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Harrold Swalve Remember the first time when you felt that a online work at home business was the way to go? You where probably excited and could think of plenty good reasons to start your new career as soon as possible.

Reasons like, no commuting, endless income opportunity, spending more time with the family, and probably many more.

The next step you took probably had to do with searching for the perfect work at home opportunity, you’ve spend several hours searching the internet and, like I did, tried several different make money fast schemes. Did they work? If you are anything like me they most likely didn’t. In the end you decided to do it your way, get your own web site and make money that way. Now you’ve got your own web site with some great products on offer and a terrific design but, unfortunately no visitors. Today you will find out why, and you will be amazed on how simple it really is to change all this to your advantage. You see there is only one big difference between you and all those people who actually do make money online. Become active by doing the things you don’t really like doing. We all know, that in order to get visitors to your web site, you need to be found in the search engines. To be found in the search engines you need lots of links pointing to your web site and this can only truly be achieved by hard work. Exactly the kind of work most of us don’t like. – True a decent linking campaign – You can do this in several different ways but make sure to exchange links with other sites complimentary to yours. It is in your own interest to use a decent link manager program to save as much time as possible. – Writing lots of keyword orientated articles- One of the fastest ways to get decent inbound (one way) links to your site is through article writing. You should make sure to make them keyword rich and place your keywords at least in the beginning and the end of your article. Submit them to every article directory you can find. – Participate in forums (discussion boards)- Most forums allow you to put some links in to your signature file, when you regularly post on different forums you will once again get more inbound links.

Next to that there is a major opportunity to learn and receive free information. Just take a good look at yourself and decide if you can honestly say that you take those extremely important steps on a daily bases. By the time you seriously commit yourself to making these steps a part of your daily routine, you will see the amount of visitors to your web site grow. Not after a few days, but steadily within the next couple of months. That’s when you work at home will finally be rewarded. Just remember this, «Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it.»

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