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When a tenth class reunion is observed there are often those who will leave the event feeling as if nothing has changed. The cheerleaders are still catty and the jocks still think they are NFL material. Many of the same petty attitudes seem to come up and so many seem intent on attempting to impress others about their success and achievements. By the time the twentieth reunion is celebrated many individuals are interested in talking about their children and the successes their offspring have achieved.

Time has mellowed most, but there may still be a few intent on reliving glory days that will not come again in the same way their memory has led hem to believe. When thirty years have passed most attending reunions are able to recall high school with a general fondness that erases many class differences and encourages class members to band together in the recollection of what was good about a past that bears no resemblance to the present. Gone are the jocks and the cheerleaders as a preferred class. What is left is a collection of humanity that pines for a life left behind and celebrates that present because a new generation is firmly established in the offspring of these now cherished friends. A site like Classmates.com can help people of all ages reconnect with former classmates. What was once a ten year wait to reconnect no longer has to be. This site has keyed in on the importance of emotional connection. In a fast paced world where it seems very little is permanent this site works to reestablish connections with a past that may seem the most permanent in their recollections. It has taken nearly 300 words to get to the place where you have engaged in this article in an emotional way and have recalled classmates you haven’t seen or heard from in a long time. You are likely remembering Friday night football games and conversations around lockers. You are lamenting the fact that there are those who you graduated with that you will never see again. This is the power of emotion.

This is the strength of connection.

This provides meaning beyond a simple purchase. Whether your business deals in helping people find people or you sell candles you can draw upon the power of emotion to help people connect with your site and you product. In 2007 Charmin presented a commercial that explored the connection viewers had with the actor that played Mr. Whipple. The actor passed away in 2007, but by presenting a composite of commercials featuring Mr. Whipple viewers were transported to a simpler time when they may have seen the commercials while visiting grandparents or with family members who have passed on. The point is the connections happened because of the actor and because of the memories associated with where we were when we recall seeing the commercial. A whole new generation exists and the emotional connections they may have will be different. There is nothing that prevents the possibility that an emotional connection could be made in an online environment. The adventure will be in finding your own way to provide the connection your site visitors need in order to recall the connections you hope they experience. Therein lies the mystery and glory of Internet marketing.

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