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The modern businessman has to have something to hold all the money he is slaving away for. Sometimes, a bulky wallet is not really the most fashionable or elegant solution. Instead, money clips are the way to go. They are simple, compact, and good at keeping all your paper money in order. Form and Function Money clips are essential. They are not just decoration. They reflect a businessman’s character and habits. Obviously, these small items can give an indication of how much he earns simply because they hold all his cash on hand.

But the actual arrangement of the money in the clip also talks about how meticulous or careless its owner is. Money clips also make great gifts. Friends, superiors, and colleagues alike would be more than happy to receive an elegant money clip as a gesture of your friendship.

What is even better is that they are so practical and such a great gift for anybody.

It is a particularly safe choice when you do not really know the recipient of the gift. A money clip a is universal gift across any industry or any culture. Variety There are different types of money clips. They can vary depending on the material that is used. Most metallic clips are made of gold, silver, or platinum. They can also be covered with alloys of different metals. In terms of shape, they can be oval, round, square, rectangular, etc. There are even clips that integrate leather into their designs for a more masculine effect. The perfect, unique money clip is just a shopping trip away. You just have to look hard enough to find it. Costs vary between these different types of money clips. Most money clips are poorly made with cheap material. They can run for as low as ten bucks. Students and other young people purchase these mainly for their utility. They do not really need a flashy and ostentatious money clip for the meager cash that they have. These can usually be bought at any regular store or supermarket. In contrast, most high end money clips can run from about twenty to a hundred bucks. For designer units, expect to pay anywhere from eighty up to three hundred bucks. The most prestigious brands can actually start at three hundred. These types of clips are status symbols. They let the people know that the owner wants his cash well taken care of. The most successful of businessmen are the ones who purchase these clips. As you can see, money clips are not only for keeping your money per se. They can be gifts and status symbols as well. Think of it as a fashionable and elegant way to keep all your paper bills in order. It will show that you are an ordered and organized individual.

At the same, time, its sleek form factor will show that you are not behind the times when it comes to matters of apparel. The best of both worlds, money clips are the perfect combination of elegance and luxury.

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