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Darren Dunner In the past 6 months several articles have been written to offer tools, helps & any advice on the power of writing articles and submitting these to many online ezines. In fact the word ezines is just becoming a known keyword in the web world. If you have a site and want to generate a buzz ad get traffic you need to submit your article to ezines. In this article I will not go into the best methods of writing these articles and as most of you know by now it is not that easy to write an article and have it approved by these ezine companies. What we do want to accomplish here is the best way to go about submitting your articles. There are a handful of very well developed ezine sites that if you do write articles you want to submit to. The problem that is most often heard is the time it takes to submit the article to all of these sites. Recently there has been a rush on developers to create programs that will do this for you automatically. There is a positive and a negative to this process. Lets talk about the Negative first.

Here are a list of reasons why you shouldn’t use these programs: 1.

These programs are still newly developed and the software developers of these programs may not have tested these fully before handing these out to everyone. 2. There are reports of some programs that do not work at all and cause serious damage to PCs. One such company is called Submita www.submitaarticle.com (see below for quote from Submita) 3. Many of the ezines have a bio attached and the way the bio works is different for each site and if you are promoting more then 1 site then you need multiple bios and will need multiple submit programs these typically only handle 1 account which means you need more then 1 computer. 4. Duplicate content is another big issue. If you put submit article in several locations this can count against you. Quote: In a recent attempt to explain the PC corruption caused by Submita (an article submission software) their response was: “Please note that we have stated clearly on our webpage that we provide you a fully functional free trial with no restrictions so that you can try the software before you buy it. It also states that we have a no refund policy.” In reply to this: “Please note that your free trial had no functionality it was a program that had no use until you entered in a serial number which must be provided by you and was not. I had to purchase the license so I could at least try out the program to see if it worked or not” Notice that there was no apology for the corruption the program caused and no attempt to fix the solution. Only response was “Too Bad” Lets take a look at the positive in using these types of programs: 1. This will save you hours of sitting in front of computer logging in and out each time for each ezine site 2.

Though there are some programs that do not even work there are programs that do work. One of them is Instant Article Submitter made by Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson and this program has nothing but great reviews and the reputation of Rob & Jeff are nothing but the best. There are other programs and other sites that do work as well if you want more information contact us directly. 3. If submitting multiple articles is an issue then do the submission and take the time to login to each account and assign the bio to it… that is still easier then doing the whole part and hopefully these programs will note this and allow users to have multiple accounts to manage on 1 program. 4. Though the article you are submitting is duplicate it still counts as back links for your site and the better you get your site ranked with back links the better you will in the search engines. Keep in mind that every time you submit an article you are generating hype about the service or product and creating a reputation on the web as a trusted source. One last tip is if you have a new product make sure to create a buzz about that product and name and watch as you create a new keyword on the search engines.

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