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While the old adage that strongly urges to do what you love and the money will follow is indeed correct for the overwhelming majority of the time, there are those times when you need to reevaluate and consider that there is more to working from home than doing what you love.

For example: just because you enjoy baking dog biscuits, it does not mean that after a week long blitz of making enough batches to fill your garage, you will have customers breaking down the door to buy them. Instead, commercial success or failure when working from home quite frequently transcends that notion and requires some coolheaded calculations to boot: 1. No matter which kind of business you start, make sure you have an exit strategy. Even though it may be a bit of a morbid thought to plan for your business’ failure, the fact that knowing how to get out from under a potentially financial burden is well worth overcoming awkwardness. This holds true most especially if your home business involves the purchase of machinery or copious amounts of inventory. Knowing in advance where to unload the goods in case of failure – in an effort to recoup any financial losses or at least offset the bath you took when buying the machinery – offers the potential for freedom and also risk taking you otherwise might not dare to even consider. 2. Even if you love something very much you must be prepared to not pursue it if the market is simply not ready. Back to the dog biscuit example: if you live in a rural area where next to nobody has a dog, or you live in a part of the country where dogs are not generally kept as pets, then this might not be the niche you want to go after. Find other outlets for your baking creativity, such as carving out a niche for dog biscuits made for those animals with severe allergies. Just because you most likely will not have a clientиle locally, your ability to provide this highly specialized good puts you in an excellent position to take the online marketplace by storm! 3. Go with your second impulse rather than your first one! Sure, while the first impulse may have you deciding on a home based business that makes a lot of sense, has a good chance of translating into a monetarily rewarding career, and may actually present a decent niche appeal, it is your second impulse that might send you over the top! This might be the idea you consider too wild to be feasible, too far out to find an interested buyer, or too odd to get anyone to even look at. It is this very impulse that might lead to the creation of a home based business which will succeed because it caters to an under served market, while the first impulse idea may have been moderately successful but would never be able to rival the second for the simple fact that the market is all but saturated with others who are thinking in exactly the same way.

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