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There have been some amazing stories of individuals who have been very successful in traffic building in relation to their auction offerings. There have been incredible stories of how an individual will write a description of the product that reads more like a column by Ann Landers with the humor of Dave Barry. The description itself is so entertaining and relatable that individuals flock to the auction site simply to read the description. I recall one story of a mom selling something that had belonged to their child. They wrote hundreds of words describing the special memories of that object in relation to their child.

Because other parents related to the emotional side of the description they came, they read and they sent emails to friends and had them visit too.

In some cases there have even been demands that the auction owner be provided with their own column somewhere for others to experience their wit and wisdom. The end result is that the passion and entertainment used by the person conducting the auction leads to improved traffic and higher bids. There have been cases where these high profile auctions have inspired individuals or organizations to bid on the item that was made famous through a creative online auction. Being creative even in what may seem like a pretty straightforward product description may seem like an unlikely source for improved traffic building, but it has proven the case often in online auctions. In fact the creativity expressed in online auctions is a contributor to other forms of traffic building. For instance, signature lines in forums are becoming more elaborate with clickable graphics that can lead forum visitors to your online store or primary website. This is the true essence of marketing – getting as creative as possible in the use of all available tools. To give you a more hands on point of view. I recently discovered an electrical outlet that had no plate. The screw that held the plate on had snapped and a portion of the crew remained. I turned off the electricity and used a pair of wire cutters to grab onto the broken screw and in short order I was able to remove the broken screw and replace the plate and install a new screw. I could have called an electrician or I could have replaced the entire outlet, but I used the tools at my disposal to creatively fix my problem. This is a good mentality to take into problems you may encounter in online marketing and traffic building. Locate the tools that are available to you and work to create an environment conducive to motivating individuals to visit your website and discover what you have to offer.

Perhaps there was a time when simple curiosity was enough to draw foot traffic to brick and mortar stores, but as time goes by it takes much more creative thinking to establish a mechanism that invites customers to visit. Usually one approach to online traffic building isn’t quite enough. When it comes to online marketing there are lots of tools. Use them creatively.

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