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What is SERP A search engine results page, or SERP, is the listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query. The results will include a list of web pages with titles, a link to the page, and a short description that will show how the search keywords have matched in the content of a website page. A SERP may refer to a single page of links returned, usually ten websites. However, you can increase the number of results returned by specifying either 10 or 20 or 30 or 50 or even 100 in Google! search query. Why High Position in SERPs If you have a website, surely there is a reason for you to have published it. The basic reasons are to establish your business presence, to earn some money by selling your products, to make Business Information available, to establish your presence in the business that you are involved in. Many more reasons can be listed but we shall leave it at that. Consider the following facts:- a) 85% of all web sites are found through the search engines b) 99% of users search only the top 20 engines c) 91% of all users VISIT ONLY THE FIRST PAGE of search results In view of the above 3 facts, it is necessary that your website appears high up in serps to achieve your aim How to achieve High Position in SERPs To achieve high position in Search Engine Results you have to:- a) Ensure that the website page is optimized as per norms set by a Search Engine.

This contributes around 30% to your webpage being ranked high. b) Ensure that you have sufficient links to your website page. This is a major of the two factors contributing about 70 % to achieving high position in serps. However, do not aim at getting links at too fast a rate. Ideally, it should be 10-15 per week. Too fast a rate is considered as spam by search engines. Do not aim at linking to websites that have only high Pagerank. This also is considered as artificial. Check a website for its content before exchanging links with it. Though, the task of link exchange involves a lot of time and effort by way of 1) searching for link exchange websites, 2) visiting them to find if they are suitable, 3) emailing them with link exchange request or submitting link exchange request by filling up their form, 4) publishing their link at your site, 5) visiting the page where they have published your website link to verify the link exists and 6) to regularly visit their links page to verify the link to your website continues to exist. This is necessary as a lot of websites delete your link after some time. To make your task of link exchange easier there is a website www.toptenserp.com. The membership is free for one website. You have to just once enter your website details. After that you will continuously get 1 way links regularly at a set pace. Visit the site to see where some members links page rank.

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What a strange title.

Of course content is important! Why bring it up? That is a good question.

The reason I bring it up is because for many web designers there seems to be the attitude that they should simply provide several areas of fixed content that may appeal to search engines. For most web designers this is a time saving tactic that bows to the notion that a site MUST be Search Engine optimized (SEO) without thinking about the life of the website post-launch. Sometimes the online business owner does not fully understand the role of fresh content to the improved status of their website. In most cases the business owner is simply anxious to get the site developed and launched and hasn’t taken the time to wonder what happens after it goes live. The web designer may not bring this up either. It is not that the web designer may not want the best for you, but they also know it may be labor intensive thus time consuming for them. They may also realize you might not have significant new data to include. Fresh content can be culled from a variety of locations. You can develop fresh content on your own or you can ask vendors for content that they may have that could be dropped into the website as needed. One of the best tools for gaining fresh, topic-specific content is through a free articles directory. This can solve some of the issues surrounding the need for content, but it may not address the ease with which you may want to see when it comes to placement of the content. What I mean by that is that your web designer may be the one responsible for alterations to your site, but they may also be busy enough that your request may not gain first priority. Some site owners report requested changes to their website can take days, weeks and sometimes months for their web designer to manage.

In some cases it seems to online business owners that the web designer is only interested in getting you up and running, but does not care as deeply for the day to day changes you may need. While there are some very responsive web designers available there is also a more personal solution to making content alterations to your website that functions on a timetable of your choosing. Web builder technology allows you to develop and maintain your website when and how you want without the need for a third party designer. In a world where SEO is so important to online business it is important to be able to keep your site fresh. If a web designer is not able to keep up with your needs it may be important to explore the possibility of web builder technology. In many cases you can develop multiple articles for release and place an embargo on the content until a certain day and time. What this means is you can develop a months worth of articles and instruct the software when you want it to place the content online. Imagine being on a business trip and still having new content placed on your site in your absence. You can be your own web designer. The results are positive, the responsiveness is immediate and the costs are significantly less than other alternatives.

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One of the key questions you will need to ask when it comes to product launching is an important one in relation to how you market the product. The question is this – what is the sales potential of the item you will be selling? In our tale of two products we look first at a hand crafted wooden box. This box has hand carved accents on the top and comes with a velvet-lined interior. These boxes are also the work of one recognized wood artisan. Several movie stars and even a few well-known politicians have commissioned special editions of these wooden boxes. When these special editions are ordered it typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete and orders must be insured when shipped.

The second product is also a wooden box.

It is machine tooled. It has a felt lining that is placed on an assembly line. Thousands of these boxes can be assembled each day and orders are often shipped out overnight. These boxes can be customized for corporate giving and artwork can be laser engraved with names and company logos. The box is designed to hold other specialty gift items from the company catalogue. It doesn’t take long to see that the primary difference between these two similar products might be the difference between a Rolex and a Timex. The first product is a product of luxury, an item designed to be an heirloom and one that will not be found in most homes. The second product will likely be a tasteful gift presented at company Christmas parties and as a cherished gift among friends and family. It is both a deluxe carrying case for other products and a keepsake for other bits of memorabilia. This tale of two products looks at the law of supply and demand. In the first case the supply is limited and the demand is generally slightly higher than available stock. What this means is that the consumer places a higher premium on the product and is more than willing to compensate the artisan for their one of a kind work. In the end fewer units will be sold, but the price per unit will be significantly higher than other wooden box manufacturers. The second scenario will typically find a ready supply of the assembly line boxes with quick turn around on customized boxes. While this will not be an inexpensive gift it will be an affordable gift. The business owner will accept a lower profit margin simply because they believe they can sell enough units to improve their overall bottom line profits.

Which company will succeed? Perhaps both. The move toward product launching will likely have you seeking to identify if this is a highly specialized product or something that has mass appeal and is easy to manufacture. Once that is determined it is possible to develop a marketing strategy that is in concert with your actual business needs. This is an important step when moving toward the launching of any new product in your online store.

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Thus what’s fresh with Web Design Delhi? This implement enable you to generate button and banner in the agenda itself. You can yet make a design In Web Design Delhi company e-fuzion for importing into flicker for quick lettering belongings. The “additional” stress previous is what’s impending up in the potential of this creation. These tactics for extra functionality will provide user additional imagination in scheming banner and steering systems. There are also outlook tactics being uttered by Web Design Delhi to support many of the features in flicker at present – this include scripting, motion picture clip, audio, vector descriptions and turn over button. Precise at present, by the original report, you know how to use its maximum number of content effects to the hilt. It will moreover tempo up work efficiency. With Web Design Delhi you can say superior bye to all daylight of contravention text up, construction key frame and give twining – prosperity of hard work but is not everyplace by our proposal of creativeness.

Utilize it through scheme of all the different attribute of every communication and click preview.

Behind install this software, in fewer than five follow-up, you can create real comfortable for your sites. In attendance may be influence regarding how all the belongings just seem comparable but keep in mind that near are “manufacturing average” and “specialized height” consideration on these belongings, immediately like in TV and publish. Web Design Delhi allows you to create your sites with that height of average and skill. Presently, Web Design Delhi doesn’t work in Mac but they are looking into creating a description suitable with the Mac. It does not necessitate flicker to be install, too. Acquiring and with Web Design Delhi is simple adequate. You immediately go to the site and download its examination description. Awaiting you get a key, it will mix up text when you export to SWF. Currently, Web Design Delhi has a US $30 price tag, with free minor updates. Foremost updates would be approximately US $10 – a big dissimilarity in the price of Flash at US $275. Require we speak extra Attempt Web Design Delhi and see for yourself!

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There are two major problems with web presence analytics; they’re either non-existent or too complicated.

Many people may be against using web analytics because it not only measures success it also measures failure.

Someone in charge of marketing might be afraid to use web analytics because it would prove the failure scientifically. Avoiding web analytics because it shows failure is the wrong attitude. We learn from our failures and we must welcome the opportunity to gain knowledge of them. There is a lack of skilled employees required to manage, distribute and analyze Web analytics. Historically, web analytics was developed by IT for IT. The people using them were comfortable with dealing with raw data. Web analytics tools have been designed to be interpreted by technical personnel. There was little regard for people without technical skills. As a result, the rest of the organization has become alienated from analytics. A good web analytics solution has to be easy to understand for any member of the organization. One of the biggest misconceptions of web analytics is that it needs to be complex. Often, web analytics generate a huge amount of data. The end result is data overload that lacks actionable information. Frequently, insignificant data becomes the noise around actionable data. The noise makes the process overwhelming. Instead of providing answers, web analytics can create more questions. Meaningful interpretation of data has created a hostile attitude toward web analytics among the non-technical people of the organization. Web analytics is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Web analytics tools provide data not information or insight. We need the tools to provide us with the raw data, but it’s up to us to make sense of it all. The real value of KPI is continuous monitoring. It is not a once a year or once a quarter project. At the very least, you should examine your KPIs once a month.

Monitoring is continuous; reviewing happens on a regular interval. The most important KPIs are the ones that measure whether business objectives are met or not. It is great to know how many visitors a web site has in a month, but it is more useful to know what percentage of users make a purchase. Web sites are no longer just online catalogs with a shopping cart. They are becoming complex applications with high levels of interactivity. Today, a highly usable site is also highly interactive. If the on site search is not working properly, you have a web site that lack interactivity. Therefore, it scores low in the usability scale. If the site navigation is counter intuitive, it will result in low usability score. All of the above will result in lower conversion therefore lower revenue. According to studies, many online shoppers give up and abandon the shopping process due to usability issues. Web analytics must be viewed as an activity directly tied to revenue. It is indeed a revenue generating process. The absence of web analytics can result in loss of revenue, and the presence of it will almost certainly result in increased revenue.

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So what is internet home business really all about? The following report includes some fascinating information about internet home business–info you can use, not just the old stuff they used to tell you. Once you begin to move beyond basic background information, you begin to realize that there’s more to internet home business than you may have first thought. There are many internet home business opportunities for you to try if you want to work from home. Over the years, the Internet has become a valuable tool for consumers and those looking for information. Depending on your interests, skills, and knowledge of online sales, you can start a business selling one product or service, or many products and services. Most internet home businesses are also very cost effective. All you need is a computer with Internet connection, website, and shipping supplies if sending products to consumer’s homes or offices. When you first start your business, you will need to learn about the many ways to market your product or service. While building a website is a great place to start, because there are millions of sites online, you need to find ways to stand out and draw visitors to your site. Advertising online is the best way to do so. Building a customer list is another way to reach people. By sending periodic email reminding people that your products and services are available, you will increase sales and build a solid customer base. This will help you build a good reputation online as well. If you are new to online sales, there are many books, guides, and other items you can read in order to learn more. Keep in mind that many successful internet home business owners do not have pay much to advertise their websites.

They rely on customer email lists, creating blogs, submitting articles to databases, writing press releases, and answering questions on open forum sites. Print advertising is also important – so be sure to take an ad out in local newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. Include your web address and contact info and watch your sales increase. Another way to bring in business is to attend conferences, social gatherings, trade shows, and networking functions. Not only will you be able to meet potential customers, you will also meet other internet home business owners. This can help you increase your exposure because you may be able to swap links and advertise on each other’s sites. While you can always pay to advertise on search engine result pages, as you can see, there are many ways to save money and still get your business out there. As you learn more about internet home business, you may decide that one business is not enough. Some internet home business owner’s run two or three internet businesses if they have the time. Depending on your financial goals, you may need to start one or more businesses. Many times, these businesses are similar in nature and rely on the same marketing strategies. When running more than one business, it is important to keep things as simple as possible. Make sure you create simple websites, sell products digitally if possible to avoid having to physically ships products each day, and maintain separate files so you can offer quality customer service, maintain accurate earnings records, and manage your businesses easily.

Once you become an internet home business owner, you will wonder why you didn’t start much sooner.

Those who only know one or two facts about internet home business can be confused by misleading information. The best way to help those who are misled is to gently correct them with the truths you’re learning here.

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On an average, more than 20,000 domains get expired everyday, and this figure is slowly increasing day by day, as more numbers are starting to expire almost on a regular basis.

The expired domain name market is also becoming a lucrative proposition to people, who wish to set up a lucrative online business. Apart from selling expired domain names, you can also use expired domain traffic, either to sell it or use it to develop your web site. There are two ways through which you can use targeted expired domain traffic to set up a viable business.
• You can purchase an expired domain name and sell it along with its expired domain traffic to someone, who is looking for a domain that can provide immediate results.
• You can also register an expired domain name for a year or so and develop a web site over it, advertise and pool together targeted traffic. However, creating targeted expired domain traffic with your web site takes a long time, involves spending lot of money and putting in considerable effort. Though selling such a web site can get you huge profits, there are chances that you may loose you patience while waiting for the D-Day! It makes a clear sense to lay your hands on an expired domain that has a big pool of expired domain traffic attached to it. Webmasters have the habit of detecting and pinpointing highly lucrative expired domain traffic out of a huge list of expiring domains. When you buy an expired domain with well established expired domain traffic, you can get several benefits like:
• A top place in many of the well-known search engines and web directories
• A number of back links that can promote your web site to others
• An access to many types of promotional and advertising channels
• Use the existing expired domains with well established expired domain traffic, as an invaluable sub domain to further develop the business.

Before buying an expired domain name, make sure that you check out the name for its targeted traffic.

There are several online software tools that will help you critically examine an expired domain name to check, whether the domain in question has accumulated any traffic in its previous avatar. Once you seek out a good and productive domain, you can increase your profits without having to spend more money. The most common way of obtaining targeted expired domain traffic is to contact people who have lists of expired domain names attached with a list of loyal subscribers. By chance, if the source from where you are intending to buy expired domain traffic has a large list of subscribers, then you contact the source, with a request to send an email to the contacts in the list, giving them valid reasons and explanations to check out your site and look at the contents. It is also possible to convert your one-time expired domain traffic into frequent web site traffic. To achieve this goal, you may need to ask your site visitors to sign up for a regular newsletter or an auto-responder series

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Free Home Based Business Opportunities can be very profitable. However, most people don’t know how to make them work. Though many people say they are looking for a way to make additional money and often look towards the Internet for free home based business income opportunities, they are often skeptical or should I don’t have fate that they actually work. They simple don’t believe that they can actually make money online with free business opportunities. Though they specifically look to join a free opportunity, they don’t really believe they work because they don’t have the key to unlocking the road to success. Let’s start by defining the word «key». The word «key», has many meanings. It can be a land mass, as in «Florida Keys». It can refer to a musical instrument, as in «keys on a piano». In fact those 3 letters, k-e-y, make up one of the most powerful words in human language. The reason is, that no matter what type of key you are talking about, whether it is a musical key, a computer «keyboard» or a «mechanical key», that opens a lock, all keys have one extremely important fact in common – They all, (with the exception of the landmass) GRANT ACCESS to SOMETHING!! Allowing access is the most important aspect of the word key.

Without keys you would be cut off from many things.

If you do not believe this to be true, then I suggest you throw away your keychain with your keys attached and see how much fun you’ll have without access to your house, your car, etc. Now, the funny thing about keys is they are not always «physical objects». An electronic garage door has a key, to open and close the door. But you would be wrong if you said the remote itself, was the key. The key is the «electronic signal» sent out by the remote, not the remote itself. The remote control actually generates the «signal key» that opens the garage door. My point is simple, the world is filled with various keys, but not all are physical or even visible to the eye. And now I’m going to hit you right between the eyes … you probably already OWN, The Key To Making your Free Home Based Business Opportunity Work and don’t even know it! I can say this with almost absolute certainty, the key has probably been offered to you on various occasions throughout your life, but you weren’t aware of it at the time. And as with all keys – keys are WORTHLESS, unless you USE THEM!! You have probably already figured out that the key to making Free Home Based Business Opportunities work is not a physical key. It has no physical form in our three dimensional space. It is what I like to call, for the lack of a better term, a «conceptual key». This type of key requires your mind to make it work, not your hand. And just like any concept, it’s difficult, if not impossible to use if you do not have conscious awareness of it. Here is another very important quality about keys. They work in two directions; they can either grant or deny access. In fact, if you are like most people, you are currently using this «conceptual key» to limit yourself and deny yourself access to actually make money online and your goals and dreams.

Read my next article to find out how to find the key.