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When it comes to telephone services there are many choices available to businesses. The choices can be confusing and it may be hard to identify what you actually need. Here are some tips to help you make the best choices. · Know your business needs. While it may be easier to just guess you’re in a much better position if you have a handle on what your telephony needs actually are.

How do you get this information? One way is through what’s called a traffic study. This can be ordered through your current provider and will supply you with a report that details the calling patterns of your business. Another way is through the details on your phone bills. If your bills aren’t detailed you can order more detailed bills. Then you’ll need to scour them to determine the calling patterns and amount of calls made each week or each month. · Learn new technology. Telephony technology is always changing. New technology that was deemed too expensive a few years ago may be much more affordable today. One case in point – T1 phone lines. The DSL used to be the standard communication choice until the T1 came along. Now the prices and availability have made it a no-brainer. T1 service is the current standard for business communications. Not only is it cheaper in the long run but it’s also very reliable. · Shop around. With your needs determined you can now shop for price. Think value and service. Telephony providers will give you what you pay for. Be sure to compare like services and commitments when checking prices. Each company tends to promote certain products or services over others. Always look for the best deal you can get for the exact product you need. · Review service providers. The newest providers may be the cheapest but may not have the service and provision track record to stand by their products. Look for companies that have been in business for a while and who have stable businesses. Check their Web site for company information about their business history. Make sure that they publish toll-free numbers so their customers can easily call them. · Read the fine print. All providers will get down to having you sign the contract. Remember that the contract must explain each detail of the plan. The contract is the only true binding agreement, no matter what was promised verbally. Don’t be pressured into signing an agreement quickly for any reason. Instead, allow yourself enough time to carefully read each portion before signing. If you have any questions have your own legal counsel look it over and explain it to you. · Check ongoing service. It never fails – you’re in the middle of a huge negotiation and the phone system has the only problem it ever had. Bad timing can cause problems but don’t let your company be left in the lurch. Be sure that you have a service plan that covers the days and times that your company works. Also be sure that the plan covers parts and labor and that technicians are available in your area to service the problem if need be.

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