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I was sent a link recently to a video that was powerful in the way it presented the idea of going the extra mile for customer in ways that were easy, but unexpected. I left the viewing of the video inspired and wanting to find new ways to make my own businesses better. While I was inspired by the video and would willingly send anyone to the site I also discovered this video to be a video marketing strategy for a series of inspiring books and motivational downloads. The video was the marketing tool. It was emotive, challenging and powerful, but it was also designed to BE the selling tool for the affiliated products. Testimonial after testimonial located after the viewing of the video indicated this series was an excellent resource and empowered employees to find job satisfaction in serving customers well. I think the reason I was so taken with the approach was that it was vastly different from most video marketing strategies. In most cases the video presented is a sales tool telling you why the available products are just what you need. The videos will provide the testimonials and bits of details that leave you with partial answers to thought provoking questions. These are key elements in video marketing and they are effective, but the novel approach to giving you a complete and motivational video download was unexpected. Here’s why I believe this approach works. The emotive video does not actively sell a product or service. Because this is true there is no pressure, just the emotional connections associated with the viewing. Once the video is over the viewer will think of others that would benefit from viewing this feel good motivational video. The soft sell of the video is literally making it possible for an incredible number of potential buyers to visit the site and find encouragement.

Even if they have no interest in buying the product they will likely keep the link handy to share with others over the long-term and I’m pretty certain there will be some of those that find the motivational material a strong enough reason to make a purchase. What’s more is that the video is essentially timeless. The end product could change from time to time, but the video remains the cornerstone of the marketing plan. And because so many will forward a link to business associates, family and friends the end result is a positive experience even after the viewer understand there is a no-obligation set of products that can be purchased following the viewing. This is a great example of giving more than you have to, and by doing so you end up with improved traffic and a higher conversion rate. I think part of the problem with most sales videos is that they often breed distrust from the beginning. Most people see the sales pitch and watch for the angle they know is coming. This secondary type of marketing approach takes them off guard it is a simple straightforward story that turns out to be true, emotional, motivating and inspirational. And that story ties very specifically into the product being sold, but in the end the video stands on its own merit.

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As products and services appear on the Internet and there is proof that money can be made through these venues, copy cats, hackers, and scam artists are quick to create twin sites that will easily fool consumers and those looking for work at home opportunities.

Bank information, personal information (SSN), and physical money are taken fraudulently creating victims of fraud, Internet scam and identity theft.

Far too many people believe that this cannot happen to him or her, as this is just not the case. The Despicable Scam Artists If you were to take the time to look into the numerous scams and bogus business offers found online it would turn your stomach. It is disgraceful and frightening to see those online surveys, government grants; mystery shoppers and data entry clerks all make the list for scams online. Opportunities that were once available are now cause for red flags and alarms when searching on the Internet. The Unfortunate Victims The appeal of working from home can often prove to be more harmful than helpful for many who become victims of fraud through false business opportunities. Millions of dollars from career hopefuls are sent to online business addresses and promises of careers for home businesses are left unmet as a scam artist takes the money and runs. Once you become a victim of fraud you become full of paranoia. You no longer have a trust for businesses in general. It is an awful feeling to think that there is not a single business remaining that you can put your own personal information and money into. Guidelines For Scam Protection Following these suggestions can keep you from becoming a victim. Prevention is the only way to help us and others to keep life for us safe as possible. If we take the time to protect ourselves, perhaps we can begin to deter those scammers, hackers and online thieves.  Research a company or business prior to personal involvement. Look for records online shoeing proof that this is a legitimate business.  Protect your personal information such as your social security number, home address, telephone number, email, or bank account details.

Do not send checks or other payments prior to receiving written information from the company.  Search for details of a business through the better business bureau. Prevention and Knowledge Is Key Knowing how to protect yourself and your loved ones when searching for online opportunities is a must. Thought the Internet is a useful tool it has transformed into a portal for thieves, predators, scam artist and other disgraceful types to prey on men, women and children alike. If we do not take precautions the cases of fraud and scam victims will continue to increase and the Internet will become an even greater threat to personal well-being. You can learn more about Internet scams on the Internet or through other media such as books at your local library. Arm yourself with knowledge and share it with those around you. Each and every person who is aware of Internet scams is another step towards ending it.

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What exactly is this system about? I was introduced to the Perfect Wealth Formula by a Top Internet Marketer. The claim to fame in his marketing was «0 to $108,000 in 8 Weeks!» I was highly skeptical yet curious. I said to myself that’s a lot of money in 2 months, how did he do it with the the Perfect Wealth Formula . I was intrigued but I had made more money myself in one month’s time. A little information on my background. I have spent the last 20 years studying Marketing. I make my living as a Registered Financial Consultant. I spend my days meeting my 400 clients and reviewing their investment portfolios and reviewing their tax returns. The most important thing I have seen in doing this weekly for the last 20 years is simple, People that own their own business have the most income and assets.

It’s a fact, owning your own business is the best financial decision you can make for yourself and your family. Every week I have people who come in my office that have Net Worth’s of $1Millon to 15 Million and they have one thing in common, they own their own business. I was totally interested in the the Perfect Wealth Formula because this business met the criteria of the perfect business. You control your own time, your control your own business and you work from home on your own schedule. I investigated further to see how the the Perfect Wealth Formula Works. Here is what I have found. What Exactly is the the Perfect Wealth Formula ? At first I was highly skeptical and wanted to take a look at what they had to offer. I signed up and went directly into the back office. The products were Videos of the Perfect Wealth Formula in action. The one thing I heard from my wealthy clients over and over was ‘Knowledge is Power». I knew the Perfect Wealth Formula Videos had the knowledge and power to teach you how to get targeted visitors to your website so that you can make your business grow. Here is the knowledge I saw: You get to learn From the Tutorial Videos – How to place Online Classified Ads to Generate Targeted prospects ready to buy. – How to get Pay Per Click Marketing work for you with targeted Keywords that work – How to get indexed on the Top Search Engines for Free – How to Write Blogs, Press Releases and articles to get instant free traffic – How to market to other people lists that they spent 100’s of hours building for free – Step by Step Video instruction on how to get your business set up to make you a profit There is much more! You will be able to take the knowledge from the Perfect Wealth Formula and apply it to other businesses as well.

You will be able to make a significant income just by sharing this important information of teaching how to market yourself and build credibility on the web for any business you own.

My overall experience as a 20 year seasoned marketer is the the Perfect Wealth Formula is the foundation for any new or highly trained internet marketer to build a large home based business.

For a free look at the secret just click the Perfect Wealth Formula

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Can anyone make money blogging? Just about, yes. There are so many ways to use blogging to your advantage and you can do so with a minimum investment of $0. Google’s Adsense program offers the opportunity to make money from targeted ads on your site or blog and you can even do so with free blogs such as on Blogger. They’re both free to join and you can use them to build an income. Successful internet marketers make money from blogging, entrepreneurs subsidize their income with this and people use it to make a few extra dollars here and there as well. Whatever your goals are, it just takes time and research to find out if you can make money by blogging. How do you optimize your site for the best Google Adsense results? There are many possible answers to this question and different people have varying degrees of success at Google Adsense. One of the key factors is patience and perseverance. It can take months to get to the minimum payout level of $100.00. Another factor is the mystery that surrounds the Google Adsense program. Google won’t tell you how much money you’ll make. You’re also not allowed to ask people to click your ads and if Google suspects you are earning money via fraudulent clicks, you’ll be banned in a flash. You want to learn the highest paying niches and get your website ranked well in order to maximize your Adsense earnings.

How? Not everyone makes money online blogging but those who are willing to try a few different things and spend a lot of time researching and learning about proven effective methods for making money via blogs from Adsense can not only hit payout but can get some good residual income floating in. There is a lot of information out there to help you learn about ways to increase your chances of success. Tips for Google Adsense Success on Your Blog First, you have to be sure you understand what the Google Adsense TOS (terms of service) expects from you, otherwise you could find yourself inching towards payout only to be suddenly banned with all your hard work down the drain. Make your sites as Google friendly as possible and be sure you adhere to the terms and conditions of the agreement with respect to the type of content you post. Learn SEO to get indexed, get traffic and get the google spiders crawling your blog. You might not want to tell your family or friends about your Google ads in case they decide to try to ‘help’ you by committing click fraud. Once Google bans you, reversing it is like trying to un-ring a bell. Remember that the key to Adsense success is targeted advertisements. You want ads that pertain to your niche. If you don’t have a niche on your blog, you probably won’t develop much of a following. Don’t overstuff your blog posts with the words and if you don’t get desired ads come up, you might have to tweak your wording. If you overuse some of your words you could end up with ads that you didn’t intend on getting. Whether you’re using free blogs or hosting your own, bookmark and visit other blogs in your niche to help get the desired traffic you seek. Link to others in your niche and they’ll probably link back. Use blog networking tools and don’t forget to ping, social bookmark and comment on other blogs. Pique curiosity. If you reveal too much information in your blog posts, there won’t be any reason to click on the ads. You want to reveal enough to provide engaging and interesting content but leave enough to the imagination that people will click a relevant Adsense advertisement on the page wanting to learn more which causes you to earn more. There are many ad placement strategies and only tests and trial will reveal the golden formula for you.

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Is there room in your town for a Smoothie business? Juice bars are popping up in most towns and cities in the UK. Their offering is healthy, nutritious, easy to make, fun and very tasty! Fruit & vegetable juices definitely beat most other foods having lower calories, higher vitamin and mineral content and are low in fat. They have been recognized as preventing many types of illnesses caused by our fast food / low nutrition diet. Every fruit and vegetable has its own unique mixture of vitamins and minerals which you can use to make up for many deficiencies in your diet. Juice on the move – they are great to be consumed on the move in this high pace world in which we live in. With a decent lid and a straw you are unlikely to make a mess either in your office or car. Who has the time to sit down, peel fruit, eat it and then wash your hands? You can offer supplements in your juice like added Vitamin C, Ginseng, Mint or even Garlic to make your offering even more tempting to the new vitamin popping generation.

Why not go the full distance and serve organic fruit and vegetable juices? Profit margins are good and equipment costs are low. All you need are several juice machines, good quality fruit & vegetables, nice decor and the ability to work hard. You need to have the right type of footfall though. Find a site that has a lot of younger people passing by. Ideal location would be in walking distance of a large trendy shopping mall and a big complex of offices. Initial expenses can be high for marketing your new business. You have to let people know you have arrived by sending out emails & doing leaflet drops. Advertise in the local newspaper and radio. Offer free juice to the first thousand customers and people are sure to know that you have arrived! Try and come up with trendy names for your juices. It might be just pure orange juice to you but how about «Refreshing Orange Bang» for a name? Your apple juice could be called «The Green Devil» whilst carrot juice could possible be named «The Energizer». Branding is everything in this business. Choose trendy colors that immediately scream fruit. Use reds, greens & orange in your logo and shop front design. Your slogan should echo the healthy aspects of your products. Possible slogans could include «Crave the taste & Improve your Health» or how about «The Juice that Packs a Healthy Punch»? Smoothies are not just fruit drinks; they can also be an alternative to a snack or light meal for people who are worried about their expanding waistlines.

Add healthy, easy to make sandwiches to complement your nutritious range.

Making fruit juice is easy. The real challenge lies in picking the right site, establishing your brand, building goodwill (and reputation) and generating repeat business. For the entrepreneur starting out in business, a juice bar can be a fun business with decent profit potential.

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Webmasters know that it takes more than putting a website online to call it a success. You need to build links to achieve popularity and search engine rankings. Link popularity is achieved through link building and is an essential part of search engine optimization.

If you have a passion to put forth the effort to build quality inbound links to your site, it will in turn achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

If your website is marketing products or services you need the traffic this will bring for success. By consistently earning more quality inbound links to your web site your search engine rankings will improve. Links from the more popular websites definitely are more potent and effective than links from less popular sites and can carry your site to the top of the search engines. Link popularity plays a vital role in popularizing and categorizing the internet. The more websites you have that link to yours, the more traffic you will receive. We all know that it takes visitors to your site to achieve sales and success for your business. There are various methods for link building including quality directory submissions, reciprocal linking, link baiting and newsletters. Link building is a part of search engine optimization that every webmaster takes part in by attempting to build quality, relevant inbound links to their website. The three basic types of link building consist of reciprocal, one way and three way link building. Reciprocal link building has been decreasing in popularity due to search engines getting better at detecting them and discounting the value of those links. The method basically involves you linking to a related site and them in return linking back. One way link building efforts are still going strong as this is where you can get the most value from your linking efforts. It is a great way to improve your search engine rankings, but the links are much more difficult to obtain. You can achieve these links through submissions for directory review, providing unique article content and blogs. Links should be used properly in pointing surfers looking for content relevant to you site.

The key factor in link building should be to achieve an easy way for web traffic to find the content on your site that is relevant to their searches. Web sites and their promotion should be done with the visitor in mind. Relevancy of the site linking to yours is a determining factor in how much weight that link will be given in the search engines. A site that is within the same niche will help you achieve better results than a link from a site that has no relevance to your niche. The web exists for links between web content. Employing a strategic link building effort to achieve good exposure within that environment is essential to your businesses success. When done properly it can bring relevant traffic to your website to view the products or services offered there. This will help to reach new heights in your business.

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So you have just started your first home business. Congratulations now the real work begins. No matter what anyone or any company may have promised you before you signed up, building a successful home business will take work. Many home business companies will promise you the world and not deliver anything. I truly believe it is possible to be successful in any home business venture you maybe in. But it will take work, determination and effort on your part. It also helps if you have a committed upline who is willing to help you grow and learn as a business owner. There are many different aspects to building a home business but I will focus on the aspects which I feel matter the most.

These are the aspects which will help you build a solid foundation for your home business. So just to clear up the air a little bit, let me point out a couple of facts before we get started. First there is no such thing as get rich quick. Second there is not such thing as only working on your home business 10 minutes a day. Yes you can only work your home business for 10 minutes daily but your results will not be very good. Third if you truly commitment to building a home business, you can and will be successful. First you will need your own web site. Your replicated site will not work. You will want to drive traffic to your web site. There are different methods of driving traffic to your web sites. First if you have the money you can post ads in newspapers offline. This is a great way to build your home business. Of course the bigger the newspaper the bigger the cost is to advertise. Normally the results will be very good if it is a large publication. You can also advertise in magazines as well. When advertising in magazines try to focus on magazines which cater to the customer you are trying to market to. It makes no sense to advertise in a magazine about fishes if you are selling vitamins. Instead find vitamin magazines. I would not suggest advertising in flyers, they are not really effective and you have to have a lot of flyers spread out everywhere just to get a few prospects. Next there is online advertising. Normally everyone jumps to the free classified ad sites to post for their home business. Now in order to be effective with free classified ads you have to post a lot. And I mean a lot. I honestly feel it is not worth your time and effort to post your home business ads to free classified ads. First mostly everyone posting on free classified ad web sites is posting their home business opportunity. Next what is going to make your home business stand out from all of the other ones. Nothing, it is a crap shoot when posting on free classified ad sites. Next PPC or Pay Per Click is a very effective way to drive traffic to your web site. But here is what I suggest unless you already know how to run an effective PPC campaign, hire a pro to run your campaign for you. Remember this is a business just because it is a home business doesn’t mean you should treat it any differently. Businesses reach out to contractors when they need help in certain areas and you should do the same. If you have the cash I would even suggest going as far as hiring a marketing firm to market for you. Lastly you could start an organic SEO campaign to show up in search engines. You could also hire a pro to do this for you but I would be very cautious when looking for an SEO pro or company.

There are many out there who have no clue on what they are doing. When first starting your home business getting traffic to your web site is key. It’s simple no one sees your web site, no one buys your product. The quicker you are able to start making a profit with your home business, the stronger your conviction will be that you made the right choice.

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Like other items of clothing, jeans are supplied by wholesalers to small businesses in bulk quantities.

Wholesalers buy the stock directly from the manufacturers and sell them to the retailers. This is how flea market vendors and small shop owners buy jeans, get significant discounts on them and make good profits by selling them to end-users. This is a very lucrative business; prospective entrepreneurs can set up small stores and sell jeans bought from wholesalers. Even private individuals can take advantage of the wholesale concept; if you have a few friends who all want the same type of jeans, you can pool your buying resources and buy in bulk from the wholesaler.

Wholesale jeans are available in cases or packs, with the number of pieces ranging from as low as nine to as high as two hundred. Both mens and womens jeans, and even children’s jeans sets, are available wholesale. A case of wholesale jeans usually contains jeans of various waist-sizes and lengths. It may have jeans of one particular color/wash, or of assorted colors. Jeans of the leading brands are often available wholesale. Used and recycled jeans are also available wholesale.

Consumers can also buy wholesale jeans and get outrageous discounts. More and more wholesalers are reaching out directly to the customers through the online auctions. Though wholesale jeans don’t have that guarantee of quality that comes with jeans that are sold in exclusive retail outlets of top brands, but considering the amount of that is saved, they usually fetch a good bargain.

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An advance in spam blocking is another really good reason to take list building seriously.

The status quo in list building had been to lease a list and flood thousands of inboxes with your message. This cold call approach may result in some sales, but more often it results in angry recipients who reported your email marketing effort as spam. As spam blockers became more prominent in almost every email system this approach to email marketing has often implode on itself. The email marketing message itself may have been solid and even useful. The intent may not have been to spam. In fact, I believe there are some well-meaning online businesses that simply view mass email marketing campaigns in the same way they might have in direct mail for a brick and mortar counterpart. The problem is with spam blockers most of these messages are never making it to their intended recipient. In essence the use of a leased list is a bit like flushing money down a commode. Spam blocking software makes it more important than ever for online businesses to ensure recipients the only emails they will receive are the ones that they either ask for or are designed to confirm their order and shipping information once a sale has been completed. To put this in perspective imagine if individuals had their own ‘mail guard’. These individuals would be hired to follow you to the mailbox and sort through your mail making sure you only received personal correspondence from people you knew along with pertinent banking and billing mailings. They would eliminate certain mail order catalogues you have never ordered from and are not sure how you made it on their list.

No more sweepstakes entries of magazine offers.

No more sales flyers from businesses you’ve never heard of and postcards trying to sell a new satellite television system. You might be thinking that this would be a great service to have. However, in an online environment it is a reality. Spam blockers are constantly upgraded in an effort to reduce ‘junk mail’ from hitting your inbox. Most of the time the mail is diverted to the spam folder where you can look at it if you want. In most cases it is automatically deleted from your account in about a month. Because the online world is insisting on protection from unwanted emails this should cause online businesses to learn what they can about email marketing and transform their strategies to meet the needs of actual customers and prospects instead of pounding on doors that read, “No Admittance.” The use of spam blockers is a benefit to consumers and a challenge to online business. The role of business is becoming strongly geared toward meeting the needs of consumers. In fact online business may be more responsive to the actual and perceived needs of the consumer than brick and mortar counterparts. The reason is that spam blockers along with other online consumer benefits have led business away from the blitz and toward a consumer-centric approach to doing business before, during and after the sale.

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Recently, I received an offer for Pay Per Play advertising. If you haven’t heard of it, in a nutshell it is a 5 second audio commercial that will play each time a visitor hits your site. You will get paid for every visitor to your website, 100% conversion with nothing to do and nothing to click.

To me, this concept is huge. TV and Radio have been doing this to us for years, whether or not we want to hear an advertisement, it is presented to us. The big corporate giants have been branding themselves this way on TV and radio for a millennium. Sure you can change the channel to avoid an advertisement, but; you have already heard the sponsors message. I get up and leave the room when the commercial stretch comes on during a program I’m watching. I have commented to my wife on numerous occasions that there are way too commercials during my favorite shows. Pay Per Play is different though; it’s a one shot, 5 second clip. It’s here and then it’s gone. It doesn’t play over and over and there is never more than one. If a major advertiser wants to throw me a few pennies to say their name on my website, more power to them. To me, it’s all upside for the website owner; or so I thought. I went to the site and read everything I could find and my conclusion at the end of my research was favorable. Then I did a search on Pay Per Play on the search engines. What was a solid decision in the beginning became a bit unsteady; but for me, I believe the scale still tips toward Pay Per Play being a good addition to a website. I found that across the web, Pay Per Play is being met with mixed emotions. Pay Per Play is not scheduled to go live until February 1st, 2008 so everything is speculation about it’s debut and further it’s efficacy to publishers and advertisers alike. Some believe Pay Per Play will rival Google AdSense for revenue to it’s publishers. Others are not so sure, in fact many netizens have come right out against such an unwanted intrusion and vowed to immediately leave a website if such an audio message is played over their speakers. I also found that there is some dirt being thrown about the company that has brought the concept to market. To mention them here is not appropriate; but due diligence is warranted if you think Pay Per Play is a good opportunity for your sites. As with any new opportunity, the people that come to the table have histories of successful and not so successful ventures and there seems to be some bad blood regarding a previous affiliate program. If I were being asked to lay down a large amount of cash here, I might have some reservations and be inclined to do more research before moving forward.

With Pay Per Play as it is, there is no upfront cost, so to me the company and the players will start with a clean slate; but I will keep a keen eye to make sure everything stays on the up and up. This opportunity seems to be profound. I have often compared the internet to the California Gold Rush in the 1800’s. Many, many affiliate marketers that were lucky enough to get in before the Dot Com crash had the opportunity to mine the easy gold and make huge piles of cash with not a lot of effort. Fast forward to today and the rest of us show up and find there is real money still left to be made; but it will require rolling up our sleeves and working harder and smarter to find the gold. Ahh and be ever cautious of the fools gold! In the gold rush days, many a fortune were lost on Fools Gold. So that begs the question, is Pay Per Play a new found gold mine or is it fools gold? Will it rival Google AdSense? The jury is still out on the answer; but somebody, somewhere will stumble onto the next big internet wave.

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ResellersPanel, a pioneer in private label reseller hosting, announces that it has introduced major upgrades to its hosting platform in time for its fifth anniversary celebrations, among them a brand new file manager, a multi-currency billing solution and a new multi-store functionality. Beside their default store, the resellers now have the opportunity to create up to three more, entirely independent of each other, free reseller web hosting stores, configured according to their specific marketing strategies. They can get a unique domain name, choose a different website template and activate a separate DNS cluster for each of the stores, which will drive brand recognition and significantly increase their reseller anonymity. The new multi-currency billing solution, on the other hand, gives the resellers the possibility to offer web hosting and domain registration services in the five most widely used online transaction currencies and directly address the demands of a particular target audience or a specific local market. The new file manager, which has been integrated in the web hosting control panel, boasts an entirely new, easy to navigate user-friendly interface. Beside the ability to manage multiple files and folders at once, the users now have an unprecedented opportunity to edit their files using a WYSIWYG editor and to view the changes they are making directly in a web browser in real time.

The new file manager also gives the clients the opportunity for the first time to upload .zip, .rar, .tar.gz and .gz archived files and folders, which are being automatically unpacked in the selected directory, and visually keep track of the process by means of a progress bar. Pop-up tooltips, which contain essential information about a given file or folder and display the actions that can be performed on them, self-evident file type icons and image file thumbnails have been introduced as well. The updates to the multi-lingual hosting control panel include also the addition of the Chinese language, PHP6 support, a new domain parking option, a WHOIS/ID protection service, which allows the registrants to shield their identity against spammers and fraudsters, and a new .htaccess file generator, which offers IP authentication, hotlinking protection, SSI activation, URL redirection and custom error pages creation. Nick Blaskov, CFO of ResellersPanel, said that five years of hard work have passed since ResellersPanel first opened the door to the whole new world of the private brand reseller web hosting services, that this special anniversary coincides also with the introduction of several important updates to ResellersPanel’s platform, such as a new file manager, which will enable the clients to handle the content of their websites more easily and efficiently, and new multi-store and multi-currency options, which will dramatically expand the marketing reach of the resellers themselves, and that ResellersPanel will continue to surprise the hosting community with newer and newer innovations beneficial for it. About ResellersPanel ResellersPanel has been at the forefront of reseller hosting for five years now. It is the first and to this date the only company in the web hosting business offering a completely free, fully-automated reseller hosting program, which was launched on April 2, 2003, and which has so far helped almost 100 000 resellers to set up and establish their own full-featured private label web hosting companies. Beside the free program, ResellersPanel offers also a cPanel reseller hosting program, dedicated, semi-dedicated and virtual private servers, domain name registration.

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Are you sick of being low on cash but do not know how to work on getting a little bit more? Well, I bet you have been searching for ways to go about this but have been met at almost every corner with scams and false promises.

Well, sometimes you really just need to accept that there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and that you need to put hard work, effort, and time into paving your own way into extra money. Still confused? Well, the internet is a great place to start out if you want to start a business or some other kind of service because there are a lot of opportunities for customers and clients. In addition to the promotional advantages of the internet there is also the fact that you can boost your credentials and your networking skills by using different things only available on the internet like affiliate sites. However, sometimes everything can be a bit of an overload for your brain all at once and you get overwhelmed and frustrated. This is why you need a system to guide you through the process so that you do not feel disappointed by your results and disheartened by the amount of effort and time you are putting in without results. If you feel like I just described above then maybe you need to check out the Pro2 system. This is a step by step guide that will basically be a hand held method of getting what you need and hitting your goals in order to make the money you want. However, the trick is to make small goals when you are just starting out so that you know you can reach those goals and learn about what you are doing at the same time. With the Pro2 system and the advice and opportunities that it gives to you there will definitely be the combination of learning and making money all at once.

The main purpose of the Pro2 system is to teach you how to really use affiliate sites to your advantage and to teach you about online marketing and sales.

The goal is to work closely with a lot of prestigious affiliate sites like cyber malls like ClickBank. This cyber mall has hundreds of products that will help you learn about what customers like and how you can sell things to them. You can choose which products to work with so that you feel really comfortable and know about them enough to promote them and hopefully get the amount of sales you need to reach you goal for the first month or two. You can really get to know the internet and all the secrets of people that have been really successful and you can learnt o pick up on this and apply it for yourself to make money and reach your goals. This is a great school that you can learn is to know how to work affiliate sites and sell products in order to make money.

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According to the statistics the American Citizens carry an average of seven Credit Cards and some of them use 12-15 cards. The Statistics also indicates that 70% of American Citizens payoff these debts after 90 days. This can be described as gambling on future prosperity-speculations tempted by plastic money illusions i.e. Credit Cards; This is mainly due to the lack of alternate options.

The money needed to meet their desired expenses is in short supply.

The fixed income earners always have a trying time to strike a balance between earnings and expenses. Their income is static while expenses tend to jump, mostly jump upwards unpredictably. At this point of time of a year ending many will eco even silently with a momentary relief “What a difficult year that is almost over? Where has all that money, earned by working hard, gone? Any pennies left? Still more bills are there to settle and what a struggle it was every month?” Well, you too may be thinking like that? If not then you are one of the rare breed of the lucky few or else, you are probably not a fixed income earner. It is mostly the monthly fixed income earners who feel this way and to them the next year too looks gloomy and unsure of what it has to offer. For them it can be another package of twelve months of continued agony and little or no ecstasy. For them the life’s eternal struggle will continue each year with no chance of escaping. After the annual December festivities just before the dawning of the New Year, the people have to get back to the monotony of the same old routine, day after day, rushing to work, working hard, trying to earn money to support the family and returning home in the evening hours utterly tired even to talk to the loved ones waiting for them at home. Will there be an end to this struggle to make ends meet for Mr. or Mrs. Average? The answer is a big Yes. The next question will be when? To that the answer is Now! At this very moment of welcoming the New Year it is the appropriate time for you to make the all important decision. This will be the decision to change the life’s course. The life is itself a decision.

Make your decision as a New Year Resolution. Once you make the correct decision it will work to take you to life’s fulfillment via Financial Freedom. How to achieve Financial Freedom! It is simple. The driving power of any noteworthy achievement is the determination to reach one’s dreams. It is said in the past ‘Will to win and You Will!’ More people become millionaires today than at any other time in History. So the decision should be to become the next millionaire because, in America, a new millionaire is created in every 58 minutes as statistics has shown. There are many ways that ordinary people have become extra ordinary people by accumulating money. In the modern day, the quickest way to do that is to start an online business. A home based business online is the best for a new comer to online business. There are many success stories of rag to riches quickly of Internet Millionaires today. They have proved any one with the same application to the task and guts can do that. Every hour every minute, millions of buyers and millions of sellers visit the internet. The speed in which the sharing of information is possible on the internet, has led to innovative improvements like automation of online business processes etc. Therefore, the conduct of business is easier and speedier online. The vastness of money making opportunities on the internet is practically proven by the leading internet marketers who conduct businesses attracting big dollar incomes to their businesses daily. The internet has made it possible today for any one to decide, conceive, believe, act and be the next success story on the internet! It is the fastest way to riches today. It is reachable. The internet, as I mentioned earlier, is an ideal business field that provides vast opportunities, expanding markets and open market competition with freely accessible market information availability. As the first step one can start working from home, during spare time, to build a business step by step. It is not uninspiring as it will be very interesting to explore the marvel of Modern Internet Technology. There is no need for big investments. The advantage is that a home based online business can be launched with a small budget. The best and speediest way to launch such a business is to get an automated turnkey website set up free with inbuilt money generating income stream-packages so that the new business will start generating money immediately and work automatically 24 hours every day. Of course, you have to get the best, proven and reliability guaranteed system.

You can now find Author Resource Box

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MySpace – Your Own Style Quotient! Tired of all the booing from your best friends? The same old Neolithic boring webpage that constantly pesters the guys around. Or is your girlfriend/boyfriend persistently nagging for some innovation? Time to say good bye to the old war horses and adopt a new technology to show the world that there is something new! Yes, with MySpace you can actually design the very basic structure of your web page layout to tame the lions of your self-esteem and style quotient and keep them inside the cage too! All you need is just basic knowledge of HTML and Viola! You have it going. For all those techies having advanced knowledge of CSS structure, this site is a blessing in disguise indeed.

Importance Of The MySpace Layout! Just as how important the MySpace profile is, equally important is the layout. If a description about you is the first step then the total layout of the profile page is the next step. Layout shows your like and dislikes, what sort of person you are. So choosing the correct MySpace layout is really important and it can be made really simple. Just like, when you go to buy a mobile phone, you need to have a clear mind of what type of cell phone you need, if it has all the basic features and requirement. So, your profile layout should have all the features and perfect placement of all the columns and boxes. The total layout determines your outlook and style. Show Your Creativity Or Simply Choose The Right Layout! If you know CSS coding, even if you have a little knowledge of it then MySpace gives profile holders the opportunity to show their creativity. You can design the full layout of the profile. You can be as whacky and funny as you want. If you love all the girly stuff like pink color and teddies then there are a section totally dedicated to girly MySpace layouts. There is a category to suit every mood and festive season. There are a number of websites, which offer free MySpace layouts with thousands of layouts divided into various categories. So, don’t be and make people bored with the same old layout (default one!), spice up your profile with the wackiest layout and show your true style. Make And Submit Your Own Layout! The site offers you the option of submitting your own CSS files to define your own web page layout. If you are still not satisfied there is another option of searching for the websites offering you ‘freebies’ in Google. All you need is to open, and get registered on those websites to give you the web-page layouts. Submit it and you have had the time of your life. The techie people can quench the technocratic thirst by developing and using their own Cascading Style Sheets to define and develop the layouts in MySpace to match their moods and the swings. Feelings Can Be Shown In Many Ways! It all depends on what you want to express, through pictures, font types, style guidelines and many more things. What matters is your own style quotient. Who you are and what you want to portray through your web-page. If you are a hard-core festive-oriented kind of a person you can use all the colors in the world, just to make the world realize that it’s Christmas time. After all who would mind the jazzy red color? And to top it up you can also change the layout of your web-page to match up with the New Year. Champagnes, infectious gastronomic delights and the never ending party.

Can any body ask for more? So look no further and just go for these fun and jolly MySpace layouts!

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When companies are trying to advertise on the cheap one approach that might come to mind is mobile advertising. This type of marketing is great for cross country advertising as well as local advertising. When you compare other forms of media to mobile advertising it is clear that the cost is much less expensive and the retention rate is higher. It also is the form of marketing that has shown the most recent growth. The benefits for mobile marketing are great and offer fantastic visibility and impact along with very high exposure. Mobile advertising, especially when compared to that of other types of advertising includes greater benefits such as the fact that they offer high exposure, they send messages to the consumer that are consistently reinforced, it can be as targeted as you want it to be. This could be narrowed down to an area as small as a zip code. Think about it, mobile advertising covers a much bigger territory than stationary billboards. When you think about the potential exposure that mobile marketing brings, it truly is amazing however you have to use this form of marketing in various channels. Mobile advertising is used in the form of vinyl magnetic signs to giant billboards that busses are wrapped in. Semi trucks that travel cross country are also used for mobile marketing, especially for big companies that want nationwide exposure. Consider the auto racing industry and how much advertisement they offer, that too is a form of mobile advertising. Statistics have proven that most people do read the advertisements that are on any type of vehicle, consumers also find these types of advertisements to be favorable, and many also say that they would strongly consider a purchase based on these advertisements. Other types of advertising which include newspaper print advertisements, spot TV, magazine, radio, billboards, and mobile advertisements all have very different price tags on them in regards to cost per thousand with a half page newspaper advertisement running about $20 cost per thousand and mobile advertising is under $1 cost per thousand.

That is quite a difference in price and can be just as effective. Mobile advertising is relatively newer but is also become very sophisticated and will continue to grow as an effective vehicle for advertising on the cheap. And as you have discovered, this type of advertising has its advantages. For one, mobile advertising can not be ignored, it is an in your face approach to marketing. You can not throw this away and there is no way that you can not notice it which is what makes it so effective and what makes it so appealing is the cost and the ROI. This is marketing and advertising that generate results. Perhaps this is why it is really creating a marketing buzz and more and more people are using this as part of their marketing and advertising campaigns. The options are endless when it comes to mobile advertising and new ideas are pouring in each and every day that are off the hook but the key is that these ideas are working, and that is what counts.

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When considering any online business venture there are certain flags that fly freely, warning you that your money could be wasted and there are a few other flags that may not be as prominently displayed. Of course, as more people begin to recognize the warning signs of fraudulent business practices, the designers of these sites are become more adept of shielding them from view until it is too late. One of the most prominent of the warning signs is contact information. Names and email addresses are usually dominant in online advertisements, but if you call the number during normal business hours and the phone is answered by a six-year-old there’s a good chance the owner of the business does look at it as a professional operation. How the person answers the phone can be a good clue as to how they operate and whether or not it is a legitimate business.

Now, everyone knows that home-based businesses run the risk of having a child answer the phone, during normal business hours that is typically taboo among true professionals. You may want to have website in front of you when you do call the person listed on the site, and focus your queries on the business, attempting to determine how prolific they are. After all, they will be the one training you to operate the business. If there is no phone number or physical address, it is best just to close the ad and move on to the next one. If there is a physical address, you can verify its authenticity through the postal service’s online service and quickly determine if it is a legitimate business address or something someone made up just to make people think they have an address. You may then through the online phone book, attempt to find the phone number for the address and if it is not listed on purpose, you will want to ask why they do want to be contacted. If there are different program levels to choose from, with the higher costing levels paying high commission rates, you have to wonder why you have to pay a monthly fee in order to work for them. Sure, many companies charge a franchise fee, but what do you get for that fee? Training by the person who let their six-year-old answer the phone? Any support in advertising the site that does not make you sign up and pay for another service? After reading the entire site, if you do not know what it is you will be doing, chances are it is not a legitimate business. Most real businesses will be up front about their product or service and won’t make you buy it in order to become a distributor. You may also want to consider the legalities of requiring someone to stock merchandise in order to earn sales commissions as well as having to pay a recurring membership fee in order to be eligible to earn an income. The higher membership fee may earn more money, but probably will not be returned in the form of more sales.

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Harrold Swalve Remember the first time when you felt that a online work at home business was the way to go? You where probably excited and could think of plenty good reasons to start your new career as soon as possible.

Reasons like, no commuting, endless income opportunity, spending more time with the family, and probably many more.

The next step you took probably had to do with searching for the perfect work at home opportunity, you’ve spend several hours searching the internet and, like I did, tried several different make money fast schemes. Did they work? If you are anything like me they most likely didn’t. In the end you decided to do it your way, get your own web site and make money that way. Now you’ve got your own web site with some great products on offer and a terrific design but, unfortunately no visitors. Today you will find out why, and you will be amazed on how simple it really is to change all this to your advantage. You see there is only one big difference between you and all those people who actually do make money online. Become active by doing the things you don’t really like doing. We all know, that in order to get visitors to your web site, you need to be found in the search engines. To be found in the search engines you need lots of links pointing to your web site and this can only truly be achieved by hard work. Exactly the kind of work most of us don’t like. – True a decent linking campaign – You can do this in several different ways but make sure to exchange links with other sites complimentary to yours. It is in your own interest to use a decent link manager program to save as much time as possible. – Writing lots of keyword orientated articles- One of the fastest ways to get decent inbound (one way) links to your site is through article writing. You should make sure to make them keyword rich and place your keywords at least in the beginning and the end of your article. Submit them to every article directory you can find. – Participate in forums (discussion boards)- Most forums allow you to put some links in to your signature file, when you regularly post on different forums you will once again get more inbound links.

Next to that there is a major opportunity to learn and receive free information. Just take a good look at yourself and decide if you can honestly say that you take those extremely important steps on a daily bases. By the time you seriously commit yourself to making these steps a part of your daily routine, you will see the amount of visitors to your web site grow. Not after a few days, but steadily within the next couple of months. That’s when you work at home will finally be rewarded. Just remember this, «Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it.»

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The Christmas season is a magical one for most children. In all of their beautiful innocence, there is a period of time where they actually believe in the Santa Clause myth. This makes things fun for both them and their parents, who try everything they can to make it appear the myth is true. One of these ways is through Santa letters. A child would write a letter to Santa requesting what they want for Christmas and they would actually receive a reply back. This reply would be on fancy letterhead complete with a customized envelope with Santa’s return address. If this sounds appealing to you, why not consider taking a work at home job writing these types of letters? So, how do you actually go about establishing a work at home job writing Santa letters? Well, first, you will need to decide whether or not you want to be employed by a work at home Santa letter company or if you want to go into business for yourself.

In either case you will need to build a Santa letter portfolio. This would be showcased either to the head of a work at home Santa letter company or to clients, depending on what work at home option you choose. So, make it look like it would if it were being sent to clients. This means that it is well-written and contains the type of letterhead that ‘Santa’ would use. http://Microsoft.com offers these types of letterhead templates for free. What is the best way to write a Santa letter, whether it’s for your portfolio or your actual work at home Santa letter job? The best way to answer this question is by investigating samples of existing Santa letters. Most are relatively medium in length ranging from 300 to 500 words. They also are highly personalized; one would think the author actually knew the child going by the way they were written. Additionally, they are imaginative, coming up with ‘plausible’ yet fanciful explanations to the common types of questions children have before they transition to the phase in which they stop believing in Santa. To get suitable samples for your portfolio, consider writing free Santa letters for all of the children in your family. However, make sure you try to get a letter from them first, so you can get in the habit of learning how to personalize your Santa letter writing. When you get your portfolio established, send an email to various work at home Santa letter writing companies. You will want to include your resume and some of your samples. If your samples are interesting, you may get employed by the work at home Santa letter writing company.

If not and/or if you want more direct control of your Santa letter writing, you can always go into business for yourself.

Use a free hosting service such as http://Geocities.com to set up a simple website, (you can use their online templates if you don’t know anything about website design). After this get a domain name. When your site is finished, write press releases announcing your arrival into the work at home Santa letter writing industry. You will want to do this to attract both clients and customers. If you do this effectively, you may get free press in newspapers, magazines and even television. If not use other forms of marketing. This could include sending direct mail to leads that have kids, working pay-per-click ads such as Adwords or advertising your site on parenting forums.

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There have been some amazing stories of individuals who have been very successful in traffic building in relation to their auction offerings. There have been incredible stories of how an individual will write a description of the product that reads more like a column by Ann Landers with the humor of Dave Barry. The description itself is so entertaining and relatable that individuals flock to the auction site simply to read the description. I recall one story of a mom selling something that had belonged to their child. They wrote hundreds of words describing the special memories of that object in relation to their child.

Because other parents related to the emotional side of the description they came, they read and they sent emails to friends and had them visit too.

In some cases there have even been demands that the auction owner be provided with their own column somewhere for others to experience their wit and wisdom. The end result is that the passion and entertainment used by the person conducting the auction leads to improved traffic and higher bids. There have been cases where these high profile auctions have inspired individuals or organizations to bid on the item that was made famous through a creative online auction. Being creative even in what may seem like a pretty straightforward product description may seem like an unlikely source for improved traffic building, but it has proven the case often in online auctions. In fact the creativity expressed in online auctions is a contributor to other forms of traffic building. For instance, signature lines in forums are becoming more elaborate with clickable graphics that can lead forum visitors to your online store or primary website. This is the true essence of marketing – getting as creative as possible in the use of all available tools. To give you a more hands on point of view. I recently discovered an electrical outlet that had no plate. The screw that held the plate on had snapped and a portion of the crew remained. I turned off the electricity and used a pair of wire cutters to grab onto the broken screw and in short order I was able to remove the broken screw and replace the plate and install a new screw. I could have called an electrician or I could have replaced the entire outlet, but I used the tools at my disposal to creatively fix my problem. This is a good mentality to take into problems you may encounter in online marketing and traffic building. Locate the tools that are available to you and work to create an environment conducive to motivating individuals to visit your website and discover what you have to offer.

Perhaps there was a time when simple curiosity was enough to draw foot traffic to brick and mortar stores, but as time goes by it takes much more creative thinking to establish a mechanism that invites customers to visit. Usually one approach to online traffic building isn’t quite enough. When it comes to online marketing there are lots of tools. Use them creatively.

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The Certified Meeting Planner certification is a classification created by the Convention Industry Council to distinguish meeting planners who have demonstrated their knowledge of special event planning via successful completion of a special CMP examination. Aside from the recognition, achievement and wide acceptance of the certification in the industry, many CMPs use their certification as a bargaining chip or competitive advantage when applying for jobs or attempting to win new client business.

Successful completion of the examination is not a walk in the park, but with a few study tips you can be well on your way to becoming a Certified Meeting Planner. Write to Remember On average, we remember 5% of what we hear in a lecture, 10% of what we read, but 30% of what we write. Take notes on all the reading you do and prep-classes you take before the test, put the main points on a stack of notecards, take the cards everywhere you go and review them whenever you have downtime. These simple steps will increase your retention rate 3-6 times and will give you something to do when you have a few minutes to spare in an airport or waiting room. Practice Makes Perfect Once you have mastered some of the basic CMP principals and read through one or two study books make use of practice exams included in your study materials. The average retention rate for something you have actually performed is 75%. Make use of practice tests to help sharpen your focus on important topics. Once you’ve finished a practice exam and graded yourself, run through the questions again and ask yourself: how could this question be re-worded to make a new question on the same topic. Keep these “re-worked” questions in mind as you continue to study as typically test creators will re-use the same idea to create many different questions. Buddy-Up Study groups are an excellent way to increase your retention of the facts you need to know for the CMP exam. Keep in the mind the following, though: we remember an average of only 5% of what we hear, but we remember 50% of what we discuss, and 90% of what we teach to others. This means that merely “sitting in” on a discussion session will do you less good than reading the text on the subject. But if you are able to discuss the material with others, or even teach the material to the group you will retain far more than you would listening or reading. The modern model for adult study groups is based on studies of adult-education and centers around a cooperative learning environment. Informal study groups can have a similar structure without the need for a dedicated instructor or leader. At the end of each study group session, break up the next meeting’s topic into sub-topics and make each person or pair of people responsible for learning the material in that section and teaching it to the group (maybe answering prep-questions at the end of a chapter?). This will allow everyone the benefit of not only reading and writing the material (10% and 30% average retention), they can also teach and discuss the material (90% and 50%). The CMP exam, like any major certification exam, requires diligent study and a willingess to prepare ahead of time.

However, those who put in the time to learn the material and educate themselves on the proper procedures for planning special events will be rewarded with recognition from CIC and their peers, a feeling of personal achievement, and monetary rewards in the form of high salaries and contract prices. Good luck!

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Andrew Saari So, you’ve had some success with Internet marketing, and you’re looking to take it to the next level.

Or, are you new to it and still searching for the ultimate product? A residual income program may be just what you’re looking for. What is residual income? Let’s start with a brick and mortar example: Say you’re a car salesman. You sell a car. You get a commission, right? Nice, but to get another commission, you have to sell another car. Sounds like a job to me, doesn’t it? Now, that car you sold needs to have insurance, right? The insurance agent sells the same customer insurance. The agent gets a commission check, too. But, the difference is every time another insurance payment is due, the insurance agent gets another commission check. Nice, huh? Make one sale, get commissions forever! This is what is known as residual income. Now, the insurance agent can concentrate on making another sale, which will give him even more and more residual income, year after year. The car salesman has to sell another car to get another check. Which sounds better to you? Before you rush out and become an insurance agent, let’s see how to apply this principle to online marketing. Now, let’s say you have a product that you’re selling. It sells for $50. Your marketing efforts cost you $25. That leaves $25 for you. Nice. Now, Imagine you found a product that has a residual income of $50 a month. It costs you the same $25 to market and make one sale. After 1 year, the total income is $600, of which $575 is pure profit from one sale! Keep making sales, and the profits would keep compounding. Making just one sale a day for 3 months, your monthly income could be over $3750! After a year, your montly income could become quite staggering-even if you quit advertising. Ok, now the big question. How do I find a residual income program for me? There are a few options here. Create your own. Some ideas include: Start a newsletter. Getting paid subscribers to a newsletter you write on your area of expertise is one. Web hosting is an option. Starting a web hosting business where you collect a monthly fee would be another excellent idea. Maybe you don’t want to go through the hassles of creating your own newsletter week after week, or whatever your time frame would be. Perhaps you don’t have the ability to write the sales letter to sell it yourself. Or, you don’t have the technical knowledge required for web hosting.

Then, an affiliate program may be what you are looking for. This means you get a commission off of someone else’s existing product. You may even use their marketing materials. All you do is promote the product and send visitors to their site using your ID.Then, you get a piece of the profit. Sounds even better, huh? There are hundreds of these opportunities to be found online. Take a little time, and find the one that’s right for you. A couple of things to keep in mind: Your product should provide a value to your customers. People buy because they feel they’re going to recieve something of value. You get what you want by helping people get what they want. Offer an inferior product, and customers will not buy, or they’ll cancel their monthly subscription and take your profit with them. Use the product yourself. If you’re trying to sell your customers a product they don’t believe in, they will sense it, and not buy from you. If you don’t believe in your product, who will? Some affiliate programs pay on more than one level. Much like MLM, you can get paid on other people’s sales, too. Getting any ideas yet? Do a search on residual income affiliate programs. Find one that appeals to you. Now, you’ve found your product. How do you promote it? Use the same techniques that have proven effective for other online products. We’ll go through the basics: PPC-or pay per click. Probably the fastest way to get a new product in front of the customers who are searching for it. All the major search engines have their version.

Visit their advertising center and check out your optiions.

You may need to play around with keywords and bids, as well as advertising copy, to find which converts best. ezines-There are thousands of ezine publications online. Practically every niche has dozens (or more). Find one that accepts advertising, or maybe even start your own! Find one that your product would appeal to. Your own opt-in mail list. If you’ve been successfully building your business and have built up an opt-in list, send your offer to your list. If they’ve already bought from you, they likely will again, if what you’re offering is similar. Other people’s opt-in mailing lists. Some lists accept advertisements for a fee or a cut of the commission. Warning: Never send spam or bulk email to anyone who has not opted in to a list. This can get you in trouble with the law, as well as alienate the customers you’re trying to reach. Write an article such as this one. Make it informative, not a sales letter. You’re allowed to put a tag line at the end with a link to your url. There are dozens of services to submit them to, and web publishers who are constantly looking for new content use them. They publish them on their websites, and you get links to your site, which send you free traffic. Everybody wins and it’s very effective. (And cheap!) If you don’t have the knowledge, or the time to write an article yourself, hire a ghostwriter to do it for you. By now you should have gotten some great ideas on what you would like to promote, and how to do it. All that’s left is to go out and do it! Find the right one, and you may just become the next Internet millionaire.