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There are so many ways you can market a product.

Some of the more unique approaches to traditional advertising came in the form of sandwich board signs and willing men and women who would stand on busy corners and attempt to capture the attention of those passing by.

Magnetic signs were (and still are) used to place a business logo on the side of a vehicle. Some individuals have sold a portion of the space on their head for a tattoo with the promise to leave their head clean-shaven for a year while sporting a tattoo with the business logo. Many businesses have invested in a costumed mascot that will stand outside their businesses and wave to those passing by. All in all creative marketing has been big business and extremely diverse. What about marketing in the 21st century and online? Is that different? If so, how is it different? Online marketing is no less creative than brick and mortar counterparts. Some businesses might solicit customer pictures that include the customer using the product. There might be a contest with a video advertisement being developed with the product as the focal point to the advertisement. The goal is to inject your sales website with a variety of site promotion portals. For instance, if you are announcing a contest on a forum or blog create a link that takes the visitor to the contest page with tastefully placed links to the primary site for customer convenience. Make sure that the winning entries are found only on your primary website. Site promotion isn’t just a strategy of backlinks, Pay Per Click (PPC) and banner advertising. No, it is about a strategy that uses all three skillfully and still finds new ways to create a buzz that may act independently or interdependently of standard Internet advertising. This must act as a separate course of action from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which should always take precedent over any other strategy you may consider in site promotion. Some businesses might even use products or individual purchases as a way to devise a contest that may further their goals in site promotion.

Imagine a satisfied customer receiving either an email or a notice in their packing box that invites them to return to your website to register for a shopping spree. Make this type of contest exclusive to actual customers when possible. You should already have the customer’s information for list building purposes, but this gives them a positive ‘extra’ experience that can increase what may be a tentative brand loyalty in many first purchase scenarios. You can also create a secondary contest for site visitors with no obligation to purchase. This can aid in list building because registration should be mandatory with a tastefully produced email-marketing plan to follow. This too should provide prospects with a shopping spree or other desired item (i.e. mp3 player, electronic game, etc). Site promotion is an important element in the health and well being of your ecommerce website. By all means develop the primary aspects of site promotion first and then feel free to let your creativity take your site to a whole new place.

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