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What a strange title.

Of course content is important! Why bring it up? That is a good question.

The reason I bring it up is because for many web designers there seems to be the attitude that they should simply provide several areas of fixed content that may appeal to search engines. For most web designers this is a time saving tactic that bows to the notion that a site MUST be Search Engine optimized (SEO) without thinking about the life of the website post-launch. Sometimes the online business owner does not fully understand the role of fresh content to the improved status of their website. In most cases the business owner is simply anxious to get the site developed and launched and hasn’t taken the time to wonder what happens after it goes live. The web designer may not bring this up either. It is not that the web designer may not want the best for you, but they also know it may be labor intensive thus time consuming for them. They may also realize you might not have significant new data to include. Fresh content can be culled from a variety of locations. You can develop fresh content on your own or you can ask vendors for content that they may have that could be dropped into the website as needed. One of the best tools for gaining fresh, topic-specific content is through a free articles directory. This can solve some of the issues surrounding the need for content, but it may not address the ease with which you may want to see when it comes to placement of the content. What I mean by that is that your web designer may be the one responsible for alterations to your site, but they may also be busy enough that your request may not gain first priority. Some site owners report requested changes to their website can take days, weeks and sometimes months for their web designer to manage.

In some cases it seems to online business owners that the web designer is only interested in getting you up and running, but does not care as deeply for the day to day changes you may need. While there are some very responsive web designers available there is also a more personal solution to making content alterations to your website that functions on a timetable of your choosing. Web builder technology allows you to develop and maintain your website when and how you want without the need for a third party designer. In a world where SEO is so important to online business it is important to be able to keep your site fresh. If a web designer is not able to keep up with your needs it may be important to explore the possibility of web builder technology. In many cases you can develop multiple articles for release and place an embargo on the content until a certain day and time. What this means is you can develop a months worth of articles and instruct the software when you want it to place the content online. Imagine being on a business trip and still having new content placed on your site in your absence. You can be your own web designer. The results are positive, the responsiveness is immediate and the costs are significantly less than other alternatives.

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