meant to or not their desire is that you come to enjoy the product enough that in the end you simply grab it from the shelf or order it online because it is a product you regularly use and know you need. Yes, product launching is personal, but it is also something that in a best-case scenario results in a purchase based on a common need.