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Did you know that you can promote your wellness business with personalized stamps? Personalized stamps are great fun to use. Even though many people pay their bills online, there are often bills that we mail on a monthly basis. Why not take advantage of your regular mail to be able to promote your wellness business with personalized stamps? Personalized stamps are a terrific marketing tool to use. Right at your mailbox is a great marketing tool that many people do not think about. Stop for a moment and think about all the people that end up looking at your mail to get it from your mailbox to the company that you’re paying a bill to or someone you are writing a letter to.

There will be a minimum of three to five people that will handle that one envelope. Picture this; the envelope has your wellness website address and logo on it. People are naturally curious. Chances are that a few people are going to write down that address and visit it. As you know, once they come to your wellness website, the products and services virtually sell themselves. The starting point is to create a company logo that looks good when it is small. You want a logo that is not full a lot of detail because the details will not show up well on the small area. You should also select a logo that has bright colors. Red is good because it automatically grabs people’s attention and gets them to stop. Selecting your wellness business logo is important for using personalized stamps for promotion. Next, you will should go on the internet and find a company that will let you upload your logo and web address for your personalized stamps. Many companies are available and offer some terrific prices. The expense is well worth getting the additional advertising and marketing your wellness home business. Upload your wellness home business logo and web address and order your personalized stamps. What types of mail should you place the personalized stamps? Everything that you mail should have the stamp. It is a good idea to send a thank you card to customers for their orders. This will increase the chances of repeat sales. You can even have customized personal stamps that are postage rate for post cards. You can hand write a thank you note on an index card and send it to your customer with the personalized stamp. If you mail volume is low, you might get co-workers, friends and relatives to agree to use the stamps. You only charge them the actual postage fee and not the personalization fee. Many people do not think about or care what stamps they use as long as they are getting their stuff mailed. Personalized postage stamps are is remarkable marketing tools for letting people know that you have a small wellness home business. The response that you will get with increased traffic might truly surprise you. Traffic means that you will have increased sales and sales mean that you will have a larger customer base of repeat customers.

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