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For some online entrepreneurs the advent of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is something on par with affiliate revenue programs. This may sound like an odd statement so let me explain. In affiliate revenue programs a website is developed with the singular purpose of encouraging visitors to make a purchase through your site. The items they can find on your site are actually purchased from a third party website using the affiliate’s website as the portal. However because the customer used the affiliate revenue site to make the purchase the owner of the site receives a commission for the sale. Many home-based businesses use some form of affiliate revenue program to provide residual income. The use of PPC advertising in the body of your website has nothing to do with commissions, but it does have to do with payment for accepted advertising. In this scenario individuals may come to a website because it is filled with knowledge-based content. That content is rich in keywords or phrases. Advertising is automatically chosen for the website based exclusively on content. When a visitor clicks on your website they will find a compliment of PPC advertising that will deal directly with the content you have provided. When those individuals click on the PPC link the site owner receives income based on the price of the ad. Obviously sites that want to use PPC advertising to facilitate a residual income try to make sure their keywords or phrases are somewhat unique drawing PPC advertising that is worth more per click. For instance a unique keyword could draw a commission ten times that of a more common keyword or phrase.

In the scenario of a site built specifically to capitalize on PPC advertising content may be the most important commodity you have. In all websites content should be king, but it is especially important in PPC advertising sites because the idea is to provide the site visitor with such a comprehensive means of learning about a specific item, trade or service that they find enormous value in your site. This customer trust for your content is also of value to the PPC ad placement in that it works to laser focus the advertising to potential customers. In the end you want site visitors to click one or more link when they visit your site. This is how you make money. With PPC revenue generating sites you are not selling a product. In fact, the site visitor does not even have to purchase a product. What you want the visitor to do is click on any PPC link. Once the link is clicked by a visitor you are credited with a sum of money designed to pay you for the referral. In the case of affiliate revenue you are seeking to convince visitors to visit the third party supplier and then make a purchase. In PPC sites you are simply seeking to provide highly focused information with PPC advertising to appeal to the very specific needs of the site visitor. In both cases you could receive residual income that may prove to be beneficial in the improvement of family finances.

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