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Going into business is a big leap and to be successful here, you have to be totally creative and focused.

Many have considered starting out a business in lieu of the corporate employment ladder and while most have faltered, there are a selected few who have made headway today. If your experience lies in architecture and construction, the home renovation market may be an important area for your job search. Home owners throughout the world are moving beyond traditional renovation methods in order to save on energy costs. Your interest in solar panels and your hands-on experience on construction sites can help you build new roofs for home owners. Other positions in the home renovation market include construction work around current structures and foreman positions that are given a mandate to recycle building materials. Your expertise may lie in the area of city and national environmental regulations governing water runoff and building standards. This expertise can be best used in regulatory positions within a government agency. Agencies assigned the task of studying industrial waste, the efficiency of government environmental programmes and adherence to air pollution standards are looking for new graduates every year. You need to possess a keen eye for detail as well as an objectivity in enforcing policies to succeed in compliance positions. If you don’t realize how silly that is, listen to this: When a person says he is looking for a job, I tell you, he isn’t looking for a job. If you give him a job without a pay, do you think he will take it? No sir, what he is looking for, is the opportunity to trade his time and energy and skill in exchange for money. Why then, does a person say he is looking for a job, when in fact he is looking for regular money? Because society has conditioned him to accept that the only acceptable way of getting regular money is to trade his time, energy and skill for it. If instead of a job, you offer him regular money, would he accept it? You bet he would! Unfortunately society doesn’t work that way. In fact, society has us believing there is no such thing as regular money without a job. So much so that a jobless person is regarded with sympathy, if not contempt. If you say everybody should accept his lot, go to work and bear with it, you are exhibiting herd mentality. If the whole village says the world is flat, do you accept that, or do you continue to believe that it is round? Just because everybody believes something or does something, doesn’t mean it is the best thing to do.

If it is, why do we hate Mondays, why do we look forward to public holidays, why do we wish our annual leave is longer? It’s because humans are not made to work. If you’re looking for an alternative income, you should have no difficulty finding one. Snap a finger and twenty will line up outside your door. There’s always Multi-Level Marketing. Then there’s sales, of everything from pots and pans to insurance, investment instruments, and encyclopedias. Before you sign up to an alternative form of income, ask yourself this important question: are you going to love that new job? If it’s no or if you’re once again trading your time/energy/skill for money, don’t go any further!

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