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Richard Grady It is some time (a couple of years at least) since I did any selling on eBay (although I have used it quite a bit as a buyer) but this week I decided to list a few items that have been lying around the house for months.

Makes sense as I am never going to use them again so I might as well let someone else benefit and make a little money on the side

The one thing that I used to really hate about eBay was packing stuff up and taking it to the Post Office but I had forgotten the bit that I LOVED – watching people bid on the auctions and seeing your money going up! Now I should say that I only listed a few hundred pounds worth of stuff – certainly nothing that is going to make me rich but even seeing relatively small bids on your items for sale is exciting. In fact, I was having such a ball that I started listing some of my old books and DVDs on Amazon’s Marketplace. Now, if you have never heard of the Amazon Marketplace, let me tell you, this really is a very neat selling venue and a superb business concept on both sides.

Quite simply, Amazon allow you to list books, CDs, computer games, DVDs, electronic goods etc for sale on their website (you don’t even need to write out a listing – it is auto-generated via the ISBN/barcode number!). When someone is about to purchase a book (or whatever) via the main Amazon site, they are also given the option to buy a copy of the same item from ‘Marketplace Sellers’. This means that they could get a second-hand (or new) copy of the same product cheaper from a different seller. If they opt to buy from you, Amazon takes the payment from the seller and sends you an email advising you of the sale and giving you the name/address to send the book/whatever to. Then every couple of weeks Amazon pays your money into your bank account. Of course, Amazon takes a small commission for providing the above service but they also charge the buyer a standard amount to cover postage costs.

It is a win-win situation and I think it is a very shrewd move on Amazon’s part (in fact, they probably prefer it when someone buys from a Marketplace Seller since they get paid for doing absolutely nothing). So I ended up listing 20 or so items on Amazon as well and in less than 2 days, I have already sold half of them and earned over Ј100! Remember this is in respect of a few books and DVDs that would have just sat on my shelves for the next 6 months/year/who knows? How often do you read the same book twice or watch the same DVD more than once? eBay and Amazon offer two different ways of selling your second-hand possessions and both ways are quick and easy as well as being enjoyable. Having ‘re-discovered’ both sites as a seller after several years, I am enjoying selling on both – eBay because of not knowing what the final sales price will be and Amazon because it is just SO easy (you don’t even have to communicate with the buyers!). I still can’t stand the packing and shipping though

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