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Timothy Rohrer When it comes to making money online, everyone wants to and everyone tries to, but very few actually end up making a dime. So what’s the secret then to making money online? The truth is most internet guru’s do not tell you exactly how to go about building a massive internet business simply because showing you means more competition for them. Fortunately enough for you, I am willing to share with you my success secrets. I have tested and tried hundreds of programs, many of which make outrageous claims and empty promises. I’ll be the first to say that 99% of these programs are scams and making money online is not as cut and dry as one may think. With so much information on the internet today it’s difficult to sift through the thousands of products and opportunities to find one that actually works. My first experience was with a company called Liberty Alliance; I don’t even think they are around anymore. I saw an ad in the newspaper for a company that offered flexible hours with the potential to earn thousands of dollars per week. When I went to the interview I sat through a brief presentation and afterwards spoke with a few reps. The business model worked, but little did I know I’d be cold calling people and trying to get my friends and family to join my opportunity.

The number one mistake that many people make is trying to recruit their friends and family. In order to be successful in any type of internet business you have to find ways to reach a targeted audience. Had I talked to people that were already looking for my opportunity I might have been much more successful. I realized that in order to see success and in order to grow a business you must advertise. After all I found an ad in the newspaper for a network marketing company, so it would only make sense that I should do the same rather than trying to convince people of the business idea I needed to reach people looking for me. The problem is many people lack the necessary marketing skills when it comes to launching their internet business. There are plenty of programs available online that provide useful information when it comes to marketing online. When I finally received the training I needed to market successfully online everything became clear. I needed to get my website in front of the right audience, whether it was from newspaper ads, pay per click search engines, Craig’s list, or any type of free classifieds online and offline. It was evident that this is what I needed to do in order to explode my income online. Making money online is possible and if you have the desire to do so, you will succeed if you have a definite plan. Many successful business owners fail initially, but it’s their persistency that eventually wins in the long run. Learn how to market effectively online and you will see an explosion in your income.

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