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One thing that most entrepreneurs should note, business success lies heavily on understanding what you are getting yourself into.

It is not a plain venture wherein you are simply going into business for the sake of earning money. You simply have to put everything in perspective. Getting into business is one thing but understanding it and making it flourish is another. How often do we let a particular course of action become the only way to do something – even when outcomes are telling us it’s not working? How often do we become so focused on a particular solution that we don’t seek out the little adjustments that can make the difference between success and frustration? How often do we become convinced of the rightness of our ways and not seek help from outside our little self – made fortresses? If you’re like me, that happens a lot. And most times it’s OK, but thank goodness my inner voice called to me about The Faucet and the Headlight – my inner voice saved me time, money and energy. Cultivating our inner voice – listening to it in the little things, creates a habit of thought that helps us use that skill in the big things as well. Being able to step back – define alternatives – take a different look – ask for and accept input from others – ask the «What If’s» and the «Something Else’s» – trust our inner voice – are the behaviors of successful people. I’ll bet you can think of your own Faucet and Headlight stories. If you’re like me I smile and shake my head and use what I’ve learned from them to keep reminding me to stay open to possibilities – on all levels. Not all mentor and Praxis test preparation systems are created equal. Many of the resources you will find aren’t up to date, and some are up to three or four years old! With actual exams being updated more frequently than that, you will want more current materials that show you what’s on the test for the year you are taking it. An old question means you can potentially be studying eliminated topics or be missing out on topics that have been added or revised. You have to look behind people’s opinions. They can give you an opinion, but it’s just an opinion. Why did they create these opinions? What are the facts they are basing their opinions on? It’s time to go fact finding. You make better decisions and faster decisions when you have good, hard, cold facts. All the great decision makers of the world want to know the facts themselves, not just the opinions people have formulated based on those facts. Quite simply, the key to your success is you! You can be communicating with your board president or your wife.

It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the presence you project will directly affect the level of success that you are able to attain. Although you may be both well-versed and well-prepared in your subject, what always will take precedent is your nonverbal demeanor. This nonverbal demeanor arises from your sense of your self – the concepts you hold true about you. And, if you are selling anything from a brand new concept to an innovative product, it behooves you to increase your awareness of your own, unique presence because it alone will affect your success.

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