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Non geographic telephone numbers are a special type of telephone number, that is also considered to be a telemarketing number.

These types of numbers do not pinpoint your business to a specific area geographically; instead, it allows you to take advantage of your total market nationally. There are many different categories of non geographic telephone numbers, seven to be exact. These are known as: – Free phone – Lo-Call – Fixed Rate – National Rate – Premium Rate – Alphanumeric – Personal Free phone is a non geographical telephone number that offers your customers and potential customers the ability to call your business without having to pay any type of fees for the call. This is a great business tool as it gives your customers confidence and makes them believe that you really want their business. Free phone numbers can be distinguished by 0800. Lo-Call are telephone numbers that begin with 0845. This is yet another great business tool because it gives your long distance callers local rate calls, even when they are on the opposite side of the country. Receiving the calls are free for your business, all you have to do is pay the deposit and monthly fees. Fixed rate numbers are typically 0844 or 0871, these are traditional telemarketing phone numbers. These types of numbers charge the customer for their calls to your business. 0871 calls typically cost the customer’s more than the 0844. National rate telephone numbers begin with 0870 and allow your customers to call your business with a cheaper national rate, no matter where they are in the United Kingdom. This type of non geographic telephone number is great for information hot lines, order lines, help lines, and technical support centres. Premium rate telephone numbers start with 090. These are great for competitions, chat lines, and technical support calls. These are premium calls that charge the callers higher rates per minute than 0871 or 0844 telephone numbers. The business is not required to cover any of the costs associated with the telephone call and recovers a large portion of the money paid by the customer. Alphanumeric telephone numbers are words instead of numbers. These are perfect advertisement for many customers. This could be a catchy slogan or something to identify the company with. By using alphanumeric telephone numbers you can catch and keep the attention of your customers with something easy to remember. Personal telephone numbers start with 0700.

This type of number goes by many names such as call shield, follow me, one, and personal numbers.

The great advantage about this type of telephone number is that it allows you to provide your customers with just one telephone number, but have that number route to any other number you wish.

This is perfect for taking your calls while at home, travelling, or in another office, but do not want to miss the all important telephone calls. As you can see, there are many different types of non geographic telephone numbers to learn about. Choosing the right one for your business means understanding your options and choosing the one that best suits your businesses needs.

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