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Opera II XRL is a software package that gives you the user fast, accurate and secure reporting and analysis of your account details. Opera II XRL is an addition to Microsoft Excel, which integrates and connects with Opera II where the businesses financial information is held. For many years users struggled to get the financial information from Opera II into Microsoft Excel but with Opera II XRL it’s no problem. Your question is how does it do this? The answer is that Opera II XRL stops you from having to copy and paste and re-type the information from Opera II into Microsoft Excel. Instead Opera II XRL is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Excel which saves not only time but also security and the accuracy of the information. Opera II XRL also allows you to view individual transactions. Ease of Use Opera II XRL is easy to use and if you do get stuck why not check out the XRL Wizard who can guide you through on how to import your data from Opera II into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. A break down of this is as follows:

• Select the Company who’s data you want to get

• Identify the area of the system you want to access i.e. Stock, Sales, Payroll, Costing, Production

• Choose the fields you want to import

• Your now done and this will only take a few seconds Another way is to use the drop down menus and click on the data you want to be extracted from your accounts system; this is then imported into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. An added bonus of Opera II XRL is that the language is English so you won’t have any problems with grammar and technical jargon. Accuracy and Security Accuracy and Security are important points in any business software. Opera II XRL has security measures in place these are as follows:

• You need to log onto the software – the system will check your user rights this ensures only the relevant users can access personnel data.

• Once logged in you can use XRL to display the financial data you require

• This is done is seconds no need to wait for a few minutes and guess what the data is accurate too due to the data being extracted straight from the financial system, which eliminates input errors from manual spreadsheet input.

Reporting Power You now have more time to produce valuable and detailed analysis financial spreadsheets using XRL’s powerful reporting tools. If you want to create Management Reports in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet you can create links which link any data to a specific field in the spreadsheet, this used to take a few days to create, but now with Opera II XRL it only takes a matter of hours. Drilldown Drilldown allows you interrogate the data you’ve exported from Opera II to Microsoft Excel by not only looking at the fields but the transactions which are behind them. An example of this is:

• Turnover Value for a customer can be expanded by an invoice number

• This can then be expanded again, to see the stock items which make up that invoice A drilldown helps you to investigate any transaction behind a field of your choice quickly and efficiently and also meaning you wouldn’t have to go back and look in the accounts system. Writeback If you’ve prepared information in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and you want to load it in the account system then the facility in XRL ‘Data Send’ allows you to do this. If you have any information including the following these can be entered into your accounts system with little effort and time.

• Price Lists
• Nominal Budgets

• Stock Adjustments The Benefits of XRL The main business benefits of XRL are as follows:

• Accuracy of data transfer which ensures accurate results

• Significant time savings over manual entry of data

• Powerful reporting tools which can present data in graphical form which makes it easier to understand

• Powerful analytical tools which provide better and quicker results which then can be acted upon

• Reports can be published from Opera II XRL using the Executive Modules, which means the information can be accessed anywhere at any time

• The dynamic link between the accounts system and Microsoft Excel provides instant management information when required, enabling decisions to be made when they need to be

• Finally Opera II XRL works and it must work as over 17,000 companies worldwide use it Opera II XRL is a smart accounting package that puts you in control of your business. The features within this package are designed to take the strain out of running your business and it enables you to fully tailor the software to your business needs.

Opera II XRL is the smart choice for businesses who want more time spent making money and less time spent producing spreadsheets. Get your business growing faster with Opera II XRL.

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