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Many people have tried to succeed in the home based business world and indeed in terms of the successes or failures of different people, there are three general categories that can be used.

Firstly, there are the people that are failures; people that really have no success and after a period of denial are eventually forced to give up on their business and go do something else. This is not where you want to end up. Then, there are the people that are successful; they are able to parlay their business into something that earns them a nice five figure income that they are satisfied with and can live on. This is not such a bad place to be. And finally, there are the people that are enormously successful; these are the people you hear about all the time that become millionaires and are able to live a life that is the stuff of dreams because of the money that they have. This is the best! The question that most people will ask themselves in regards to this scenario has to do with the difference. Depending on the specific case, most people can figure out the difference between the first group and the latter two groups; it usually has to do with a lack of motivation, a lack of perseverance or the inability to deal with failure and just move onto something else. However, the difference between the second and third group is harder to figure out; after all, for the most part those two people start off the same and a lot of their home based business development is the same getting to the point of a five figure income. What, then, becomes the difference later on? Well, in the majority of these comparisons, the difference has to do with a lack of diversification on the part of a person that has the five figure income. If a person builds a business that makes then $75,000 a year, then they might realistically have no problems whatsoever with that income. This is because the person might have all their needs met in a nice way and not really want to try and increase their income. However, the person that goes on to eventually become a millionaire is not going to be satisfied with that amount. They will take as much money as they can spare and instead of spending it on a lifestyle enjoyed by a person with a $75,000 income, they will re-invest it. Either into another business or back into expanding the one they already have. This kind of person is not interested in living the lifestyle of a $75,000 income person; they want to make more money and have no problems living in less luxury now if it means they can live in more luxury later. A person like this has an income figure in their head from the start and keeps on working at it until they are making that income figure; usually through diversification.

With an affiliate home based business you can also enjoy the residual and passive income that comes with ongoing payment programs and marketing.

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