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When looking for secretarial, data entry or word processing jobs in the newspaper, one may think that typing skills are no longer important, since these jobs are in very short supply.

However, there are thousands of people all over the country that are making money through typing. This is because they are home based transcribers. What is a home based transcriber? A home based transcriber is a person who converts audio into a written format. They do all of this through a telecommuting, home based setup, where work is submitted via email or through an FTP on their company’s website. So, how do these lucky individuals land home based transcribing positions? Basically, they type fast, have an eye for detail and keen hearing ability. In fact, of these skills, a keen hearing ability will probably get you further as a home based transcriber than even typing speed. When you hear in a keen way, you must be able to listen to the words that are not being spoken in situations where speakers are mumbling or have heavy accents. You must also be able to figure out what is being said when the audio quality is poor. Additionally, you need to be able to distinguish between different voices. While this may sound easy, when you transcribe long documents that have dozens of speakers, it can be difficult remembering who exactly is speaking, unless they have something about their voice that is prolific. Home based transcribers must also be very disciplined when it comes to having the drive to continue doing work that can be dry and boring. However, there are some home based transcription jobs that offer a little bit more exciting content. These are usually the ones where home based transcribers must type up court hearings or police correspondence. Dryer jobs are the ones where home based transcribers type up company briefings, certain types of news media and political correspondence. No education is required to become a home based transcriber, if what is being transcribed is general in nature. If the content is medical, it is recommended a transcriber get a certificate in medical transcription, though it is not required. It also helps if a person has excellent English skills and is generally well-educated. This is because as a home based transcriber you may come across lots of fancy vocabulary and industry jargon. To find home based transcribing jobs, it is best to search freelancing boards such as http://Wahm.com. Sites like this offer a whole section of contact information for some of the most popular home based transcribing jobs.

Alternatively, a person could simply enter “home based transcriber” complete with the quotes into a search engine. The listings that would come up would relate completely to home based transcription, since the quotation marks tell the search engine to exclude any results not relating to it. In conclusion, if you type fast and want to make money for your ability, think about becoming a home based transcriber. It is not the most exciting job in the world, but the work is steady and the pay tends to be good. In addition, home based transcription is one of the most widely accessible at-home jobs you can find.

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