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Too often small business owners that sell wholesale merchandise get caught up in price wars. I must admit, I was one of them in the last months and learned greatly about my project experiences. I must say, getting into price wars on the Internet especially if you now have to constantly check your statements, is not a wise strategy – as big businesses will eventually win the battle on the concept known as “economies of scale.” I did put aside what was thought quite a few years ago, the “Economies of scale” in which basically means that the more you sell, the cheaper you can afford to sell it. Thus, the smaller your business, the less likely you’ll be able to beat others in a price war when it comes to product and services. On the other hand, in the wholesale merchandise business there are many wealthy entrepreneurs out there who make money faster than they can spend it and who are readily willing to spend large amounts of money if you give them what they want. It’s obvious to re-consider and confirmed too many who read e-commerce articles, that most of the wealthy people go into a special niche with specialized needs that larger businesses generally cannot satisfy. These consumers may want personalized service or personalized products or they may need services that can provide customized wholesale business solutions. They are often willing to pay more just to know that they will be dealing with one individual for service instead of a bureaucracy. For them, time is more expensive than cash, so having you readily available is worth extra cash. It’s like going to eBay and seeing so much competition for low ticket items, when with a clear perfect credit history and with some healthy budget, you can specialize in high ticket items instead of selling items by the truckload by lots. It’s a good penny business that should make you profitable in business if you specialize, however, it’s much easier to drop-ship grandfather clocks at $1,500 than to sell a wholesale lot of bulk low cost items for $500.

00 and get your cut. Of course, it will depend on your likes and your ability to sell certain items. But the extended adage of serve well to those with money and you won’t have to be one of the small businesses caught up in the price war game until a big business takes over – is still true. As an ending point, remember that in this era of electronic marketing and sales, the number of wealthy people at your disposal is greater than was ever imaginable just a few years ago. Many people get into e-commerce just to make a little side cash to pay their debts, trying to sell to other people like themselves because they cannot imagine or put themselves in the place of people with money. The Internet is the most competitive marketplace in Earth’s history, so you won’t win any price war here anytime soon, but if you combined your regular product line and sell high-quality luxury goods or services to the wealthy, you may not need to gain a large share of the market to be profitable. As new pricy specialized sub-niche items come along, a small profile of customers and prospective clients could continue bumping your profitability year after year. Be it for the wholesale merchandise business, the concept and the pragmatism explained here, works if you work it!

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