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From the housemaid in a small Texas town near the Mexico border to the CEO of a multi million dollar corporation in the middle of Silicon Valley, all of us at one time or another has dreamed of opening our own business and making ourselves rich, rather than helping someone else get there. What’s great about today’s business climate is the relative ease with which young and old Americans alike, foreigners and natives, college educated and non, can start their own small businesses. If you’ve been dreaming of dropping out of the corporate grind, the minimum wage slavery, or just want to have more control over your destiny, read on for a look at how you too can become a sterling example of the American dream gone right.

You may be thinking: but I have no money.

It takes money to start your own business. This is true, but seldom to people open their small business with their own money. Fortunately, we live in a country that encourages the entrepreneur, as long as he or she can demonstrate that they know what they’re doing. Banks are perhaps more eager to hand out small business loans than any other type. There are plenty of government agencies that can also be counted upon to give money to the aspiring small businessman. And then there are venture capitalists and angel investors who make their entire living putting money into startup companies in the calculated risk that they will see a positive return on their investment strategy. All you need is a great idea, a solid and complete business plan, and the type of personality that can convince those with money to hand it over. If the business you’re planning to open is in the same field you’ve already been working in, you probably have a list of contacts already in the field. Now, there are ethical and legal considerations here. You can’t simply steal clients using inside information you have from working at another company. You can, however, use you contacts in the manufacturing and vending fields to help you get started. If you have personal relationships with your customers, there’s nothing wrong with letting them know you’ll soon be going into business for yourself. If they choose to give your company a shot, you should be in the clear. On the whole, however, it may be best not to go into direct competition with the company you’ve worked for. You can then use your coworkers and managers for help in getting off on the right foot. If your new business is at right angles with the company you’re leaving, you may be able to help each other.

Your next step is to research the marketplace. This should be done before anything else. You have to know what has worked in your chosen field and what hasn’t. What has been tried before and what might make a big splash in the industry. Don’t come to the dance with nothing new to offer. You can compete on prices, and you can compete on service. But the best form of competition comes in exciting innovation. Think of at least one great idea before you open your own business. Something no one else has tried. You will set yourself apart right from the start, and sometimes that’s all you need.

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There are several things that you are going to want to have before you start a home business. It is very important that you are able to have all of the parts of the home business set so that you can have the best chance at success before you get started. The first thing that you want to have when you are getting ready to start a home business is the main idea. One of the most important things that you can have is your general business idea. You want to be sure that you are working with an idea that will benefit you in the end. Remember that when you are concentrating on your home business, you need to have an idea that will sell. In order to have a real home business, you need to either sell something or provide something to others for example some type of service. It is very important that you can have an idea that can be at the root of your business.

Often people jump into different ideas with out having the proper foundation. You have to make sure that you clear picture or path to follow for to start a home business. Next, you need to make sure that you are looking at a good business plan. In order to make sure that you have a good start to a home business, you want to have a business plan that you can set in stone and that will be able to help you prosper with any type of business. The best business plans are going to be those that are organized, so you want to be sure that you are able to organize it well. Your business plan should include the things that you hope to accomplish and the ways that you will go about accomplishing them. Just one way that you insure that you have a good business plan is write it down on paper, then have some one else look at you business plan. This way if they can understand it then you know that you have a clear plan of how you are going to accomplish you goals. The next thing that you need before you are ready to start your home business is going to be a place to have your home business in. You might think that just since you are having a home business all you need is your house. But in reality, you are going to need space in your home to run the business. You want to be sure that you have taken some time to think about your business and what kind of space you are going to need. As you are able to start getting an idea of what you want, and what kind of space you are going to need, you want to be sure that you are able to have that space in your home. After you have made sure that you have the space, it is time to move on to making sure that you have the time. In any type of business there is always going to be work involved, and that you have everything in order ie. your business plan or the products that you are going to sell. You have to be able to take all of the parts into account. Just think of it as you own road map to success. It is very important that you do all of these things before you start. Just remember that this is your business and have fun with make exciting so that every day to go and it is like the first day you started. You will enjoy life and business a lot more if you make it fun.

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Marketing On The Playground (TM) What I have discovered through my experience of marketing is, it’s all in how we define it. We can think of marketing the way most of us do which puts us in the box of making cold calls, knocking on doors, going to numerous networking groups, sending out mail, speaking, the list goes on and on of what we have known. The simple definition of marketing is: letting your audience know what you do. From this simple idea, it’s up to you how you want to market. You have complete freedom in “how”. Here’s the bottom line! No Marketing = No Clients = No Money = No Business! HOWEVER… You do get to Market YOUR WAY! You get to have FUN! and be extremely creative.

In fact, give yourself permission to market YOUR WAY and change the formula above to: Market YOUR Way = More Confidence = Attract more clients = A THRIVING BUSINESS! Now, let’s change your definition and Guess What…your definition will be different from each businessperson you meet. We are all unique. We choose different business paths; wear different clothes; drive different cars; have different viewpoints—our marketing approach should be just as unique? Here are 3 examples of “marketing” provided from entrepreneurs. 1. I didn’t like networking groups but thought I would try some out. My definition of a networking group is this: It had to fit with my values, it had to be fun, and the group had to come from a unique perspective. Most of them were about collecting as many cards as you can. I tried 4 groups and one fit perfectly. EwomenNetwork comes from “giving first” and they have a wonderful format that gave me permission to ask for what I wanted. It was very safe, very professional and very genuine. I’ve been a member for 3 years – it’s the only one I attend consistently. 2. I have a Web Design company and one of my passions is voyager canoeing. I began to utilize outdoor-related themes in our marketing messages and promotions. Most important, I decided that canoeing was also a great way to network. As a professional woman business owner and an experienced canoe guide, I developed a Ladies Voyageur Day. I hosted a group of entrepreneurial women on a guided canoe trip.

The event was so successful it has become an annual sponsored event.

3. I had always found marketing to be a distasteful chore. I was diligent and had managed to stay busy as a consultant by networking and following up on leads, but it was an unpleasant duty, and I avoided it whenever possible. I think one of the best-kept secrets to becoming successful at marketing is first choosing to be of service to a group of people you truly care about. With my new mission in mind, all of a sudden, marketing became effortless. The clients I wanted to serve were people I really cared about, I wanted to spend time with them. Instead of dreading networking events. I began looking forward to them as a place to meet new people I could help. Before, I had avoided business lunches finding them boring and awkward, but now I enjoy listening about new opportunities to be of service. To summarize our 3 marketing definitions: – Giving first, asking, “How can I help you forward your business, ”rather than saying, “What do you do.” – Creating a marketing approach that doesn’t feel like marketing because I’m doing what I love…Voyager Canoeing – Being a service to a group of people OK, do you have a new perspective on the definition of marketing? What are your thoughts with the questions below? 1. What was your original definition of marketing and is it different now? 2. Did you give yourself permission before this class to think of marketing ideas outside of the box? If not, what permission will you give yourself now? There is a marketer inside of all of us – it’s just a matter of identifying the true, authentic marketing person inside of YOU.

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It is essential to have a website to sell a product online. Even if that is a minisite with only one page, it must still be there. Without a website you have no platform from which to sell.

Even an offline marketer needs a shop, stall or barrow to display their wares and to sell from. There is a range of website options available these days that makes internet marketing so much easier than it was at one time.

Web hosting options range from free websites that come with products ready to sell, through inexpensive options at less than $10 monthly to full blown hosting packages offering everything needed to run a modern internet business. Which you choose is up to you, but keep in mind that you will require an email service that is related to your business, and an autoresponder to automated procedures such as replying to email enquiries, and sending regular emails to a large number of people. You will also need a checkout system and a means of accepting credit card payments. You can also get all this options for free selling on online auctions websites. Good place to start on is QxBid – Free onlineauction website

If you cannot accept credit cards, you will be fatally restricting your business. A modern online business must be able to accept payment by credit or debit card, personal check, bank wire or transfer and PayPal or a similar popular payment method.

Once you have your website set up and running, you have to sell the product.

You should design a good sales page that catches the eye, with a compelling title that offers a benefit to the prospective buyer.

Typical benefits include how your product can make them money or save them money, save them time, make things easier for them or help their business. Everybody looking at an offer wants to know what’s in it for them.

«Washes Whiter than White» is a feature, but «Cut Your Cleaning Time in Half» is a benefit. If you were a busy householder, what would you want – ‘whiter than white’ or your cleaning time ‘cut in half’? Do you want something to ‘Taste Lovely’ or ‘Work Fast’?

Provide a benefit, but make it realistic. «Make $50,000 in your first month» is a claim nobody will believe, but «Make $100,000 in your first year» is more believable. Write your headline, and then sleep on it. Look at it next day and think whether or not it would attract you. If not, then change it.

You can list the features of your product, but only while stressing the benefits that these feature provide. «Low energy use» does not have the impact of «Save 20% on your power bill». You should also make an offer to the potential customer, or prospect. Offer something free that relates to the product. If you are selling bicycles offer free maintenance for a year. If you are selling a book on Search Engine Optimization, offer a free keyword research tool.

Make sure you make a call to action. Tell them what they must do to buy the product. ‘Click here’ or ‘Click Here Now!’ Make sure that you ask them to buy the product. It’s amazing how effective that is.

You could simply ask for their first name and email address so that you can send them further information, but ask them something. You must tell prospects what you want them to do.

In order to sell a product you have to get prospects to your website before you can tell them anything. You have to advertise, and there are many ways of doing this. Advertising is generally the biggest part of the budget of an offline company, so online companies should be no different. You should choose a few keywords for your product that have some degree of demand, and as little supply as possible.

If you know how to optimize your website for good search engine listings, you can get free traffic through organic search results for your keywords. Otherwise you can use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Two of the most effecting PPC programs are Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. You pay for each click a visitors makes on your advert, so if you word your adverts correctly, they can supply a lot of very targeted traffic, focused on the subject of your advert.

You can also advertise using article marketing and ezine adverts. Both of these can drive targeted traffic to your website. You should make sure that, no matter what route they used to get there, visitors should land on your sales page for your product. If visitors clicked on an advert for the product, they expect to see more information about it when they click.

If you know how to sell a product online, you should not find it difficult to persuade visitors to visit your sales page. The rest is up to your persuasive abilities, and of course, the product.

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Money is tight or perhaps you are facing some expenses in the future you want to save up for.

These are usually the reasons why people choose to take on the challenge and responsibility of a second job. People rarely take on a second job purely for the pleasure of it. However, many of the people considering a second job rarely think about another option — starting an internet home business. Yet they should consider doing so as an internet home business offers three benefits that the usual array of second jobs do not. The first benefit that an internet home business offers over most of the second jobs you could find is that is easily available, easily accessible, and extremely flexible which makes it easy to work around your existing job and family commitments. Few second jobs offer the flexibility that an internet home business can offer. An internet home business can literally be run when and where you like. In fact, you could do it during your lunch hour at your regular job if you want. And unlike a second job, it is easy to get time off for holidays and vacations because you are the boss. Second, an internet home business can be anything you wish it to be. You can capitalize on your unique interests and skills which is not something that most second jobs will be able to offer. And the likelihood of finding a second job that does that as well as fit in your schedule is even smaller. Remember that the internet is a tremendous clearing house of information on every conceivable topic of interest. Surely that means that there is a niche out there for you? Finally, an internet home business offers on-the-job training that is easily available and accessible from a variety of experts in the field. No matter what you decide to pursue with your own internet home business there is a wealth of information on the internet to help you start your business, run your business, and market your business so you can make your second job both profitable and rewarding. I would suggest that when you begin your search you use the free articles and forums that abound before investing in any paid books or programs. While some of those may well be worth investing in, there are a great many scams out there and it is silly to pay for information you can find for free. There are many wealth internet gurus who are still willing to share their hard-earned lessons for free in a variety of forums and articles. I know from first-hand experience that an internet home business can be a great extra way to make money.

While I first started my internet home business as a creative outlet, I have since used it to replace all my freelance income and then some. I heartily recommend starting your own internet home business rather than taking a second job if you need extra income because an internet home business offers the advantages of flexibility, creativity, and support that many second jobs cannot give you.

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Karl Stadler What is the great secret to huge earnings with Adsense? The truth is, there is no great secret. Let us look at adsense from the top. Adsense pays you a percentage of money for each click that you generate on your website. Which brings us to two very important facts that few seem to realize when building their adsense websites. You need traffic to click on your adsense ads. Your ads must be relevant to the search of the visitor. Lets dissect them one at a time. Traffic. You can create adsense sites with software, buy pre-built sites, use PLR and so on. This is a nice quick fix to solve your problem of generating adsense income, or so many seem to think. Most of the time you will have wasted your time and money. It would have been much better spent taking the dog for a walk or doing the dishes. For an adsense site to be successful it needs visitors, many visitors. If you have just put up a new site it will mean you have not been indexed neither do you have any page ranking. Your 2000 page pre-built website at this moment in time means nothing. Don’t forget that a thousand or so others have followed the same route as you, some before and some after, quite a bit of duplicate content don’t you think? Lets move on. The search engines have come by and your pages are now indexed after two or three months. Suddenly to your great surprise for the next month you have a total of two clicks, or worse none whatsoever.

Four months down the line becomes six and still the results remain the same. Fortunately you do not need to feel alone, there are many who have done exactly the same thing with the same results. But from your perspective the internet sucks and there are only a few who will make money and the multitudes of others will buy their products. Sorry to tell you the truth, you are wrong. If you went about building your adsense empire with a plan, and not a quick fix, things would be quite different. But we all still love quick fixes and buy them, so there is no need to feel bad. Building your adsense site takes careful planning. You can do it as a new site, subdirectory or implement it on your current site. The very first thing that you must do, and I cannot stress this enough, is keyword research. It is a long and arduous task and does take a lot of time and thinking to get to the right keywords. It is the life or death of your site. You can have the best optimized pages around, but if you chose the wrong keywords you will never be seen. The wrong choices would be keywords that are never searched for or the competition is so high that you will be competing against many high ranking websites, and your pages will just get lost in the maze. Only when you have your keywords in place is it time to develop your content. You should try to create as many of these pages yourself. Now you are not able to write one thousand pages all by yourself but if you write one page a week, by the end of the year you will have 52 unique pages, that is what the search engines are looking for. Your pages need not be long 400 to 600 words are fine as long as the content is relevant, but we will get to that now. If you are just starting your site you can mix up your pages with articles, PLR content and your own, but do create your own unique content as often as you can. Now lets look at relevance. If a visitor lands on your page from a search engine result he must find your content relevant to his search, otherwise he will leave as quickly as he came. He will not be clicking one of your adsense ads either to his next destination. Why not? Your adsense ads on your page will be reflective of your content, not his search, which means they will have no meaning to him whatsoever. That is why it is so important to have relevant content to your keywords, that is what brings the visitor, keeps him on the site and gets him to click an adsense ad when he leaves.

Placement of ads and the way they appear have been proven to increase or decrease CTR. Unfortunately this information is only obtainable through research over a period of time. You have to use different formats and placements on different pages and track each ad separately to establish which work best. But the internet is constantly changing, and what is working now will not necessarily be working in six months to a year, so unless you have been doing the research yourself over a period of time and finding the right information at the right time, you will have to pay to get your adsense working effectively and profitably. This is the great secret to successful adsense pages, it is nothing more than research information as to what is working best at this time. The information is gathered through persistent testing, tracking, more testing and tracking until the right combinations are found and then doing it all over again. The secret is finding and using the information first.

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If you are a promoter or agent and want to put on a live event production you have a choice of renting or buying your A/V equipment. No matter the size of the event you are hosting, you want the best of audio and video equipment and you want the installation, service, and quality that will make your production one that will satisfy the audience and at the same time present your event in a professional manner. If you are a promoter that hosts a series of events, you want to make sure that the events keep up with the pace of technology that seems to change from month to month. Live event production is a tricky business. To get the best quality and the best value for your dollar you need to go with professionals who are known in the business. Those fly by night lighting and sound companies will offer you little compared to those audio and visual event production companies that have shown they can set something up as small as a home theatre system to the largest concert. They will have equipment like optical front projection screens and they will have the best audio equipment around. They will look at your venue and decide professionally what type of equipment you need and what kind of show you are putting on. The live event production experts will look at your intended audience first. They will come and look at the venue and where the performance is being displayed and where the audience will view the performance. It’s not rocket science, but it is a science to figure out the perfect audience to performer ration in regards to the sound and lighting of a venue. Measurement are taken from the front row of the last to set the proper audio so the front row will not be blown away and the back row will hear every note or word in perfect audio quality. The angle of the production also is important. Not only does the speaker or performer need to be in the line of sight by every member of the audience. The angle must be enhanced with optical front projection screens that will give the last rows a front row view of the performance. It is still exciting to sit in the back row of a concert.

You can see the performance live on the stage, but the last row viewer can look up at the optical front projections screens and see the performer up close and personal. Every bead of sweat will be seen as the clarity and definition of the performance will be enhanced to give the back row audience a sense of really being at the shoe. As a promoter you can rent or buy A/V equipment, but get the advice and assurance of an audio video professional. You can’t go it alone and with the backing of a audio video professional live event crew, you will be able to pull off the event of a lifetime. This will ensure future business and let everyone in the industry know that you are a professional.

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If you want to increase the distribution of your digital products, Clickbank is one of the largest marketplaces you can turn to. When you join Clickbank, you will be able to find affiliates to help in the sale of your products. You are free to choose the commission rate, which can help you maintain a budget. Because certain products are more difficult to sell than others, the commission you assign will always be fair and competitive. In addition to having more control over the commissions you choose for your products, you will also have the advantage of using tools provided by Clickbank to track all sales, commissions earned by each of your affiliates, maintain excellent customer service, and sell subscriptions, memberships, and products through Clickbank’s new recurring billing system. Being able to easily see an overview of the amount in sales and the number of orders received in real time can help you have more control over your business. By signing up for services offered through Clickbank, you will be able to communicate more effectively with customers, create a web page that is easy to order from, and keep an accurate record of all sales and commissions made each day. If you plan to sell multiple products, having excellent organizational skills is key to your success. Without these skills, it will be very difficult to pay affiliates, order additional copies of books and other products from publishers, maintain an accurate inventory count, and create an effective marketing plan. Clickbank was started in 1998 and continues to provide many services to publishers, affiliates, and customers. Regardless of the types of digital products you wish to sell, if you don’t have a secure platform to sell them on, you will not generate as much profit as you would like. When using Clickbank, you can feel secure when setting up your business. You will have confidence in knowing that your business will be a success due in part to the tracking systems that are available to you once you create your web page.

Because you won’t have to pay monthly fees, Clickbank is an affordable way to sell your digital products. After paying a small activation fee, you will be charged a commission rate that is determined by the commission rate you want to offer affiliates. Along with tracking and marketing services, you will also receive free customer service support, free access to affiliates who work for Clickbank, and much more. As the Internet continues to grow, more and more products will be offered to those looking for information, entertainment, and other items they can purchase online. Offering quality products that are easy to download is the first step in becoming a successful online business owner. When you use all the tools Clickbank has to offer, you will begin to enjoy the benefits of online sales which include a steady profit, satisfying customer demand, and sharing your profits with hard-working affiliates who want your business to be a success. Visit Clickbank today to learn more about the benefits of selling digital products.

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One of the most basic “must haves” of any event where presentations are made before a group of people is the availability of the appropriate audio visual equipment. Be it inside a conference room where there are 10-12 participants, a small seminar venue where there are 20-40 people eager to learn from you, or an auditorium where a crowd of 300 or so have gathered to listen to your whitepaper on the evolution of the widget. Having the right audio video equipment takes away the need to strain your voice just to be heard (try doing that in an auditorium!), or pass out multiple copies of what you want to present, and encourages focus and interaction, thereby significantly enhancing the experience. If you hold presentations on a regular basis for small groups in a small venue, then it might make sense for you to invest in basic audio visual equipment (i.e., a multimedia projector, laptop computer, and a simple sound system), which should not cost you too much. However, if your presentation events are, for example, just a couple or so times per year, in venues that are in excess of a sitting capacity of 100, then the option for investment on the appropriate audio visual equipment does not really make dollar sense. This is especially true when your audience size varies from event to event. Obviously, as your venue and crowd become bigger, the bigger your investment in audio visual equipment will be, and this is not limited just to the hardware. In big venues, there is a also a need for technicians to maintain and operate the equipment to ensure that these will not bog down (and if they do, will not be down for long) during the event proper. One viable option that you may want to consider in scenarios like these is to rent the audio visual equipment you will need for your event. That way, you can focus on the real purpose of your event (i.e., the presentation) and not worry about such details before, during, and after your event. In case you are charging for the event (which you most likely are if you are into live event management as a profession, for example) renting allows you to avoid depreciation and maintenance costs that are part and parcel of the investment option.

When renting audio visual equipment, make sure that your supplier has a good track record in this kind of business. While you may be able to find suppliers who give low rental rates, you might find out the hard way that the reason they are so cheap is that they do not really know what they are doing, do not have back-up equipment on standby in case of emergencies, do not have the flexibility to handle other last-minute issues that normally hound events, and so on and so forth. Getting a reliable supplier goes a long way in ensuring that your audience will see what it is you are showing and hear what it is you are saying as clearly as possible.

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Timothy Rohrer Many people are looking for new ways to make money online and a very popular way to earn money online has recently been auto surfing. Auto surfing allows you to make a small investment in agreement that you will view ads from other websites. The more ads you view, the more money you are paid based on your initial investment.

To make any kind of decent money in auto surf programs is really hit and miss. The two most recent popular auto surf programs where Studio Traffic and 12 Daily Pro. Studio traffic ran for a few years, while 12 Daily Pro survived almost 1 year. Both programs paid high returns for surfing webpage’s and a lot of people did make large sums of money, however when these systems crashed a lot of people also lost money. My take on auto surf programs is that they work, but we never know when the administrator is going to take down the program or run with the money. Usually auto surf programs will offer a return on your initial investment that may range anywhere from 10% of 10 days or 15% over 15 days. It’s nearly impossible for a company to keep up with these high returns for such a long time and a lot of them rely on new business. There are a few new auto surf programs popping up such as Alien Trust and Phoenix Surf, however I would be reluctant to invest any type of money with these programs given the past of Studio Traffic and 12 Daily Pro. At the same time, I do believe they will pay out; it’s just a matter of time before the program actually crashes. If you’re looking to generate any substantial income online, look to find solid programs that have existed for years. There are tons of programs available online and I’ll be the first to admit that the majority of them do not work. However over the past few years I have found a few that do work and that I have been successful with. Most people who are looking for an online business are usually looking for fast money and that’s why auto surf programs do so well initially.

Don’t get caught up in all the hype, when a new program comes out sit back for a while on the sideline and asses the opportunity.

There are plenty of ways to generate a substantial income online, just be sure to find a program that works for you and meets your needs.

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The first online job resource that aerospace professionals should use is the aerospace firm that they want to work with. This may seem like an obvious statement, but many young professionals decide to find vacancies on third party sites where they can apply en masse to various positions. However, there is no substitute for going straight to the source of vacancies if an applicant knows what aerospace firm they want to work for. Many companies in the United Kingdom are expanding their career pages to include the basic list of vacancies, online application materials, a look at daily life for various professionals, and other information necessary to make a career choice.

After perusing company websites, aerospace workers should expand their hunt for vacancies to sites for recruiting firms. The reason why recruiting firms are the logical second step is that they have strong relationships with aerospace firms, including exclusivity agreements that allow recruiters the first chance to fill a vacancy. Professionals of all experience levels should use recruiting firm websites on a regular basis because they have constantly updated job listings and information on professional development that is the key to long term success. Since recruiting firms are in the business of filling the most positions possible in the shortest period, their sites are updated daily. Media graduates looking for jobs with television stations should look to smaller stations first before heading to major outlets. Small local television stations often have jobs or internships in a variety of departments that can help a media graduate gain experience and a living. While these stations don’t pay as well as major television networks, they do allow a media graduate to learn what it takes to work in front and behind the camera. For media graduates looking at the radio business, there are plenty of graduate jobs available for the right candidates. Many media graduates veer away from their academic focus on broadcasting or reporting to work in advertising, management, or technical aspects of the industry. Radio stations often employ graduates who are interested in the general industry and have enough determination and skill to learn multiple positions at a station.

However, choosing a position at a radio station is not set in stone.

Media professionals interested in other positions can make the leap after gaining experience in the radio industry. That’s all changed now and it is very easy to start making some serious money from your online ventures. When it first came out I immediately signed up for google adsense and started placing the ads on a couple of sites I had. Within a few short weeks I was making steady money from google and it has only gotten better. When the affiliate program became available from ClickBank I jumped on the first chance I got. I was happy I did, with the ClickBank affiliate programs you can go from zero dollars to earning several hundred or even several thousand dollars a month. Since implementing the ClickBank program I have been very successful with using a variety of affiliate products. All of the necessary tools are provided so the only real way you will fail is if you do nothing.

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For some online entrepreneurs the advent of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is something on par with affiliate revenue programs. This may sound like an odd statement so let me explain. In affiliate revenue programs a website is developed with the singular purpose of encouraging visitors to make a purchase through your site. The items they can find on your site are actually purchased from a third party website using the affiliate’s website as the portal. However because the customer used the affiliate revenue site to make the purchase the owner of the site receives a commission for the sale. Many home-based businesses use some form of affiliate revenue program to provide residual income. The use of PPC advertising in the body of your website has nothing to do with commissions, but it does have to do with payment for accepted advertising. In this scenario individuals may come to a website because it is filled with knowledge-based content. That content is rich in keywords or phrases. Advertising is automatically chosen for the website based exclusively on content. When a visitor clicks on your website they will find a compliment of PPC advertising that will deal directly with the content you have provided. When those individuals click on the PPC link the site owner receives income based on the price of the ad. Obviously sites that want to use PPC advertising to facilitate a residual income try to make sure their keywords or phrases are somewhat unique drawing PPC advertising that is worth more per click. For instance a unique keyword could draw a commission ten times that of a more common keyword or phrase.

In the scenario of a site built specifically to capitalize on PPC advertising content may be the most important commodity you have. In all websites content should be king, but it is especially important in PPC advertising sites because the idea is to provide the site visitor with such a comprehensive means of learning about a specific item, trade or service that they find enormous value in your site. This customer trust for your content is also of value to the PPC ad placement in that it works to laser focus the advertising to potential customers. In the end you want site visitors to click one or more link when they visit your site. This is how you make money. With PPC revenue generating sites you are not selling a product. In fact, the site visitor does not even have to purchase a product. What you want the visitor to do is click on any PPC link. Once the link is clicked by a visitor you are credited with a sum of money designed to pay you for the referral. In the case of affiliate revenue you are seeking to convince visitors to visit the third party supplier and then make a purchase. In PPC sites you are simply seeking to provide highly focused information with PPC advertising to appeal to the very specific needs of the site visitor. In both cases you could receive residual income that may prove to be beneficial in the improvement of family finances.

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Darren Dunner In the past 6 months several articles have been written to offer tools, helps & any advice on the power of writing articles and submitting these to many online ezines. In fact the word ezines is just becoming a known keyword in the web world. If you have a site and want to generate a buzz ad get traffic you need to submit your article to ezines. In this article I will not go into the best methods of writing these articles and as most of you know by now it is not that easy to write an article and have it approved by these ezine companies. What we do want to accomplish here is the best way to go about submitting your articles. There are a handful of very well developed ezine sites that if you do write articles you want to submit to. The problem that is most often heard is the time it takes to submit the article to all of these sites. Recently there has been a rush on developers to create programs that will do this for you automatically. There is a positive and a negative to this process. Lets talk about the Negative first.

Here are a list of reasons why you shouldn’t use these programs: 1.

These programs are still newly developed and the software developers of these programs may not have tested these fully before handing these out to everyone. 2. There are reports of some programs that do not work at all and cause serious damage to PCs. One such company is called Submita www.submitaarticle.com (see below for quote from Submita) 3. Many of the ezines have a bio attached and the way the bio works is different for each site and if you are promoting more then 1 site then you need multiple bios and will need multiple submit programs these typically only handle 1 account which means you need more then 1 computer. 4. Duplicate content is another big issue. If you put submit article in several locations this can count against you. Quote: In a recent attempt to explain the PC corruption caused by Submita (an article submission software) their response was: “Please note that we have stated clearly on our webpage that we provide you a fully functional free trial with no restrictions so that you can try the software before you buy it. It also states that we have a no refund policy.” In reply to this: “Please note that your free trial had no functionality it was a program that had no use until you entered in a serial number which must be provided by you and was not. I had to purchase the license so I could at least try out the program to see if it worked or not” Notice that there was no apology for the corruption the program caused and no attempt to fix the solution. Only response was “Too Bad” Lets take a look at the positive in using these types of programs: 1. This will save you hours of sitting in front of computer logging in and out each time for each ezine site 2.

Though there are some programs that do not even work there are programs that do work. One of them is Instant Article Submitter made by Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson and this program has nothing but great reviews and the reputation of Rob & Jeff are nothing but the best. There are other programs and other sites that do work as well if you want more information contact us directly. 3. If submitting multiple articles is an issue then do the submission and take the time to login to each account and assign the bio to it… that is still easier then doing the whole part and hopefully these programs will note this and allow users to have multiple accounts to manage on 1 program. 4. Though the article you are submitting is duplicate it still counts as back links for your site and the better you get your site ranked with back links the better you will in the search engines. Keep in mind that every time you submit an article you are generating hype about the service or product and creating a reputation on the web as a trusted source. One last tip is if you have a new product make sure to create a buzz about that product and name and watch as you create a new keyword on the search engines.

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Do you know what search engine optimization is? If you do know what this phrase means, you are better off than most people who are trying to advertise their business. If you don’t know, there is many a search engine optimization firm that will try to teach you in return for giving your business to them. So what exactly is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization is getting your business or website to the top of the search engine results by using certain keywords and other advertising techniques to help you out. If you are going to use a search engine optimization agent, who is going to basically do the work for you, you may have to pay a lot of money, depending on what type of company you have.

Certain companies are going to be more expensive to promote and other companies, just because they are in a very competitive area. For example, if you are selling clothing, the costs of a search engine optimization campaign is going to be larger than if you are selling something less common like coffee filters. More people search for clothing on the Internet than they do for a coffee filters, which means that a search engine optimization company is going to charge you more money for this type of campaign. Search engine optimization can get you to the top by increasing the number of people who click on your website. You may not know this, but the order of the website search results are listed by surfer popularity. This means that it is difficult to get to the top, but once you are there and have a quality business, you are likely to stay there. A search engine optimization agency is going to take the work out of Internet advertising for you. Before, it could kind of get confusing when trying to figure out how exactly to get to the top of the search results. Even now, most people don’t do their search engine optimization by themselves. Instead, they find someone to do it for them A search engine optimization firm is going to find out who your competition is, do a bit of link tracking and then find out what the best keywords are for your website. If you are dealing with a reputable search engine optimization agency, they are not going to recommend using keyword spamming, which can leave customers to your website very frustrated and annoyed. Keyword spamming is going to bring a lot of traffic to your site, but it is also going to bring a lot people to your site that just aren’t interested in what you are offering. For search engine optimization, you really have find a search engine optimization company that knows what they’re doing and can bring the right type of customer to your company. If you don’t get the right type of customer, you are not going to get an increase in business. In fact, having the wrong type of search engine optimization can actually hurt your business, making your website look disreputable and cheap.

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WANT TO KNOW HOW ORDINARY FOLKS LIKE YOU AND ME DOULBE, TRIPLE OR EVEN QUADRUPLE OUR INCOME, ONLINE OR OFFLINE? If you have even a passing interest in the topic of Internet Marketing, then you should take a look at the following information. This enlightening article presents some of the latest news on the subject of Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing: Why is it One of the Most Cost-Effective Ways to Advertise your Business I will touch on the most popular subject when people talk about Internet Marketing. And that is Affiliate Programs. When you think about Affiliate, what do you think of first? Which aspects of Affiliate are important, which are essential, and which ones can you take or leave? You be the judge.

These are forms of Internet advertising that rewards the affiliates for driving traffic to the advertiser or for other transactions. The advertiser pays the affiliate to place a link on their website, and the affiliate sends traffic to the advertiser in return. Simply put, it’s about paying commissions to people who help you make sales. It’s that easy. NOT. Affiliate marketing has its ups and downs. It could be draining if you are not armed with updated information and the technical how-tos. But this article’s sole objective is to reach out to you and not to badmouth affiliate marketing. Here are the following reasons on why web marketers go gaga over affiliate marketing as a form of Internet advertisement. 1. Low cost Many are scared to go on a home based business because of the capital required. In affiliate marketing, you don’t have to spend much to start raking in moolah. 2. Inventories not included Product management fuss could be very stressing. An inventory is not asked to be maintained. The merchant does the maintenance required. It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of Affiliate. What you learn may give you the confidence you need to venture into new areas. 3. Unlimited income through leverage See how much you can learn about Affiliate when you take a little time to read a well-researched article? Don’t miss out on the rest of this great information. When you have a paid job, your monthly income mainly relies on whether you go to work or not. With affiliate marketing, your affiliates could all just lead traffic to your site without having to lift a finger after providing them your ad copy and links. Though not every web marketer earns limitless, it still is a fact that all the necessary matters for the advertiser or Internet marketer are all there to be successful. 4. Go worldwide With affiliate marketing, you are dealing with a global market place. All you have to do is choose a niche product and prepare all the necessary tools for your affiliates to lead traffic from just about anywhere to your website. 5. Low risk The very main reason for Internet marketer’s enthusiasm with affiliate marketing is its having a low risk factor. Especially for those with low budget set aside for advertising, affiliate marketing is just the way to do it. 6. No closing time With affiliate marketing, your business works every single second of the day while targeting a worldwide market! What could be better than that? But all of these will be put to waste if you don’t have the right niche product and all the other important tools to make it big in affiliate marketing, i.e., well-SEO-ed website. So better work on this first before ever considering those benefits.

Brought to you by: Real Good Profits http://www.realgoodprofits.com The day will come when you can use something you read about here to have a beneficial impact. Then you’ll be glad you took the time to learn more about Affiliate.

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Lately I’ve been really dedicated to working out and recently I noticed something interesting at the gym. My gym is most definitely not a meat market. A very large percentage of the patrons are there because they care about their health and not for dating purposes or to see and be seen.

However, on occasion, I’ve noticed that as I ride the stationary bicycle, someone will hop on to the one next to me and I pick up my pace a little. It’s not a conscious decision, really, but my other than conscious wanting to show off a little. It could be a desire not to be outdone. I have noticed the opposite as well. If I get onto a machine next to someone who is already working out, sometimes their speed increases. I chalk this up to a high desire for competition. Competition is a drive that we can either embrace or deny. Me? I embrace it. When I was in sales, I loved to constantly challenge myself to do double or triple what the people around me were selling. You see competition in everyday life most intensely where there are extremely limited resources. (Just look to the animal kingdom as they compete for water, food, mates.) Humans, especially in the United States, compete on economic bases. We all know about the survival of the fittest. . . It’s seldom about trade and cooperation. On some level or another, we compete–money, mates, parking spots. When we’re not out there competing ourselves, we sit around and watch others compete (sports, reality TV, beauty contests. . .). There is something innately interesting to us about watching one person go up against another for glory or humiliation or fortune or defeat. As for my gym observation, this showed me how competition can be an added incentive for self improvement. Some part of my mind says that by showing the person on the next machine what I’m made of by working out harder or faster, then I’m only doing myself good. In this respect, competition can be healthy. A drinking contest is obviously an entirely different story. So how can this base instinct be used most effectively for selling our products or services? Well, we see it all the time. . . two gas stations across the street from each other with slightly different prices, the lower of the two deciding to take that much less for the product. I’m not suggesting you lower your prices by any means, but through framing, we can show ourselves, our products, our services, as the answer in the minds of our affluent prospects and clients. ‘I am by no means the cheapest, and in fact, I may be one of the more expensive realtors, but you really do get what you pay for.’ What is your relation to competition? Do you embrace it or shy away from it? And how can you begin to use it for persuasion purposes? How do you intend to use your competitive drive to get ahead in everything you do?

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If you are interested in selling items on eBay, but you are unsure of how to ensure success for yourself, there are tips and tools on eBay to set you in the right direction.

The available tools such as the completed listings can be most useful.

This helpful tool allows you to research your items and compare the prices with those of your competition, to find how much your item is worth as well as help in providing customers with the appropriate shipping and handling fees. This tool is all about item research. You know what is a fair price to charge for your item as well as the correct shipping cost for any location around the globe. You will be aware of what items sell better than others, allowing you to create the perfect listing for your item(s). Other resources allow you to learn from experts who will help you to understand selling fees and techniques. Learning how to sell can be easy as learning the alphabet with aids such as free online tutorials, a selling basics DVD and selling basics training classes. You will be shown how to create a sellers account for the first time. You will be provided with a full understanding of how to begin selling your items and how to set up online account payments. There are also tools that allow you to keep records of all of your sales for solid record keeping. These resources make it easy to begin on the right path to sales success. Once you are off and running you may find that you are ready to take your sales to the next level. You can increase your knowledge of marketing, optimization and eBay stores through online resource guides. You are once again offered free online tutorials as well as a DVD and training classes but these options are for those looking to move beyond the basics of selling. You will become a true eBay sales expert and you are certain to see sales increases as you put this knowledge to use. Through eBay you are always provided with updates, hot items listings and tips such as the top ten selling tips that will help to guide you towards more effective sales methods.

Assistance online is not your only option in eBay sales success. The Dean of Education, Jim Griffin, shares his vast knowledge of sales and online entrepreneurship through the book “ the official ebay bible”. Check your local library for details on this resource. With the numerous tools and material aids available for sales success tips any and everyone who is interested in selling items on eBay has a fighting chance for sales profit and sales success. By following even the most simple tips such as posting a clear photo or including a keyword title can make the difference in a customer being a window shopper or a in becoming a quick sale. Do some research for yourself and you will see that it is feasible to be victorious in eBay sales.

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Did you know that it is possible to make money online without investing a dime? Weblogs, affiliate marketing and surveys are among the three easiest ways to earn money through the Internet.

If you look around the Internet for ways and means to earn money online, you will observe how most online money-making opportunities will require some money to be invested for you. However, you need to note that there are two general ways to make money online, one which involves financial investment and another which only needs you to invest time and effort. With all the fraudulent sites and scam-filled transactions proliferating around the Internet, you may find it wise to resort to means which do not involve financial investment. They are also generally more profitable as you do not need to worry about investment returns and the likes. This is probably one of the best things about earning money online. Even without investing in a product, setting up a website or general marketing expertise, it is possible to make money based on what you know and what you can do. What are some ways that you can make money online without investing a cent? Here are some of them: 1. Article writing. If you have good writing skills, coming up with your very own blog is a great way to make money online. There are a number of blog hosts that offer services for free, and you can set-up your very own site within a few clicks of your mouse button. Now, depending on how many viewers you attract into your site, you can earn a limitless amount by incorporating advertisement. The best part about blogging is that you only need to write to your heart’s content about topics that you wish to or are familiar with. Closely related to blogging is article writing where you look through sites hiring content writers to write site contents on specific websites. 2. Affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are one of the most profitable ways to make money online. They involve promotion of other people’s sites to the rest of the world. All you need to do is come up with your own online marketing strategies to draw people into a site and increase site traffic. You get commissions depending on agreed upon affiliate terms, which may either be on a pay-per-click or pay-per-successful-sale basis. To start with affiliate marketing, you only need to look for a good merchant and sign up for their affiliate marketing program. Good merchants will have the necessary tools to get you started. 3. Answering surveys. Did you know that simply answering surveys allow you to make money online? There are a number of companies doing market research which actually pay online users to answer surveys. This is relatively easy to do, though you need to make sure that you choose reputable signs to sign into. These are only three of the most popular ways to make money online. There are a whole lot more profitable ventures that you can involve yourself in.

Remember that whatever means you choose, the success and the profitability of your efforts lie mostly on your hands. You have to work to earn as much as you expect to. Do not expect overnight success, but trust that with persistence, earning big money online will be within reach.

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You can start a work from home business as a distributor. You will be amazed at how quickly you can learn the business and sales skills that you will need to be a successful distributor. You can be the boss when you work from home as a distributor. You determine what hours you work, when you take a vacation and even how many hours a week you will work. Virtually anyone that has dedication and time can become a successful distributor in the wellness industry. The easiest way to become a distributor is to find a company that is looking for distributors. Learn about the products that the company offers. Find out what type of training is given by the company to help you become successful.

There are some excellent companies on the Internet that need distributors that can work from home.

It is easiest to start small and let your distributorship grow over time. You can spend an hour or two in the evenings and perhaps one whole day on the weekend to start your home business as a distributor. Once the income is fairly steady and you have saved some money, you can switch to working full time as a distributor. If you are laid off of work or need to stay home for family responsibilities, you can work from home as a distributor. You will have the freedom to set your hours around the needs and responsibilities that you have in the home. For example, if you have small children that need naps, lunch and even play time you can work between activities with the kids. This enables you to make a supplemental income without leaving the home and paying for expensive daycare or having a nanny come to your home. The majority of companies do not require an investment of money to become a distributor. The key is to have the time to promote the products and services that you distribute. You will need to build a strong customer base that will come back to you for replacement wellness and health products that you initially sold to them. Since the products are consumable, it is an excellent home business because the majority of sales will result in return customers. You will begin to get a feel for how often certain customers order from you and be able to determine roughly how much each week you will potentially make as your supplemental income for your new home business. Form social networks with other people through internet forums, discussion boards and even other distributors for the parent company. You can form a network of very supportive and helpful people to enable your new home business to be a success.

There are many health and wellness trade shows and seminars in your local community or communities near you that you can attend. Everyone is under the same roof for the same purpose. This is a terrific way to network with other people that are also distributors or interested in the types of health and wellness products and services from your new home business.

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If you’ve ever played the lottery than you have some idea what paid surveys are like. Surveys used to be a bit like telemarketing calls; disinterested pollsters would contact you at inconvenient times and rush through questions and even lead you along from time to time in how to best answer their question. Today many surveys take place online with an offer to pay the participant for their time. This idea seems a bit like free money to many who will flock to a paid survey site and fill out as many profiles as possible in order to gain their share of the paid survey market. The problem is these well meaning and hard working individuals often do not hear back from the polling organizations. These sites are barraged with an incredible number of applicants willing to take online surveys. Odds are not everyone will be allowed to participate. Paid survey companies have the luxury of being able to pinpoint the specific type of subject they wish to invite to the survey.

This means that profiles are sorted according to a very specific need and then a small handful in that group is allowed to participate. It’s sort of like finding that one perfect slice in a pie and then scratching your fork in the filling and the small bit left on the fork is representative of those who will be invited to the survey party. You also have to understand that not every paid survey site will have continuous surveys for which members will be needed. You might actually stand a better chance of being selected to participate in a television game show than to find consistent paid surveys to fill out. It’s safe to say that the original intent was simply to compensate those individuals who participated in the survey, but marketing experts fueled by the public perception that there may be regular funds available for survey takers has elevated the paid survey idea to the status of part time job when it was likely never intended to be that. The frenzy for paid surveys has even resulted in sites that require payment to access links to sites that invite individuals to submit a profile for possible inclusion. Many will spend more on accessing the information than they are likely to receive in compensation for the time they may spend tracking down leads and participating in surveys. What is probably most sad is that you do not have to pay to find sites that offer paid surveys. Simply visit your favorite search engine and search the term ‘Paid Survey’. Multiple pages will be available for you to peruse at your convenience and you can fill out any profiles that seem of interest to you. Then be prepared to wait because there is no guarantee you will ever be chosen to complete a survey. Perhaps the best approach is to fill out the information and then return to normal life. Should there come a time when a paid survey opportunity is offered you can accept it in total surprise because you didn’t spend countless hours refreshing your inbox to see if you had received a new offer.

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Non geographic telephone numbers are a special type of telephone number, that is also considered to be a telemarketing number.

These types of numbers do not pinpoint your business to a specific area geographically; instead, it allows you to take advantage of your total market nationally. There are many different categories of non geographic telephone numbers, seven to be exact. These are known as: – Free phone – Lo-Call – Fixed Rate – National Rate – Premium Rate – Alphanumeric – Personal Free phone is a non geographical telephone number that offers your customers and potential customers the ability to call your business without having to pay any type of fees for the call. This is a great business tool as it gives your customers confidence and makes them believe that you really want their business. Free phone numbers can be distinguished by 0800. Lo-Call are telephone numbers that begin with 0845. This is yet another great business tool because it gives your long distance callers local rate calls, even when they are on the opposite side of the country. Receiving the calls are free for your business, all you have to do is pay the deposit and monthly fees. Fixed rate numbers are typically 0844 or 0871, these are traditional telemarketing phone numbers. These types of numbers charge the customer for their calls to your business. 0871 calls typically cost the customer’s more than the 0844. National rate telephone numbers begin with 0870 and allow your customers to call your business with a cheaper national rate, no matter where they are in the United Kingdom. This type of non geographic telephone number is great for information hot lines, order lines, help lines, and technical support centres. Premium rate telephone numbers start with 090. These are great for competitions, chat lines, and technical support calls. These are premium calls that charge the callers higher rates per minute than 0871 or 0844 telephone numbers. The business is not required to cover any of the costs associated with the telephone call and recovers a large portion of the money paid by the customer. Alphanumeric telephone numbers are words instead of numbers. These are perfect advertisement for many customers. This could be a catchy slogan or something to identify the company with. By using alphanumeric telephone numbers you can catch and keep the attention of your customers with something easy to remember. Personal telephone numbers start with 0700.

This type of number goes by many names such as call shield, follow me, one, and personal numbers.

The great advantage about this type of telephone number is that it allows you to provide your customers with just one telephone number, but have that number route to any other number you wish.

This is perfect for taking your calls while at home, travelling, or in another office, but do not want to miss the all important telephone calls. As you can see, there are many different types of non geographic telephone numbers to learn about. Choosing the right one for your business means understanding your options and choosing the one that best suits your businesses needs.

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When looking for secretarial, data entry or word processing jobs in the newspaper, one may think that typing skills are no longer important, since these jobs are in very short supply.

However, there are thousands of people all over the country that are making money through typing. This is because they are home based transcribers. What is a home based transcriber? A home based transcriber is a person who converts audio into a written format. They do all of this through a telecommuting, home based setup, where work is submitted via email or through an FTP on their company’s website. So, how do these lucky individuals land home based transcribing positions? Basically, they type fast, have an eye for detail and keen hearing ability. In fact, of these skills, a keen hearing ability will probably get you further as a home based transcriber than even typing speed. When you hear in a keen way, you must be able to listen to the words that are not being spoken in situations where speakers are mumbling or have heavy accents. You must also be able to figure out what is being said when the audio quality is poor. Additionally, you need to be able to distinguish between different voices. While this may sound easy, when you transcribe long documents that have dozens of speakers, it can be difficult remembering who exactly is speaking, unless they have something about their voice that is prolific. Home based transcribers must also be very disciplined when it comes to having the drive to continue doing work that can be dry and boring. However, there are some home based transcription jobs that offer a little bit more exciting content. These are usually the ones where home based transcribers must type up court hearings or police correspondence. Dryer jobs are the ones where home based transcribers type up company briefings, certain types of news media and political correspondence. No education is required to become a home based transcriber, if what is being transcribed is general in nature. If the content is medical, it is recommended a transcriber get a certificate in medical transcription, though it is not required. It also helps if a person has excellent English skills and is generally well-educated. This is because as a home based transcriber you may come across lots of fancy vocabulary and industry jargon. To find home based transcribing jobs, it is best to search freelancing boards such as http://Wahm.com. Sites like this offer a whole section of contact information for some of the most popular home based transcribing jobs.

Alternatively, a person could simply enter “home based transcriber” complete with the quotes into a search engine. The listings that would come up would relate completely to home based transcription, since the quotation marks tell the search engine to exclude any results not relating to it. In conclusion, if you type fast and want to make money for your ability, think about becoming a home based transcriber. It is not the most exciting job in the world, but the work is steady and the pay tends to be good. In addition, home based transcription is one of the most widely accessible at-home jobs you can find.

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All Rights Reserved. Okay, it’s now time for the next installment of… «6 POWERFUL VRE(Virtual Real Estate) Business Models You Can Start Building In 2006 Using Google Adsense» series. By now you should have a good idea of what Virtual Real Estate is and why it’s to your benefit that you start a network of your own VRE sites depending on the model you choose. In the last installment of this series I covered «Article Directories». In this part of the VRE series I’m going to cover «Web Directories» in general and then give you some examples of what they might be and look like. Sound good? VRE Model #2. Web Directories. An «Web Directory» is simply a directory on the World Wide Web that specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. Web Directory owners will often allow site owners to submit their site for inclusion. Then human editors will review their submission and if accepted, will be added to their database. The one thing about Web Directories is they are often used as part of a website marketing strategy for being indexed in the major search engines like Yahoo!, Google, MSN to name a few. The main strategy behind someone submitting there website to a directory is that a new site needs to quickly build inbound links from reputable sources. In doing this they will get a higher ranking within search engine results under there target keywords depending on the PR(popularity ranking) of that directory or inbound link. That’s the basic run-down of what an Web Directories purpose is and why they make a great VRE business model. Web Directories can be and target anything you want them to. It’s your directory, so you make the decision as to what it is about. As your directory grows, so will its traffic. And if you have targeted affiliate programs strategically placed on your directory along side your Google Adsense code, you could be making a nice, steady income form your directory like many others are right now. Now… as I said at the beginning of this article I would give you some examples of some Web Directories with Google Adsense so you see for yourself whether or not this is something you want to venture into. So, with that said, here are 3 directories that I think will give you a good idea of what to expect: Free Stuff Directory: All Free Things – http://www.allfreethings.com/ eBook Directory: Wisdom eBooks – http://www.wisdomebooks.com/ Software Directory: Software5 – http://www.software5.com/ Now remember, your Online Directory can be about anything you want.

Your in control. These are just some examples of whats out. Did you happen to see the Google Adsense ads? BINGO! Also, pay special attention to where those Google Adsense ads are positioned because this is KEY to getting a good CTR(Click Through Rate) with your Google Adsense ads. Now, at this point, it’s up to you to make the decision on whether or not this is the type of VRE business model you want to use and start. I recommend you surf around and see whats out there with your interests in mind. By doing that you will be able to get some good idea’s as to what to expect and more importantly, model your directory and/or VRE sites from. Well, that’s it for now. So, be sure to be on the look out for my next installment of «6 POWERFUL VRE(Virtual Real Estate) Business Models You Can Start Building In 2006 Using Google Adsense».

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While the old adage that strongly urges to do what you love and the money will follow is indeed correct for the overwhelming majority of the time, there are those times when you need to reevaluate and consider that there is more to working from home than doing what you love.

For example: just because you enjoy baking dog biscuits, it does not mean that after a week long blitz of making enough batches to fill your garage, you will have customers breaking down the door to buy them. Instead, commercial success or failure when working from home quite frequently transcends that notion and requires some coolheaded calculations to boot: 1. No matter which kind of business you start, make sure you have an exit strategy. Even though it may be a bit of a morbid thought to plan for your business’ failure, the fact that knowing how to get out from under a potentially financial burden is well worth overcoming awkwardness. This holds true most especially if your home business involves the purchase of machinery or copious amounts of inventory. Knowing in advance where to unload the goods in case of failure – in an effort to recoup any financial losses or at least offset the bath you took when buying the machinery – offers the potential for freedom and also risk taking you otherwise might not dare to even consider. 2. Even if you love something very much you must be prepared to not pursue it if the market is simply not ready. Back to the dog biscuit example: if you live in a rural area where next to nobody has a dog, or you live in a part of the country where dogs are not generally kept as pets, then this might not be the niche you want to go after. Find other outlets for your baking creativity, such as carving out a niche for dog biscuits made for those animals with severe allergies. Just because you most likely will not have a clientиle locally, your ability to provide this highly specialized good puts you in an excellent position to take the online marketplace by storm! 3. Go with your second impulse rather than your first one! Sure, while the first impulse may have you deciding on a home based business that makes a lot of sense, has a good chance of translating into a monetarily rewarding career, and may actually present a decent niche appeal, it is your second impulse that might send you over the top! This might be the idea you consider too wild to be feasible, too far out to find an interested buyer, or too odd to get anyone to even look at. It is this very impulse that might lead to the creation of a home based business which will succeed because it caters to an under served market, while the first impulse idea may have been moderately successful but would never be able to rival the second for the simple fact that the market is all but saturated with others who are thinking in exactly the same way.

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