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This article looks at what and why small and medium sized business owners need to do to turn their ideas and dreams into reality by actually using article writing to grow their business. Using article writing as part of your business marketing can generate traffic to your website and increase your income and exposure for you and your business.

In this article I’m going to look at why article writing is one of the easiest ways in which to market your business and why it needs to form part of your ongoing marketing mix.

If your business has a website, a blog or an online shop then article writing is for you. You can have the best website in the world but without regular visitors and traffic to your site then it’s not really worth having on online presence at all. And there really is only 2 ways to get traffic to your site – you pay for it (pay per click, banner advertising, affiliate schemes, directory advertising etc) or you get free traffic (optimization in the search engines natural or free listings being the main way). Don’t get my wrong paying for traffic can really work and pay per click advertising is great as it gives you instant results and if you can convert visitors to sales then it can make you and your company money. HOWEVER, you can get even better results by being listed high in the natural search engine listings (or SERPS) and article writing can really help with this. When people use a search engine like Google they are presented with numerous listings based on what they are searching for. The sponsored (or paid) listings appearing at the top and down the right hand side and the free or natural listings appearing on the main page. Pretty straightforward yes? But what am I telling you that you don’t already know? Well did you know about the 70/30 rule? The 70/30 rule means that 70% of visitors to a search engine will click on a free listing rather than a paid for listing who just get 30% of total clicks. This means that even if you run highly successful pay per click campaigns over two thirds of people searching for your product/company/service could be going elsewhere unless you appear high in the free listings. Now if you have a large marketing budget then I’d recommend investing in search engine optimization (be careful though as there’s thousands of so called SEO experts out there who make big promises without delivering).

However if you don’t have a large budget then article writing can really help you move up the rankings, establish you as an expert in your field and mean you get traffic, visitors and sales for little time and money. Marketing done well can transform your business from an also ran to leaders in your particular field and size of your budget doesn’t have to hold you back. Be smart with your marketing and article writing and watch your business grow – JUST DO IT!

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