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There are many reasons that you might be thinking of acquiring an 0800 number, but how much do you really know about them? Many small businesses have taken advantage of what this resource has to offer, but what do you know on how an 0800 number relates to you? Before you decide on whether having one of these numbers is right for you, there a few things that you should be aware of regarding in this institution.

First and most basically, an 0800 number allows your customers or contractors to call you without being charged. Instead, you will be charged for each call you receive, but typically the amount of money spent is fairly conservative. When a person dials in to an 0800 number, they are dialing in to a business or a personal line that you have designated. The phone line that you use to receive the call does not necessarily have to be dedicated to this use; the phone can simply be a standard phone that you use to make calls. You can even have 0800 numbers routed to a mobile phone if necessary. Due to this, home businesses have profited from the prevalence of these numbers. As you can see, with these benefits in mind, it is clear why 0800 numbers are considered easy and convenient for your customers. 0800 numbers are usually assigned on a first come, first served basis; the organizations who will set you up with the freephone numbers all have access to the SMS/0800, the database which contains the status of all the freephone numbers currently available. You’ll find that there are a wide number of providers that will help you set up your own number, but remember to be cautious. When choosing a UK supplier, look for an organization that has been working with 0800 numbers for a long time and can provide you with a good deal of support if you have never purchased one before. There are plenty of problems that can arise the first time you work with an 0800 number so make sure you sign up with a company that can look out for you and your best interests. Typically, 0800 numbers are used for when businesses need to work with their customers. The use of these numbers are usually not bought for business to business transactions due to the fact that the people interested in business won’t mind footing the bill for a simple phone call. If you are a growing business however, and have a great deal of representatives, techs or contractors working in various areas of the country, an 0800 number can be a great way to make sure that you can be reached no matter where they are calling from. Some companies choose to use a private 0800 number for their employees rather than giving out mobile phones, for example. When you are thinking of getting an 0800 number, remember to get all the facts! Call around and find out which providers are good ones, and make sure that you have a staffing solution in place to handle the calls when they come in.

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